Email Lessons from Adobe Business Catalyst Guru: Brent Weaver

In due course of our business, there are numerous emails we receive as a part of our daily work, learning, and correspond routine. Of course, we are choosy about who we subscribe to. Yet, often comes along a series of newsletters or emails that completely mesmerize us. Some of these emails come complete with all those things we advocate – a frequency that’s done to perfection, a personality that resonates with audience, a passion that almost rubs off on you, and an attitude that just makes you look forward for more.

Brent Weaver of HotPressWeb and is a case in point. Here are some of the lessons we learnt from his email series designed to promote and engage subscribers for

Communicate from experience

When emails come loaded with experience and practical advice, they are endearing. It’s these kind of emails that keep you hooked, salivating for more. You’d want to read them again and again and no matter how many times you do so, it’s never enough. Such is the charm of effective communication.

The sales person in Brent comes through in each of those emails that he sends out for Now everything he writes is not random – it’s not ranting, raving, and wild pontification. It’s pure knowledge and experience – in bits and bytes – throughout the email series.

Passion & attitude: Just a few lines at a time

We think it’s better if we just show you an excerpt from an email we receive to better give an insight on how Brent’s emails sound, look, and feel like. Sometimes, explaining work of genius won’t do justice. It’s “show and tell” that works. Here’s an excerpt from one of his emails:

Not even a question. 

You don’t have a choice.

No sales equals no business. Someone has to do it.

Is that someone you?

Or are you lucky and have a sales genie sitting next to you?

(If you have the genie – stop reading this email)

My quest to get good at sales started with a lot of practice. I have created close to a thousand website proposals.


Each one required meetings. Phone calls. And for the first half of my business a lot of chasing.

Every Monday I would call all of my open proposals.

The conversation went something like this:

“Hi. This is Brent from HotPress Web. I was calling to check in on that proposal I sent over for the new website project.”

“We are still looking at our options.”

“Ok great. Do you have any questions?”

“Not at this time. Why don’t you check in with us next week.”

“Sounds great. I will give you a call sometime next week. I’m really looking forward to it!”

(I wasn’t)


a) Prospect wants to move forward
b) Prospect tells me no
c) Prospect stops answering or returning my phone calls

Each week I would call my stack of “OPEN” proposals.

I would move some from “OPEN” to “CLOSED.”

And sometimes get downright depressed about my situation.

I remember playing multi-month games of phone tag with people. Has this ever happened to you?

Emotionally draining.

That’s about 3/4th of the complete email and each email is more or less like this.  It just reads to you like it talks to you.

What would happen if you espouse this style? What happens when you shoot straight for the duck?

Build up and link to triggers

Brent doesn’t start with a narration. He doesn’t bother you with stories running into a book and then its sequel. He won’t bore you with trite remarks, trends, news, or anything that you’d find on the web anyway. He mixes his emails with 80% of “engagement” with 20% of soft pitch emails. His soft pitches, by the way, are some of the best pieces of copy writing ever. It’s a simple formula: create a build up and then link to a video; a sign-up offer; a free trial, and maybe a blog post for you to leave a comment on.

It’s for the community

Emails from aren’t a series of messages designed to get you into the Business Catalyst community. The emails won’t goad, persuade, or cajole you. They will not work too hard nor will they leave you wanting for more. They just make a point and until the next email comes in to make another. And then, yet another. Business Catalyst is a great product and every BC partner is a convert. They are sold on the idea. is a resource site that aims to help BC partners and that’s exactly the target market these emails work on.

It’s about finding the right tone, voice, and language for a passionate and thriving community such as the one that grows around Business Catalyst. Your product or service has a target audience that it best serves. Where is that community? Who is your audience?

How do you communicate with them?

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