How to Fuel Your Prospecting Drive Through Email

We get it. It’s hard to keep sending out emails to random prospects, if you do so, that is.

You don’t see the recipient, and you have no way to know if the recipient (client or customer) would ever write back to you. Yet, you’d need to be made of something else to keep yourself in the groove. Here are a few quick ways to can build up your mojo:

Don’t take it personally. Just take the numbers and go home

Guess what? If you don’t ever send out a prospecting email, you’d absolutely never hear from anyone. At least sending out emails for prospecting does give you a fair chance you can hear from your recipients. Focus on the numbers. How many emails go out every day? Week? Month? What are you getting out of it all? Don’t take a lack of response as a “no” personally.

It’s business. It always was.

Goals make it easier

If you had no goals, everything you’d do would be a chore. If you did have goals, then every prospecting email has a reason to go out. At the end of it all, you can have numbers to crunch. You can analyze what exactly you set out to do and what you achieved.

Have goals. You’d find the journey easier.

You aren’t going through anything hard, really

You do know what it takes to get a startup off the ground, don’t you? Think sleepless nights, jamming on Pizza, and no semblance of work-life balance. Countless expenses, never-ending work, and disproportionate time spent for the startup to grow. Yet, 80% of the startups fail. Then there are countless others living (and managing families of 4-5 in developing countries) surviving every month on a measly $50 per month.

A few of us go through personal turmoil’s, pure hard labor, and relationship blues.

Sending out emails is nowhere as hard as any of that. It’s quick, it’s digital, and it’s painless. Over time, it also becomes a habit.

Did you develop this habit yet? Are you in the groove?