An email campaign is something marketers simply cannot ignore to avoid today because despite the fact that people do not like advertisements clogging in their inbox, a large chunk of users will open these emails just because it has a clear-cut subject line.

Marketers, however, believe the real rate of success can only be determined by an A/B Split Testing methodology. For those who are not aware: A/B Split Testing involves conducting two unique – albeit parallel — marketing campaigns for the same purpose. It aims to find out which of the two is more successful in generating customer interest or click through rates or ultimately sales.

If you are wondering about the power of A/B Split testing via email campaigning, then the success stories of these 4 brands should prove to be an inspiration for all.


The company conducted an A/B Split testing email campaign for its Wake line-up of products. What they basically did was put up the first option for customers in the name of a “15 percentage Off Coupon” subject header and the other option was a “$50 off on the total purchase coupon” subject header. Ideally both have the same monetary impact based on sales metrics and the minimum total purchase order. The results obtained were largely in favor of the direct dollar based offer i.e. the $50 off coupon. It generated 170 % more revenue and 72% higher conversion rates than that generated by the 15% off coupon. Thus Evo[1] concluded that direct price based discount coupons have more value than percentage based discount coupon.


The pet product retailer PetCo send out six different email campaigns based on 3 A/B Split test methodologies for three of its main product categories. Each category had two emails as per the split test process in which one email showed customers an email campaign with direct customer reviews of the product and the other email showing just the product name without any review incorporated into it. The results obtained showed that the email with the product review managed to rope click through rates 200% more than that compared to the emails without reviews.

Now, those are some numbers every marketer would like.


In their email campaign Paragon targeted users with two approaches as per the principles of AB Split testing. One was to ping users with an email that had a standard design and the other was via an email with a creative design that was overflowing with creative displays, banners, phrases and so on. The results pointed out that the standard design was the clear winner pulling in 24% of click through rates as compared to the 20% achieved by the creative design. This ideally helped Paragon to realize that their customers want a neat and tidy approach to email marketing rather than the fuzzy jargon that is crafted by advertising gurus.


CaratLane is one of India’s largest online jewelry store and they have used AB testing for finding out which window is best suited for customers in an email. One was a modal window with just two options i.e. subscribe or close provided to customers whereas the other was a non modal window that does not restrict users from doing anything else on the page. The results showed that the Modal window was successful and had more than 59 % more subscribers as compared to the non-modal window. It showed that customers wanted things to be quick and short and simple at the same time in their email inbox.

So hope you have clearly understood the importance and benefits that an email AB Split testing can offer. It is indeed an unavoidable marketing tool you should use today.


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