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ADD_THIS_TEXT Passion ignites. It’s usually at the core of all success, motivation, achievement, and the rolling spark. Passion moves things, inspires people, brings in energy, and makes things happen. Successful businesses have passion playing behind every customer interaction, piece of communication, response to a customer request, sales pitch, in-person meet, and deal-making occurrence, How is […]

ADD_THIS_TEXT If you are in sales (all entrepreneurs are in sales, just saying), you are likely to use Gmail a lot – for initial correspondence, for collaborating with your team, for follow ups, and for possibly everything else. Email, in fact, is the de facto standard for communication (no matter how old it is). But […]

ADD_THIS_TEXT A sales job is understandably hard. It requires a mindset of hustle led by passion, purpose, and a sense of achievement. Although online sales – or the act of prospecting and procuring business online – isn’t as grueling as an actual sales call, the principles of hustle still apply. Not everyone can sell and […]

ADD_THIS_TEXT Instant communication via emails has made life easy. Business deals and top to bottom notices in any organization are just a click away. This instant character of emails sometimes makes the sender complacent in checking the emails before clicking send. In a business deal, any irrelevant information can make your efforts fall through. It […]

Cold emailing is just as hard as cold calling, minus the commute. Plus, you have a way to organize and systemize your cold email routine for better efficiency and more productivity. Here’s how you can do it: Save emails as templates Since you’d send out many emails in the course of a day, it becomes […]

It might all just seem impossible, this work you do as a small business owner. What you actually thought should bring you loads of happiness and ultimate freedom actually turns out to be a fancy job with a ruthless, punishing regime. Of all the work you’d do, sales and marketing is going to take up […]

Consider this: sending out 10 prospecting emails a day puts your monthly average of outgoing sales emails at 200 at the minimum. Pull off about six months into your prospecting journey and you are looking at a total of 1200 contacts. That’s a lot of contacts you are reaching out to and that’s why you […]

Sending out individual emails to prospects that don’t even know you can be a daunting task. You could be using any of the tools available to make prospecting easier — including Right Inbox — but there’s a need for these emails to work for you to gain any benefit out of them, whatsoever. Your emails […]

Sales has a bad rap: persistent, relentless pitches get thrown at us all day along. These pitches might or might not be relevant to you. If they are, the timing isn’t right. If the timing is right, the pitch itself is pathetic. But who says this is the only way to go at it? Can […]


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