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Sometimes when you’re putting together a message, you just want a second opinion – someone to reassure you that what you’re saying makes sense and that the tone is on point for the information you’re sharing. Follow these 10 professional email templates for success to help you write confident, effective professional emails. 1. Thank you/appreciation […]

Connecting with strangers over email is never easy. And writing one that actually gets a response is even harder. It all starts with an introduction. There are various ways you can introduce yourself over email – it just depends on the level of connection you may or may not already have with a contact, or […]

Over 330 billion emails are sent every day. Which helps explain why most of our inboxes look like a battlefield. When most of your prospects are using email, they’re bombarded with emails from their bank, their work, their family and (believe it or not) other marketers. So how do you stand out with creative digital marketing […]

So you’re ready for some more income, a change of pace, or an entirely new career. Excellent, you’ll need to brush off the resume and start the job hunt. But, contrary to what you might believe, it’s not as easy as blasting over to “job land,” and leisurely selecting which dream job you’d like to […]


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