11 LinkedIn Prospecting Mistakes Costing You Coveted Opportunities

Whether you run an established business or you’re planning to launch a new venture, investing time and resources in LinkedIn prospecting is something you should consider. Did you know that there are about 740 million LinkedIn members? From recruiting top talent to connecting with valuable prospects, LinkedIn is an important tool to expand your network.

LinkedIn is equipped with a variety of features that can help you quickly find and connect with the right prospects. Are you failing to get responses from potential buyers? It’s crucial to note that LinkedIn is different from other social media as well as traditional prospecting methods.

Rather than missing out on coveted opportunities with poorly executed marketing tactics, it’s time to implement innovative prospecting strategies. In this post, we’re sharing common LinkedIn prospecting mistakes that are costing your business connections and sales:

1. Not Paying Attention To Your Profile

Both your business and personal profiles play key roles in creating a positive first impression on prospects. Remember, they might not know anything about you or your business. So relying on your reputation in the industry is futile. Use engaging and professional language to create a top-notch profile. Also, include relevant keywords to make sure your profile is easy to find.

2. Being Inconsistent

Do you look at LinkedIn every couple of days or weeks? It’s necessary to be consistent if you want to use LinkedIn to its full potential. Check your LinkedIn profiles every day to connect, respond to messages, share content, send and accept connection requests.

3. Connecting Too Soon

Do you send a message to prospects as soon as they accept your connection request? It’s critical to know more about your prospect before approaching them. First, you need to build and nurture a relationship and then find the right time to present your pitch. Always refrain from spamming, no one likes that.

4. Impersonal Approach

Sending a generic message to all your prospects is a waste of everyone’s time. You may think you’re being efficient by sending a common message, but the approach never yields desired results. Chances are that your potential buyers are already receiving several messages and pitches. Set yourself apart by learning more about the client and sending a personalized message.

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5. Not Offering Any Value

Why should a prospect take any interest in your product or service? Instead of promoting your product, you need to take a prospective client’s requirements into account. So rather than focusing on your product, lead with a client-focused approach. Make sure you’re offering value to buyers.

6. Not Narrowing Down Perspectives

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a vast network of professionals. Trying to pursue everyone in your connections isn’t the best use of your time. It’s better to focus your efforts on finding and connecting with qualified prospects.

7. Underestimating ‘Groups’

There are a limited number of groups you can join on LinkedIn. So carefully select the groups you want to be a part of. Joining relevant groups gives you opportunities to find like-minded people and potentially do business with them. To make the most of groups, you should always follow the rules and interact professionally. Moreover, you should regularly post content and interact with other posts.

8. Failure to Create Engaging Content

LinkedIn gives you a platform to establish your authority in the industry using content marketing. Invest resources into creating high-quality and engaging content. Posting at the right time for the relevant audiences is also vital. Content gives your audience a chance to interact with you, which can blossom into a strong professional relationship.

9. Hoping for Fast Results

No scheme or trick can help you gain overnight success on LinkedIn. If you are not willing to be persistent, you might as well quit now. Putting your resources in long-term efforts is the only way to build a powerful and credible presence on LinkedIn. So limit your expectations with what you can achieve in a few weeks.

10. Not Having a Well-Planned Strategy

Just adopting and discontinuing techniques without a clear plan isn’t going to take your prospecting efforts too far. Take your time to come up with a well-planned strategy for LinkedIn prospecting and stick to it. As mentioned earlier, consistency is key for effective outreach and selling on LinkedIn.

11. Not Making Most of Automation

Managing marketing along with running business operations can become increasingly difficult as your business grows. Rather than letting all your prospecting efforts go waste, automating certain aspects of your LinkedIn process can make things easier. Check out one of the LinkedIn automation tools and save hours of work right away.

The Bottom Line

The pool of professionals and business owners active on LinkedIn is unmatched by any other social media platform. This gives you an unparalleled opportunity to build long-lasting relationships and subsequently, sell you products and services. That being said, approaching potential buyers on LinkedIn takes time and work. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips guide you in the right direction.


****This is a guest post from Stefan Smulders. Stefan is a SaaS Entrepreneur who’s bootstrapped to €3M ARR in just 1year. He’s the founder of worlds safest software for LinkedIn automation, Expandi.io . ****


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