Sending out individual emails to prospects that don’t even know you can be a daunting task.

You could be using any of the tools available to make prospecting easier — including Right Inbox — but there’s a need for these emails to work for you to gain any benefit out of them, whatsoever. Your emails just have to work harder per email sent than ever. Here are few tips to make it work:

Due “social” diligence

Before you send out that email, go social. Check out your prospects social media profiles, curated content, or blog posts. Read all you can and then some. This allows you to gain insights most prospecting emails utterly lack. It allows you to power up your email, so to speak.

The call to action

Every email should have a purpose. Of course, your prospecting email is a very purposeful one (it can fetch you business or help you land a deal), but you just have to nudge prospects to take action. Use a single link within your email to give your prospects something to do. 

Just an email won’t do

If you are sending out an email to a prospect for the first time, just the email or first contact won’t do. You’d have to follow them on social media, “stalk” them around on the web, and do what you can to support their cause.
How do you send emails to prospects? Can you share a few tips with us?



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