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There’s been huge uprising on the fact that Gmail now has an advanced layout featuring tabs such as “primary”, “updates”, “Promotions”, etc. That literally caught marketers napping and woke up them to the realization that most email marketing campaigns will now end up in the “promotions” tab. The folks at Grexit believe that these recent […]

In a study conducted by eConsultancy in 2011, it turned out that Email marketing proved to a vital part of the marketing mix and that a huge number of companies think that email marketing also delivers on the ROI. While email marketing demands that you follow email marketing best practices, design, create targeted content, and conform […]

I am very happy to let you know we have 2 new options for email tracking. These were among the most requested features, I am sure you will find them very handy. The first one is for having email tracking enabled for all outgoing messages by default. When you have this option checked, you will […]

We believe that successful email campaigns can change the way you do business. Yet, we understand that getting started is the hardest part of the equation. It’s one thing to make a decision and totally something else when it comes to execution. To help you get started with your email campaigns, we thought we’d share […]

An email campaign is something marketers simply cannot ignore to avoid today because despite the fact that people do not like advertisements clogging in their inbox, a large chunk of users will open these emails just because it has a clear-cut subject line. Marketers, however, believe the real rate of success can only be determined […]

Email was once a productive tool – a communication mode that changed the way we do business. It’s quick, paperless, effective, and simple. Yet, it has lost its sheen as a dependable communication mode because of spam, unsolicited emails, and largely mechanized emails. Lack of customizing emails when communicating with prospects, customers, vendors, or other […]

In due course of our business, there are numerous emails we receive as a part of our daily work, learning, and correspond routine. Of course, we are choosy about who we subscribe to. Yet, often comes along a series of newsletters or emails that completely mesmerize us. Some of these emails come complete with all […]

Building that elusive email list is a great way to increase your subscriber base, build a captive audience eager to hear from you, and possibly even buy one of your offerings. Just as good as that might seem to be, subscribers “opting-out” of your email list is just as common as “opting-in” is. As for […]

Social media is where the conversations are while email is the best way to nurture leads, relationships, and keep up that trust factor with subscribers. For businesses, bagging opportunities and making sales happen is a primary responsibility. While each of these points in the equation is important, businesses struggle to merge them together. Somehow, the […]

Videos are new age sales tools. While they still don’t beat the sheer effectiveness of an in-person meeting with your clients or prospects, videos are as close as you can get. Whether you do a simple logo reveal, a demo video, a tutorial, a company video, or an animation video – it’s bound to work […]


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