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Our mission at Right Inbox is to build a Gmail inbox that empowers you to make every second count. Right Inbox 10 is a major next step in that direction. It’s faster. It looks better. It’s more fun to use. And it has more features to communicate better, faster. Not one, but two rows of […]

As an online marketer or business owner, it’s fair to say, you’ve probably sent out an outreach email or two. But, thinking back, how many of those emails actually generated positive outcomes? Not many, right? So, you move onto other methods of communication and leave email outreach behind, without looking back. But, don’t let their […]

Email is one of the most profitable marketing channels, but it’s not always easy to create effective email campaigns. Like with any other channel, each piece of content needs to be goal-oriented and tied in to your larger campaign strategies. If you’re wondering how to write a professional email that promotes engagement and drives sales, […]

It takes a matter of seconds to make a judgement about someone we meet in person. We size them up, from their facial expression to their attire and their posture, in an instant – often without consciously being aware of the decisions we’re making. Emails doesn’t have the benefit of that face-to-face first impression. Instead, […]

Change Your Gmail Password

How many times have you been asked for your business email in the past week? If you’re like most professionals, probably more than once. A request for an email address is as quick as (and more efficient than) swapping business cards. The type of results you get from your email address likely has a lot […]

A recent DMR report found that the average office worker receives 121 emails a day. If you spent just five minutes answering each of those emails, it would take you around 10 hours to reply to them all. That’s two hours longer than your average workday, just to answer emails. No one has time for […]

A few weeks back, we acquired Right Inbox. ‘We’ is myself (Sujan Patel) and my business partner Bob Senoff. Together we run Ramp Ventures, the team behind software products like Mailshake, Pick. and VoilaNorbert. Ramp Ventures is about building easy-to-use software that helps people focus on what matters most: creative work and meaningful human relations. […]

  Every sales pitch, the ubiquitous email, the dreaded phone call, an in-person meet, and even a social media request needs to have critical entry: persuasion. The rule applies to the email follow up. We understand that not everyone does marketing for a living and it’s not easy to keep at the “persuasion” forever given […]


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