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Dr. John Sullivan of Ere.net – a recruiting intelligence resource and community – lays it flat out[1]: Recruiting is the highest business impact of any HR function, hands down.  In essence, the recruiting function delivers 1.8 X profit margin numbers, 2.4 X profit growth, and an improvement score of at least 10X. So, recruiting does […]

Making offers others cannot refuse has been the secret behind every successful relationship, trade, decision, and the very fabric of human interaction. It’s been around for ages and it continues to drive everything we know today. Yet, marketers give it the slip, entrepreneurs forget about it, and most of us go about our daily lives […]

Most businesses don’t get it; thousands of sales executives spend a lifetime to understand it, and almost every non-sales person never gets it: a sales job requires a different mindset. It requires aloofness to the job while requiring 100% commitment. It calls for a lot of things that don’t show up on the job description. […]

Emails are effective and that’s the reason why they are still one of the most effective mediums to communicate with complete strangers in spite of social media dominance. Be warned, however, that not all emails are read. Even if prospects read your emails, they could be trashed, forgotten, or just avoided. How do you break […]

Email will live on. John Banini, Content Marketing Manager of Impact Branding & Design, likes to think so. He recently pitched in his two cents on marketing predictions for 2013 composed for Hubspot[1]. He also predicts that “batch and blast” emails will end in trash cans and that there will be an increasing need for […]

Business owners spend lots of time and effort in creating their email campaigns. However, if the timing of sending the emails is wrong, it can affect the effectiveness and success of that particular campaign. With this, business owners have to know the best time of sending their emails to get the utmost results of it […]

More than 30 years ago, the earliest message that you can consider as an email has been sent, and from that day onwards, the tools that have been used for reading and sending emails have considerably advanced and changed through the years. These days, more and more businesses are starting to become engaged in using […]


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