Consider this: sending out 10 prospecting emails a day puts your monthly average of outgoing sales emails at 200 at the minimum. Pull off about six months into your prospecting journey and you are looking at a total of 1200 contacts. That’s a lot of contacts you are reaching out to and that’s why you need better management processes to manage these contacts.

Want to improve your sales management? Here’s how you do it:

Automate Data entry to a CRM

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to CRM systems, so what particular system you use is up to you. What’s more important is that you’d need to have a way to sync outgoing emails to CRM and recording every piece of communication with clients.  This way, everything stays in the system and you have no slips and cracks to deal with.

Build a workflow

Out goes an email and contact details are instantly recorded within your CRM system. Your follow up sequences with each prospect – email, phone, or even in-person meetings – are recorded as such. Meanwhile, the deal flow is recorded too (from warm leads to quotation to acceptance to customer).

Build a workflow to save on admin tasks later on.

Revisit contacts periodically

Assuming you are in your 6th month of prospecting or even 6th year, you’d have plenty of contacts that you’d have to follow up with or revisit, or rekindle relationships with from the previous months. Set aside a particular time of the day to do just that.

The gold is in follow-ups.

How well are your prospecting rules set up?


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