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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How does Right Inbox work?

First you need to install a tiny browser extension. Then Right Inbox will integrate with Gmail user interface. There is no other software you need to install, but you will be required to go through a simple one-time authorization process.

Q:How do I install the browser extension?

Follow this link to download the browser extension. Currently, we support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Q:Do I need to install the extension to each of my computers?

Yes. You need to install the extension to each computer AND to each browser on which you would like to use Right Inbox.

Scheduling Emails

Q:How do I schedule emails to be sent later?

After you install the browser extension, you can start using Right Inbox immediately in the Gmail user interface. A “Send Later” button will be added below the “Send Now” button when you are on the Compose screen. When you finish writing your email, you can use that button to schedule it for sending. You can select from the options available, such as “in 1 hour,” or “tomorrow morning,” or you can specify an exact time.

Q:How do I know my email is scheduled?

When you schedule a date for an email, it is placed in your Drafts folder with its subject line indicating that it is scheduled to be sent at a certain time. The email will wait in your Drafts folder until its delivery time comes. When it is sent, the time indicator in the subject line will be removed and only the original subject line will remain.

Q:How do I know my email has been sent at its scheduled time?

When your email is sent automatically, it is placed in your Sent folder, as with any other sent email.

Q:What if I want to cancel a scheduled automatic delivery?

Simply go into your Drafts folder and discard the message you would like to cancel.

Q:How do I reschedule an email to a different time?

At any time before it is sent, you can go into your Drafts folder and re-schedule a scheduled email. Simply open up your Draft and select the “Send Later” button as before, then choose again from the options.

Q:Can I edit scheduled emails before their delivery time?

Yes, definitely. From within the Drafts folder, open any email that you want to change and make your edits. Remember to save your changes if they are not saved automatically.

Q:Do I need my computer open for automatic delivery?


Q:What about time zone support?

If you opt to choose a specific date and time when you schedule an email, you can also opt to define a time zone. Right Inbox operates from within your local time zone by default. However, if you define a time zone, your message will be delivered at the time you specify within the zone you define.

Email Reminders

Q:How do email reminders work?

You may utilize email reminders in two ways. One way is to add reminders while composing an email. In that case, the reminder is attached to the email you compose & sent. The other way is the add reminders to individual emails or conversations while you are viewing them. In both cases, email reminder can be set via the button on the toolbar at the top. When you press that button you can see your options and you may select a date/time for your reminder.

Q:How do I know if I set the reminder correctly?

When you set a reminder, the ‘Remind Me’ button becomes checked and its color turns to orange to indicate that it is in active state. Also an additional notification bar would appear on top of the screen when you set a reminder successfully. Likewise, if you check back that email or conversation which you have set a reminder before, the ‘Remind Me’ button is again indicated in active state. Furthermore, when you hover over the orange button with your mouse cursor, you can see a tooltip which indicates the reminder date.

Q:How do I cancel a reminder?

You can always press the ‘Remind Me’ button again do disable a reminder. It will be unchecked and its color will change back to normal. Needless to say, you can always set another reminder.

Q:What are email reminder options?

There are 8 options:

  • Only if nobody responds: You can check this option if you like your reminder to be trigger only if nobody has responded to the conversation. This feature is useful if you want a particular email to be brought to your attention if you don’t get a response within a specific time. Otherwise you won’t be notified.
  • Return to inbox: If you have archived the email, this option would bring the conversation to the inbox when the reminder is due. This would help to keep your conversation clean, you would not be displaying emails until when necessary. For example, you could use this to remind you about a regular event or need, like bills or a meeting?
  • Put it on top of the inbox: When a reminder is triggered, you may want the message to appear on the top of your inbox for immediate visibility. In that case, another email is appended to the conversation so it can be placed on top of your inbox.
  • Star it: When reminded, your email will be starred if this option was selected.
  • Mark as unread: Simple as adding a star. The conversation will be marked as unread if the option was selected.
  • Label as ‘Reminder’: A label called ‘Reminder’ will be attached to the conversation. If there is no label called ‘Reminder’, it will be created first.
  • Label as ‘To Be Reminded’: If you would like keep track of reminders that you have set, you can have this option checked. So you can inspect later which conversations are set to be reminded.
  • Label as ‘Reminder’: A label called ‘Reminder’ will be attached to the conversation when reminded. If there is no label called ‘Reminder’, it will be created first.

Email Tracking

Q:Where is the email tracking functionality?

Due to a patent infringement notice we’ve received unfortunately we had no chance but to cease our email-tracking functionality. We are thoroughly sorry for discontinuing the service and we sincerely apologize for the any inconvenience we may cause to your daily workflow. If you have any questions, please reach us from

We neither accept nor deny patent infringement, nevertheless we chose to drop our email tracking feature. This message is without prejudice to any rights or remedies that may be available to Right Inbox. Nothing contained herein should be deemed an admission or waiver by Right Inbox, and we expressly reserve the right to assert any other factual or legal positions as additional facts come to light, or as the circumstances may otherwise warrant.


Q:How can I customize default date and time options at `Send Later` and `Remind Me` menus?

You may follow the last option at the menus “Customize this menu”. A popup window will open for configuration and then you may simple add and remove your choice of custom times. customize-menus

Q:What are some examples for custom date and times?

Here is a list of valid examples for custom date and times that you can use with Right Inbox when scheduling emails or adding reminders. They can be used with both `At a specific time` and `Custimize this menu` options.

tomorrow morning in Paris
Wed @2PM
Friday afternoon
in 2 days at 10
two hours later
Tokyo 8AM
2h 30m
in 3 hours
in the evening
Aug 22nd late morning
15 Oct 2014 10:00
next week
after 30 mins
a month later
Sunday 10pm New York
Thu at noon
06/21/2014 9.00 AM
3 days later at 8.30am
in 2 weeks
Dec 29th 11pm
in the morning
1PM in Boston
Fri at 9AM
in 2 days at 8am
11.00 on Apr 21
today 6:00 PM in London
monday in the afternoon
90 mins later
next weekday at 9am
at midnight
early morning in Sydney
in 2 weekdays
next Wed 10:00
this afternoon


Q:What is the price of Right Inbox services?

You can check out our pricing page.


Q:How does Right Inbox access my emails? Do you have my password?

Right Inbox does not have access to your Gmail password. Right Inbox works with regular OAuth2 authorization under your supervision. You can always revoke Right Inbox’s access to your Gmail account.

Q:Do you store my emails?

No, we don’t store your emails at all. To be able to send your scheduled messages, add labels to the conversations etc. as it is needed, we only hold necessary message headers. If you ever decide to leave Right Inbox, nothing connected with you will remain with us.

Q:Where can I get more information about privacy terms?

You can have a look at our privacy terms here. Also, please feel free to ask us anything if you have any questions.


Q:How can I uninstall Right Inbox?

You need to uninstall the browser extension and remove the authorization you gave to Right Inbox to access your Gmail data. To uninstall the Mozilla Firefox extension, see instructions here. To uninstall the Google Chrome extension, see instructions here. To remove your authorization for Right Inbox to access your Gmail data, go to this page, then “Revoke Access” from Right Inbox


Q:I would like to give feedback. How do I reach you?

You are more than welcome. Please let us know by sending us a message.

Q:Is there an app for iPhone, iPad or Android?

There is no mobile support at the moment.

Q: Does it work with Google Apps?

Yes, indeed.

Q: Does it work with languages available for Gmail other than English?

It should be working, although Right Inbox is not internationalized. So labels of all the Right Inbox buttons and notifications etc. will remain in English.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

You can follow the link from the fulfilment email you received when you purchased our service.
Alternatively you can let us know and we can cancel your subscription for you.


Q:Right Inbox buttons are missing

Please make sure you have installed the browser extension for Right Inbox. Here are some basic guidelines for listing your browser extensions to see if you have Right Inbox:

- In Google Chrome, Click the menu button on the browser toolbar. Then select Tools. And then select Extensions.

- For Firefox, on the menu bar, click on the Tools menu, and then click Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
Then in the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions panel.

- In Safari, go to Preferences, and then click Extensions.

If you are missing it, please follow this link for installation instructions.

Q:I have a paid subscription but it says my quota is exhausted

You might have used a different email address when you purchased your subscription. Please contact our contact our support team to get help.

Q:Right Inbox cannot access my email folders.

First of all, please make sure IMAP is enabled for your account. Then please go to ‘Label’ tab in your Gmail Settings, check the ‘Show in IMAP’ checkbox for ”All Mail”, “Sent” and “Drafts” folders. If those suggestions does not help, please drop us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q:I have other technical problems with Right Inbox. What can I do?

Kindly drop us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.