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High performers use Right Inbox to get the most out of Gmail

“This extension is the best. The look is so clean and integrates so smoothly, it feels like it's created by Gmail, unlike others. ”

IRENE CHO Manager, Canada

“Right Inbox is the most flexible tool I've ever seen for email. Brilliant!!”

TREVOR BOYLE Sales Manager, Ireland

“This add-on does exactly what it says and works very well. It brings features to Gmail that should have been part of Gmail from the start. Great addition for both business and personal communication. ”

SEAN WHELLER Business Owner, South Africa

“A huge time saver. Easy to use and it just works! When I upgraded I felt that it had paid for itself within 2 weeks of increased, streamlined email productivity. ”

MUHAMMAD AZAM RAMAY Freelancer, Pakistan

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Write emails now, schedule to send later

Have clients in different timezones? Feel inspired at night but only want your email to land the next morning?

With Right Inbox, you can write emails at time that works for you, then have them sent at a time that works for your recipients.

Never worry about follow-ups anymore

Write follow-ups beforehand and schedule to send them if recipients don’t reply to your first email. When they do, follow-ups are automatically cancelled.

The perfect sign-off for every situation

We often have to wear different hats when dealing with email. There is no email signature that fits all.

With Signatures, you can create different sign-offs and apply the perfect one for every situation with one click.

Save time with one-click templates

Find yourself typing the same emails over and over? Turn repetitive patterns into templates you can insert with one click, then personalize and optimize. You’ll add more consistency to your communication, while increasing productivity.

Add contextual notes for your eyes only

It’s easy to lose track of important details when dealing with multiple conversations. With Private Notes, you can attach relevant thoughts that aren’t shared with other conversation partners.

The Gmail you already love, turbocharged

Right Inbox’s integration with Gmail’s interface is seamless. You’ll barely notice it’s there. Until you look under the hood.

Smart Link Previews
Generate visual previews for the links you share in your emails, just like on social media.
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rightinbox for Teams

Email is a team sport. When every team member gets more email done in less time, the effect becomes exponential.

With Right Inbox for Teams your team gets unlimited features at a lower price per member. More productivity for less money.

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