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Right Inbox was born in 2014. And since then, it has been on a mission to rescue users from the clutches of email chaos.

The idea is simple: empower Gmail with the features it’s missing in a way that feels natural and intuitive.

With over 250,000 professionals onboard — including those from Uber, Netflix, and HubSpot — it's safe to say Right Inbox has touched the digital lives of more people than we ever imagined it would. And we’re not stopping. The team is dedicated to hunting down every possible useful email feature out there and adding it to Gmail. For example, we recently added email tracking, so you can now track — the fate of your emails with ease. Mail merge was recently introduced to help you send personalized mass emails quicker than you can say "reply all."


This is just the beginning. We’re excited about what the future holds — and we hope you’ll join us in raising the best Gmail productivity tool to be ever born.

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Meet the Right Inbox Team

  • Sujan Patel Founder

    Sujan Patel began his online journey in e-commerce in the early 2000s, learning valuable SEO and traffic lessons despite initial setbacks. After growing Single Grain to over $3M in annual revenue, he transitioned to SaaS ventures like Mailshake, Voila Norbert and Right Inbox. 

  • Bob Senoff Founder

    With over 20 years of experience, Bob is a seasoned venture capital investor and startup operator. He has been involved in 8 public companies and significant acquisitions throughout his career. 

  • David Marketing

    An experienced digital marketer with over 6 years in the field. David handles marketing efforts for a number of SaaS companies such as Right Inbox, Mailshake, Voila Norbert, and ZoomShift. His expertise lie in growing website traffic and sign-ups. 

  • Haseeb Development

    Boasting 11 years of software development experience, Haseeb is a seasoned professional skilled in ERPs, finance apps, web, mobile gaming, and Chrome extensions. Beyond coding, he finds joy in football matches and gaming adventures.

  • Conner Customer Support

    With over 5 years in customer success, Conner is a pro at optimizing email workflows. He’s also an artist and a mountaineer in his free time.

The Right Inbox mission:

Our mission is to free up your email time so you can spend more time on the things that matter in your personal life or professionally. 

Three guiding principles help us achieve this dream:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Right Inbox?

Right Inbox is a Gmail productivity tool. It offers features like email tracking, mail merge, scheduling, reminders, GIFs, inbox pause, and templates.

What would I use Right Inbox for?

You can use Right Inbox to reduce the time spent on email with features like email scheduling, reminders, and templates. You can also use it to pause your inbox and minimize distractions. Email tracking & mail merge allows you to send highly customizable cold email campaigns.

How do I install Right Inbox?

To install Right Inbox, go to the homepage and click on the “Add to Gmail” button. You’ll be redirected to a Chrome Web Store page. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button on the top right and Right Inbox will be installed on your system as a Chrome extension.

Why do I have to give Right Inbox permissions in Gmail?

You have to give Right Inbox permissions in Gmail because it's a Chrome extension that needs access to your Gmail account's features like sending and viewing emails, accessing contacts, managing drafts, and other Gmail-related services. These permissions enable Right Inbox to provide its productivity tools within the Gmail interface effectively.

How do I contact support at Right Inbox?

Go to help.rightinbox.com and click on “Contact” at the top right corner. A contact form will pop up for you to type your message in. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Is Right Inbox safe to use?

Yes, we respect and follow data security guidelines such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to keep your information safe.

Is Right Inbox free?

Yes, Right Inbox is free for up to five tracked emails, reminders, private notes, templates, and scheduled emails per month. You will have to upgrade if you want unlimited access to features though.

How do I upgrade my plan to the unlimited plan?

Both our Personal and Professional plans offer unlimited features. You can upgrade to them by heading over to our pricing page and clicking “Upgrade” under the plan of your choosing.

Does Right Inbox have team plans?

Yes, we do offer Teams plans at more affordable rates. Check out the pricing page for more information.

rightinbox for Teams

Email is a team sport. When every team member gets more email done in less time, the effect becomes exponential.

With Right Inbox for Teams your team gets unlimited features at a lower price per member. More productivity for less money.

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