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There are many reasons why you might want to download all of your emails from Gmail. Maybe you’re losing a member of your team and need to create an archive of their email history. Or, perhaps you’re switching jobs and need to keep a record of old emails. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know […]

Since Gmail was introduced way back in 2004, many changes have been made to the email provider. One of the first changes was to remove the HTML editor and just keep the WYSIWYG editor. While Gmail doesn’t offer the functionality of an HTML editor, it does still support HTML. But why would you want to […]

Email remains one of the best performing marketing tactics, offering a massive $42 return on every $1 spent, according to the DMA. Even so, it’s frustrating when your regular email newsletter fails to elicit the response you’re looking for, whether that be extra clicks on your website or sales at your checkout. Thankfully, there are […]

Every successful brand keeps an eye on the competition on a regular basis… and more than one! It is paramount to know competitors’ offers, as well as your own, in order to remain competitive in the long run. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to competitor analysis than […]

No matter how much you love your job, everybody has off days. Whether you’re lacking motivation or just need a little pick me up, here are 50+ inspirational quotes for work that will help you make it to the end of the day – no matter what day of the week it is.  Monday: Inspirational […]

Creative Ways to Master Personalization in Your Sales Emails

According to the Adobe Email Usage Study carried out in 2019, Americans spend around 5 hours every day on emails – time that could often be spent on more pressing matters. When you’re up against the clock, you can save yourself a big chunk of this time by setting up canned responses to regular questions […]

A mail merge is a super useful way of sending personalized mass emails. All you need is your Gmail account, Microsoft Word and Excel (or Google Sheets), and we’ll show you how to do the rest. What Are Mail Merges? A mail merge is a quick and easy way to personalize emails, letters, labels, newsletters […]

Setting up email groups in Gmail will let you send emails en masse with very little effort. Whether it’s a group of five or 500 – family, colleagues or potential clients – you can shoot off an email without having to type in every single email address. Key Benefits of Group Email It saves you […]

Most of us have had the experience of sending an email and waiting anxiously for a response, but having absolutely no idea of whether or not the recipient has opened and read it. If you’re kept waiting for some time, you may be tempted to send a follow-up. But how soon is too soon? What […]

It can be more than a little confusing when an email lands in your inbox, having seemingly arrived from the future or the past. Worst case scenario, whole email threads can be missed because the wrong timezone was attached and they end up buried among old messages. It’s easy to take the fact that your […]


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