The 10 Best Saleshandy Alternatives on the Market in 2024

Sales engagement platforms are becoming a huge priority for companies. 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in sales automation to engage more efficiently with customers and prospects. And in today’s digital world, email outreach tools are the most popular sales engagement platforms. Whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, there are hundreds of […]

The 10 Best Saleshandy Alternatives on the Market in 2024

Sales engagement platforms are becoming a huge priority for companies. 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in sales automation to engage more efficiently with customers and prospects.

And in today’s digital world, email outreach tools are the most popular sales engagement platforms.

Whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, there are hundreds of email outreach tools with a plethora of features to boost your productivity.

Saleshandy is such software that can help in your email outreach campaigns. It acts as a full suite for different applications in one place. These include:

  • Email Tracking
  • Auto Follow-up
  • Email Scheduling
  • Email Templates
  • Email Marketing Campaign

Furthermore, the tool can provide you with your recipient’s engagement data and help you do much in a short time with the help of the email productivity features.

But Saleshandy is not the perfect sales engagement platform. It has so many features that reduce the quality of them all. For example, the email marketing feature works so well but not the same as the email outreach feature.

It’s because of these flaws that we’ll look at the best Saleshandy alternatives in this article. Before we do that, let’s start with its main drawbacks.

Main Disadvantages of Saleshandy

  1. Limited features – You will likely consider the basic plan if you have a small team or operate your business alone. Prepare to miss out on essential elements like automated email follow-ups and advanced email merge. If you badly need them, you’ll have to sign up for the top-tier plans, which are more costly.
  2. Bugs on outlook 365 – Saleshandy is not available on Outlook for MAC, and the mail merge feature on Outlook for windows may get buggy.
  3. Insufficient mail merging capabilities – The biggest drawback of Saleshandy is the unavailability of native support for Google sheet.

You have to undergo a tedious process of converting your contact database on Google sheet before uploading it to the tool. It eats up more of your sales time and reduces your productivity.

So if you find yourself struggling with the tool because of the issues, you might consider shifting to these ten Saleshandy alternatives.

1. Right Inbox

Despite being the cheapest email tracking tool on this Saleshandy alternative list, Right Inbox offers you the same features you will get in top-tier sales engagement tools.

These include email tracking, email reminders, templates, sequences mail merge, Gmail CRM integration, embedded Gifs in emails, and much more.

Right Inbox mainly integrates with Gmail through browser extensions like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The installation is quick. You just need to download the browser extension and enable it in less than ten seconds.

If you were looking for a simple tool to track non-business-related emails, the free plan is perfect. It allows you to track five emails per month, get ten reminders and five email templates.

The other paid plans go for $7.95 and $14.95 per month and give you unlimited features. And you get to save $2 for the paid plans per user if you use Right Inbox for teams. The full pricing breakdown can be found here.

2. Hubspot Sales

With a market share of 25.15%, Hubspot sales is a robust Saleshandy competitor with a market share of 0.03%.

Hubspot sales has armed itself with a plethora of sale engagement features to strengthen your email marketing campaigns.

Some of these include:

  • Automated follow-up emails.
  • Access to customizable reports that allows you to track your campaign deliverability and engagement.
  • Ability to integrate with more than 750 tools in the Hubspot app marketplace.
  • Reliable customer support with real-time chat support.

While Hubspot is a substantial alternative, its price is on the higher end of the spectrum hence might not be a good deal for a small sales team.

However, the free plan offers so much that you might not even need to subscribe to a paid plan. Of course, this is only possible when not planning for extensive email outreach.

The starter plan going for $45/month gives you more than you could ask. You can organize your sales pipeline, connect with prospects, and track your performance.

3. Yesware

Yesware helps sales professionals connect with their target market, track their customer engagement, and make sales from their outlook and email inbox. It’s been around for almost a decade and has helped thousands of sales professionals generate revenue.

Yesware’s most powerful feature is email campaign management. With the feature, you can merge data from multiple sources at once.

For example, you can import data from Salesforce, CSV files, and LinkedIn sales navigator to the tool. You can then send a mass email at once while still personalizing your message for each prospect. This saves time and keeps your productivity high.

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4. Streak

While most Saleshandy alternatives have focused on email tracking and outreach features, Streak goes a step further to offer you Customer Relationship Management (CMS) characteristics.

As a CMS platform, Streak has combined the simplicity of Gmail with robust CRM features. This allows you to customize workflows that you can use to track different processes like project management, recruitment, and sales.

This feature is precious as Streak will replace the project management tools you are already using. This could reduce your monthly expenditure on software.

Streak is equally reliable when you want to use it as a sales engagement tool entirely. It allows you to integrate with your Gmail inbox.

You can track your sent emails and get to know if your recipients viewed them and from which location. Other Gmail features include email scheduling, mail merge, and prewritten templates to send mass emails in a short time.

5. Gmass

Gmass is a popular email outreach tool used by big companies like Uber, Google, and LinkedIn.

You can use it to send mass emails, personalization, track emails, and create automated sequences from your Gmail inbox.

As a result, the flexibility makes running your whole cold email campaign easy as you don’t have to leave your inbox.

Gmass also has some unique features you won’t get in Saleshandy. For example, the A/B testing works well when you want to get different test variations of emails to get the most effective version.

And unlike Saleshandy, which gives only one pricing plan in the cold emailing, the Gmass plan is spread out into three plans. You only need to choose the one that best fits your budget.

6. WoodPecker

Woodpecker says that Saleshandy is a good tool for anyone who wants to test the power of cold email outreach.

However, they argue that Saleshandy is more of a Gmail plugin and hence doesn’t have the complex feature to run sophisticated campaigns.

This is true because Woodpecker has sophisticated features to ensure your campaigns are successful. Like Gmass, above their selling feature is the A/B testing. It lets you figure out which campaign strategy will give you the best results.

Another thing Woodpecker is ridiculously good at is when it comes to email deliverability. They have a built-in validation system designed to reduce bounce rates through email warm-up, a deliverability monitor, and a bounce shield.

7. Lemlist

Lemlist is an exciting tool with a shocking success story.

They claim to have hit an ARR of £4 million by the time they were in their fourth year. Get a glimpse of the story on our Lemlist alternatives post.

A few factors led to the rapid growth, but a significant part was attributed to the tool’s unique features. One of the key features is lemwarm – a kind of an “A/B testing” feature but less complicated.

Lemwarm warms up your email by leveraging other Lemlist users (or Lemlisters, as they say). This significantly boosts your deliverability rates and prevents your emails entering spam folders.

Like Salehandy, Lemlist also offers similar features like follow-up emails, email sequences, and awesome integrations.

8. Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor is a lone email outreach tool focused on one main feature – mail merge. Therefore, it hasn’t spread itself so thin, unlike Saleshandy, which offers much stuff on one platform.

To add a cherry on top, Mailmetoer also offers other features to complement its mail merge. These include email tracking, email scheduling, attachment, and personalization.

And since the tool has focused on one feature, its pricing isn’t over the top. You can get started at $9/month or $49/year and get access to all features.

9. Mailshake

Mailshake is primarily designed for sales teams. So it’s the perfect tool for users who want to ramp up their lead generation and link building.

To give you a short glimpse, Mailshake helps you schedule email follow-ups, send personalized emails, and integrate with third-party tools to expand on its experience.

But it’s extremely good at automation that other Saleshandy alternatives can’t match. For example, you can automate your cold email and set them up to run on auto-pilot.

The only downside is that Mailshake is too expensive. They come in two options. The first pricing option is for email outreach going for $44, and the other one is sales engagement and costs $75.

10. Gmelius

Gmelius is an email outreach tool that transforms your Gmail or G suite into an in-house productivity tool.

It works inside your Gmail, hence the name. This kind of makes it a robust Saleshandy alternative as you avoid the hustle and bustle of jumping from one app to the other.

Gmelius features include email tracking, scheduling, templates, and email tracking. And since it’s purely based on Gmail, it has some unique features to collaborate with your team.

For example, the shared inbox and kanban boards work like a mini Trello. They allow you to bring your team together and virtually work and communicate in one platform.


Choosing the perfect email outreach tool comes to two things – your priorities and budget. Some offer more than what a typical sales engagement platform will. Streak and Hubspot sales are good examples, but they will cost more.

Others have entirely focused on email outreach and tracking and will cost less. While Saleshandy is a good tool, it won’t offer you the best features to strengthen your email campaigns. Pick any of its alternatives which you resonate with and see how it turns out.

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