35 Best Gmail Extensions for 2024

Some things just go together. Bacon and eggs. Burger and fries. Salt and pepper. If you want to skyrocket your productivity in 2024, then using Gmail in conjunction with extensions is a great way to go. So if you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to get more done (or at least spend less time in […]

35 Best Gmail Extensions for 2024

Some things just go together. Bacon and eggs. Burger and fries. Salt and pepper.

If you want to skyrocket your productivity in 2024, then using Gmail in conjunction with extensions is a great way to go.

So if you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to get more done (or at least spend less time in your email inbox), read on for the 35 best Gmail extensions that’ll take your productivity to the next level.

1.  Grammarly

While Grammarly has been around for years, they’ve only recently released their first Chrome extension. Not only will the extension quickly check your messages for spelling errors, it’ll also check the tone of your email – ensuring that the emails you send have the best chance of making the right impact and receiving a reply.

Although the extension is still in beta, it works incredibly well and should continue to improve throughout 2024.

2. Right Inbox for Gmail

If you want next-level productivity right inside Gmail, look no further than Right Inbox, which features email templates, the ability to schedule emails to be sent later, recurring emails, sequences, and much more. If, like most professionals, you spend half your day buried in emails, Right Inbox can help slash the time you spend on day-to-day tasks.

By installing Right Inbox, you’ll get all the functionality that you wish Gmail included as standard. Right Inbox has 11 features in total, but here are the 5 most popular features:

  • Send Later – need an email to reach someone’s inbox at a specific time? Write emails now, schedule to be sent later for perfect timing by using Right Inbox’s send later feature.
  • Email Tracking – Find out who reads and clicks your emails, how many times, and when. Real-time insights on who reads your emails and who’s ignoring you.
  • Email Reminders – Automatic reminders so you never lose track of important emails. Remind yourself of conversations when it becomes relevant.
  • Recurring Emails – fed up with sending the same email over and over again? Use the recurring emails feature to send them at intervals that suit you.
  • Email Templates – do you often need to write and send almost identical emails? Optimize and personalize your template to fit every contact’s unique context.

Right Inbox is a must for those who are thinking not just about work productivity, but about tracking the impact of their outreach activities.


3.  Todoist for Gmail

Todoist is one of the most popular to-do apps on the market, and it boasts a free version that rivals most paid tools. If you’re already using Todoist as your task manager, this Gmail extension will let you save emails as tasks, as well as add reminders with due dates and priorities.

The Todoist for Gmail app is one of the rare to-do extensions that actually helps you get more done. It’s well thought out and incredibly powerful.

4. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is one of the leading email finder tools. If you’ve never used an email finder before, the concept is simple: you enter the name of someone you want to email along with their domain, and Voila Norbert finds their email for you.

The extension also does bulk email searches, which means you can enter the domain, and Voila Norbert will return every email address it finds under that domain.

This extension is particularly useful for cold email campaig

5. Mailshake

Get more leads and close deals faster with the Mailshake browser extension.

You’ll be able to track prospect activity in real time with all the info you need at a glance. See who is opening and clicking, as well as the exact time they’re engaging. This will help you respond to warm leads faster.

Powerful multi-channel features include the ability to dial on-demand by clicking any phone number on the web to instantly launch your Mailshake dialer.

6.  Checker Plus

If you work in sales or have to do outreach as a component of your job, you’ll likely already be familiar with the problem of having multiple email accounts.

It can get tough to handle, but Checker Plus for Gmail makes it easier to manage multiple accounts easily. Once installed, you can get notifications, read emails, and delete messages without having to open Gmail. It’s a massive productivity boost – and an extension to look out for in the coming year.

7.  Discoverly

Gmail doesn’t always play nicely with other services, which can force you to jump back and forth between browser tabs. Discoverly allows Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn to work together, bringing their data straight into your inbox. Once installed, you’ll be able to quickly see how you’re connected to other professionals and use that data to make stronger business relationships.

Within Gmail, you’ll be able to see contacts’ work information and mutual connections, as well as their LinkedIn profile information, shared connections, and Twitter activity. It’s perfect if you’re in sales, PR, or recruiting.

8.  Just Not Sorry

Do you ever find yourself using weak language in your emails? It’s a common problem. Just Not Sorry is an extension that underlines words that could diminish the voice and impact of your messages.

Inspired by the work of Tara Mohr, the extension will scan your emails, finding commonly used qualifying words and phrases that could harm the power of your emails. A quick hover over the word or phrase reveals additional information about how it may be perceived so that you can make better, more powerful choices.

9.  Gmail Reverse Conversation

Long Gmail threads can be a pain, especially when there are multiple contacts communicating over hundreds of messages. Gmail Reverse Conversation uses CSS to flip the conversation around so that you see the most recent message first.

All in all, it can be a massive time-saver for most business people.

10. Streak

Streak is an extension that’s been around for a few years now and continues to get better. It’s essentially a robust CRM that exists right inside your inbox, making it exceptionally powerful for sales teams and content-based outreach activities.

If you’ve decided that 2024 is the year you’ll achieve Inbox Zero or cut down on the time that you spend inside your Gmail inbox, these 10 extensions can help make that happen.

11.  ActiveInbox

Are you struggling with too many to-dos in your inbox? Do you have filters, stars, and messages marked as important that you never get round to answering?

Most of us do.

ActiveInbox turns your inbox into a task manager so that you can keep on top of your email. You already spend a lot of your day in your email, so why not turn it into a to-do app? With ActiveInbox, there’s no more swapping between tabs or software.

With a company ethos that believes being effective is more important than doing more, faster, ActiveInbox will help your productivity soar this year.

12. Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail is an extension that allows you to use Zoom directly from Gmail. While this doesn’t break any new paradigms, it does make video conferencing just a tad more convenient.

With this extension, you can start video calls directly from Gmail, and check your call, meeting, and conference schedule. Overall, it can help consolidate your communication platforms into one, easy-to-check place.

13. Slack for Gmail

Like Zoom for Gmail, Slack for Gmail also helps you keep all your communications in one place.

Now that so many companies are using Slack for communication, it can be frustrating to have to constantly switch between the two. Often, you’ll need to use Slack for internal communication, and email for external communication.

With Slack for Gmail, you can post messages to Slack channels from within Gmail, saving you a bit of time and making your life more organized.

14. DocuSign for Gmail

Sending and receiving documents that need to be signed can be a pain. If you’re in a field where there’s a lot of paperwork, such as law or consulting, signing papers is likely a significant part of your job description.

DocuSign for Gmail allows you to send signable legal documents from directly within Gmail. All the data is safely encrypted, and the signatures are legally binding. Plus, you can send reminders without having to open up the full DocuSign tool. There are also a number of DocuSign competitors that perform similar functions.

15. Trello for Gmail

If you use Trello for project management, this extension can help speed up your workflow.

Instead of opening up Trello every time you need to add a new card, Trello for Gmail allows you do this from within your inbox. Now, you can get an email about a new project and add a card within seconds. No swapping tabs required.

16. Asana for Gmail

Similarly, if you’re an Asana user, Asana for Gmail is a killer app for your inbox.

Like Trello for Gmail, Asana for Gmail lets users add new cards to their kanban boards without leaving Gmail. This makes it easier than ever to communicate with your team and immediately turn those communications into concrete tasks that can be completed on Asana.

17. Inbox When Ready

These days, concentrating on one task at a time is harder than ever. It’s all too common to forget to respond to emails when you constantly have new messages flooding in every time you try to write one.

Inbox When Ready is designed to help you focus by locking down your inbox so that no new emails or notifications are displayed for a period of time. You can schedule this pause ahead of time, and set how many times you should check your inbox.

If you’re easily distracted, this extension can be a lifesaver.

18. Giphy for Gmail

Over the past few years, communication has become more and more expressive. With emojis, bitmojis, animojis, and good old gifs, there are tons of ways to express yourself nonverbally, even over text-based communication methods.

Email has been somewhat left behind, but Giphy for Gmail fixes that. It adds a library of gifs to your Gmail inbox so that you can add a little fun and pizzazz to some otherwise very dry emails.

19. Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox for Gmail makes sharing files over email a breeze. Once you have a file uploaded to cloud storage on Dropbox, you can use this extension to quickly share it. The extension allows you to preview and search for files, and then send them using the Dropbox link. This makes it easier to send very large files.

Plus, you can also use Dropbox for Gmail to immediately save new files to Dropbox without having to download them first.

20. Digify for Gmail

You can think of Digify as the professional’s version of Snapchat: it allows you to send attachments that delete themselves after a set period of time. Additionally, you can view who’s opened your attachments, and you can even unsend attachments that were sent to the wrong person.

If you’re sending sensitive or private information over email, this extension is essential. Now, even if you send confidential information to the wrong person, you can save yourself by unsending it.

21. FlowCrypt Gmail Encryption

With so much of our lives online, cybersecurity is more important than ever. While Gmail has encryption features of its own, some people want to up the ante and send emails that are secured to a higher degree.

FlowCrypt helps you do just this. This extension uses PGP encryption to encrypt and secure all the emails that you send. If you often send sensitive or confidential information, this one is a great addition to your Gmail toolbox.

22. Evernote for Gmail

Evernote is an extremely popular note-taking platform, and Evernote for Gmail makes keeping a log of important information a cinch. This extension allows you to save important emails to Evernote from directly within Gmail. If you only need to save a few paragraphs, you can save partial emails as well.

If you’re already using Evernote, this is a great way to make sure you keep a record of all your most important emails handy.

23. KeyRocket

Keyboard shortcuts can improve the speed and efficiency with which you use an application. But even though Gmail is one of the most used applications in the world, a surprisingly small number of people use its shortcuts.

KeyRocket is here to change that. This clever extension helps you learn all of Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts, so you can become faster and more efficient with your emails.

24. Sortd for Gmail

Sortd works a lot like project management applications (Trello, Asana, etc.), but it’s designed to help you sort through and manage your email tasks specifically.

With Sortd, you can sort your emails into different columns based on priority, type of task, or any other criteria you can think of. This can help you organize your work and make sure you don’t let any important emails slip through the cracks.

25. PixelBlock

Privacy online is hard to come by these days. Even in Gmail, senders are constantly using extensions that track whether or not you’ve opened their emails. In other communication platforms, like iMessage, you can turn off read receipts, but in Gmail, if the sender is using a tracking tool, you’ve got no choice in the matter.

While PixelBlock doesn’t prevent an email sender from being notified, it does let you know whether you’re being tracked. At the very least, this can help you make more strategic decisions about when you do and don’t respond to emails — and it particularly prevents you from saying you didn’t see an email until just now when the tracker shows you saw it two weeks ago!

26. Clearbit Connect 

It’s common these days to receive emails from unknown persons. But don’t you want to know who’s behind that email?

That’s what ClearBit connect is built for. Searching through its massive database of data, it can display any valuable information of anonymous senders without leaving your inbox. These include email address, sender’s company, job title, physical location, and more.

To use the tool, first, download it from the Chrome web store and install it. Anytime you open a message, tap the clearbit icon on the sidebar to identify the sender.

27. Calendly for Gmail

Thanks to Covid-19, Calendly became popular since everyone was scheduling meetings.

And this gave the developers room to strengthen the tool by adding a Gmail extension feature. This means that you can now access all your event types and share the links to your calendly event through Gmail.

What’s interesting is that you can quickly set one-off meetings on the fly when reading your emails.

And thanks to this automation, it’s now easier to connect with your business and personal calendar, which saves you time by simplifying tasks.

28. Bookipi

Bookipi is a Gmail Extension that helps you keep track of your finances and invoices. It’s an excellent option for freelancers and small business owners because you’ll have your financial information in one place.

It’s also a straightforward tool to use. You create an account, connect it to your Gmail, and create invoices, estimates, and purchase orders.

Bookipi is one of those add-ons that can make managing finances so much easier. It allows you to create invoices, estimates and even keeps track of your clients’ satisfaction ratings. It also has links to PayPal and Stripe, making it easy to get paid for your hard work.

29. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a Chrome extension that brings the HubSpot CRM to Gmail and other email platforms. You can view contact information and leads, view email statistics, save emails as templates, manage contacts, create tasks, and more.

The most prominent feature of the extension is Contact Finder. With one click, you can pull up contact details for anyone in your inbox. Find the facts about their company, such as the number of employees, location, and industry. Make notes about the person or company to help you remember details later.

With HubSpot Sales, you can log leads right from your inbox, so you never forget another important detail again. You can also create tasks right within your conversations and monitor who has opened your emails!

30. LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager that stores all your passwords and other account details in one secure vault.

It’s as simple as using Gmail to send an email – you log in to the site, type in your login details, and your data will be accessible – no need to remember complex passwords for all your accounts.’

LastPass works on Mac, PC, Linux and mobile devices (iOS and Android), meaning you can access all your passwords from anywhere. It’s completely free, so there’s no excuse not to use it! It also has several cool features like secure notes (only you can access ) and password notifications. So you’re always aware when there are password changes on an account.

31. Gmelius

Gmelius is often known as a swiss army knife when it comes to Gmail extensions. It can do mostly anything you would need for standard Gmail tasks.

The primary features of Gmelius include things like email templates, email tracking, email automation, and even a shared inbox. This is especially helpful when you need to write custom emails to various recipients from various senders.

Sometimes, you simply don’t have time to track down multiple versions of an email and integrate it from another app. So as far as that goes, Gmelius is a contender for an all-in-one solution.

Just keep in mind that it will cost you $9 / month.

32. Boomerang

One of the Gmail extensions that you might have already heard of is Boomerang. This classic app is one of the original Gmail apps.

Primarily, Boomerang focuses on being an outreach productivity extension. One of the newer email features that it has added, however, includes AI writing. The AI can help you identify better ways of communicating and even find typos in your emails.

Other main features include things like Mass Email and Templates. You can get a plan for as low as $5 / month.

33. Wrike

When it comes to project management software that you can attach to Gmail, Wrike is up there with the best. It helps you create tasks and even view them and edit them — right from within Gmail itself.

In addition, you have features like send and receive comments that also don’t require you to leave Gmail. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to manage multiple people and collaborations when working within Gmail.

Thanks to Wrike’s forethought, you can collaborate, share access, change visibility, and otherwise manage your projects totally remotely in a way that gives every participant what they need to move it along.

34. TeamCal

Have you ever wished that there was an easier way to sync calendar functions with Gmail? Well, that’s exactly what this Gmail extension does for you.

When you use TeamCal, it’s easier to plan and schedule team functions, events, meetings, and projects.

This is a particularly useful app for those in management. You’ll often have multiple people and projects to juggle at any given time.

But with TeamCal, you get useful features like Google Calendar syncing, phone syncing, sharing, printing, and event invitation management. That way, you can take the pressure off yourself and put it on the extension.

35. Gfycat

In modern email etiquette, there’s nothing more important than GIFs. Joking aside, GIFs have truly become more popular and acceptable in communication ranging from text messages all the way to professional emails.

However, up until now it was a little confusing and difficult to find the right GIF and send it via email.

Luckily, Gfycat is a useful extension for Gmail that solves this problem. You can easily find the perfect GIF in comments from a selection of over 40 million of them. And the best part is, you can then insert them right into your email without ever leaving Gmail.

Bonus Tool: Contact Out

ContactOut is a Chrome extension that gives you the ability to quickly find the email addresses and other contact details of your leads right on their LinkedIn or Github profiles. This powerful tool taps into a database of over 1 billion triple verified email addresses, delivering contact details with high volume and accuracy.

This tool also comes with a dashboard that allows you to organize your leads and export your list to your device, and a people search portal that you can use to find prospects in any industry that are not on LinkedIn. It can also integrate with Greenhouse and Salesforce.


But don’t get carried away. Too many extensions can slow your browser down, and some don’t play nicely with each other. Keeping it simple is critical. Choose your extensions wisely and ditch any that you aren’t using on a day-to-day basis.

Work smarter – not harder – as we move into 2024.

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