What is it?

This is cool. With Email Reminders, you take a lot of the mental gymnastics out of following up and keeping tracking of conversations. Essentially, your inbox becomes a Smart Inbox, with email chains keeping themselves relevant to you based on specific triggers.

How does it work?

Set a trigger for your emails. When activated, emails will jump to the top of your inbox, marked unread, and waiting for you to take a second look. Here’s what to do:

  1. Write an email that you want to receive a reminder for.
  2. Select Remind Me, and choose a trigger. You can also set your own trigger using the At a specific time menu option like so:
    – After selecting At a specific time, a dialog will appear. Choose a the date and time when you’d like to be reminded about your conversation.
    – Alternatively, you can use the box labeled “Type date & time or duration” to set a future date in plain English. For example, you might type “in 2 hours”, or “in one day at 9AM.”
  3. Once you’ve selected a trigger, notice that the Remind Me box changes to orange. This means you’ve enabled a reminder.
  4. To customize what your reminder does, click the arrow next to the Remind Me The default is to put it at the top of your inbox. However, you can also star the conversation, or choose to only remind you if no one responds.
  5. Click Send Now and you’re done! You’ll receive a reminder as soon as the trigger is activated.

PRO TIP: Combine reminders with scheduled, Send Later emails for the ultimate follow up sequence. Reach your prospect at 9AM, and receive a reminder if they don’t reply the next day.

Why is it awesome?

You just got off the phone with a potential client. You send over the documents and ask them to get back to you in a few days. The problem? A few days pass by and you still haven’t heard back. Luckily, you set a “3 Days with No Reply” trigger. Your email chain marks itself unread, jumping to the top of your inbox and the top of your mind. Now it’s a simple matter of following up and the business is yours!

This added productivity is incredible. But you can double up on productivity by using email reminders to reach the ever elusive inbox zero. Say you get an invitation to an important event. Instead of cluttering your inbox with the email chain, archive the email after setting an email reminder. Two days before the event, the emails will move back into your inbox and remind you what lies ahead.

Now you’re great at following up, and you can keep a clean inbox at all times. As an added bonus, use email reminders to keep tabs on important conversations. Set triggers to remind you to check in on employees who haven’t submitted work within a deadline. This keeps your whole team on track and making great progress.

How to get the best out of it

Inspirations to start using email reminders right away


Ugh. You’ve just received an email invitation to a conference next month. Next month! There’s no way you’ll remember that. Why not remove the email, but schedule it to return a week before the conference? You’ll keep your inbox clean, but still have just enough time to pick out a killer outfit.


Deadlines. Is your world full of them? Sometimes, a to-do list is not enough. Turn your inbox into a personal assistant by having it remind you when something is due. You can add links, images, attachments, even CC a colleague if you both have a time-sensitive project to collaborate on.


An important client has an event coming up. You know your company could help them prepare for it. Get your foot in the door (and keep it there) by scheduling timely follow ups. As their event gets closer, they’ll only have vendor in mind… you.


They’ll be dying to know your secret. How do you follow up so well? How come you’re always in the loop? The answer: your email inbox tells you when you’ve let too much time go by. If you don’t receive a reply after a certain period of time, your email inbox lets you know. You’re on top of all your appointments, your clients feel well-taken-care-of.

Ready to get started?

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