Automatic reminders in Gmail so you never lose track of important emails

01 Remind yourself of conversations when it becomes relevant.
02 Never worry about forgetting important emails and deadlines again.
03 Set automatic follow-up reminders in Gmail so you close more deals.

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dropping the ball

Many of the emails we get we can’t deal with right away but we also can’t forget about them.

Remind Me puts emails back on top of your inbox the moment you need to deal with them.

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Stay on Top

Stay on top of important conversations and deadlines

It’s easy to lose track of all the single things people in different contexts ask of you. You can use Reminders to turn your inbox in a personal to-do list, where pop up on top right when they need to be handled.

Your inbox tells you
when to follow up

It can take up to 5 follow-ups to close a deal and it’s hard staying on top of every single email. Outsource your brain and have Right Inbox tell you when the time is right, so you can close more deals in less time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the email reminders feature do?

Right Inbox email reminders is a handy feature to make sure that you never lose track of your most important emails. Reminders pop back to the top of your inbox when the conversation is relevant to you.

Who can install email reminders?

Anyone who uses Gmail can install email reminders. Even better – it comes with the free version of Right Inbox.

How do I use email reminders?

It couldn’t be simpler to use our email reminder feature. When you’ve added Right Inbox to Gmail, you simply need to click the reminder button at the top of your Gmail window. When you click the dropdown, you will be presented with a menu of when you want the reminder to pop back into your inbox.

You can choose:

  • In 1 hour
  • In 2 hour
  • In 4 hour
  • Tomorrow morning
  • Tomorrow afternoon
  • In 1 weeks

There are also 2 other options.

At a specific time - this allows you to set the exact date and time at which you want to be reminded of your important email. You can also specify a timezone.

If you don’t like the default menu options, Right Inbox also allows you to set up and customize your own menu. This enables you to make the email reminders feature work for you.

What would I use email reminders for?

There are many reasons you might want to use the reminder email feature. Here are just a few:

  • Get a reminder to make sure that you reply to an email on the day you know the recipient is more likely to answer.
  • Keep your inbox tamed by setting an email reminder for quick tasks to pop back into your inbox first thing in the morning – allowing you to deal with short tasks in one quick swoop.

How do I install email reminders?

To instal email reminders, simply head over to the Chrome store and click the install button. It’s as easy as that.

What does snooze do on Gmail?

Gmail's snooze feature lets users remove an email from their inbox for a set period of time (such as a day or a week). Then, once the snooze period ends, the email will appear at the top of your inbox.

Is there something better than snooze for Gmail?

Yes. Right Inbox provides all of the functionality of Gmail's snooze feature and more. Using Right Inbox's Reminder feature, you can receive alerts about an existing email at an exact time in the future. And with Right Inbox, you don't have to temporarily remove the email from your inbox if you don't want to.


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