Turn your most effective emails into templates you can insert and optimize with one click

01 Insert your best performing emails with one click.
02 Optimize and personalize your template to fit every contact’s unique context.
03 Save time while bringing consistency to your email communication.

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Turn effective emails into templates you can use at scale

No need to write the same emails all over again, all the time. Simply save your most effective or repetitive patterns as a template so you can insert them with one click instead. Templates make it easy to run mid-sized email campaigns that are too big for individually-written emails and too small for eblasts. Get complete control over every single email without spending all day writing them.

Save time

Save time while adding consistency to your email communication

Whether you’re a sales rep reaching out to prospective clients or a technician passing on instructions, one-click templates help you get more done in less time and add consistency to exchanges. Just save your favorite emails as templates and load them up whenever you need to without having to rewrite everything from scratch. Avoid mistakes and inconsistency by using tried and tested emails that have gotten you the results you want.

From templates to personalized emails in no time

While situations can often be similar, they’ll never be 100% the same. Add variables in your templates you can adapt to fit your recipient so you always get the perfect email for every situation with minimal effort. Just select a template and fill in the blanks to make personalized emails that create connections and boost conversions.

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Easy setup

Easy setup so you can hit the ground running

Right Inbox’s templates in Gmail are designed to save you time straight from the get-go. With a super simple and user-friendly setup process, you’ll be sending out emails and monitoring their performance in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the email templates feature do?

The email templates feature allows you to create and choose between your best performing emails - this is especially handy for those working in sales and outreach.

Who can install email templates?

Anyone using Gmail can install Right Inbox and use the email templates feature.

How do I use email templates?

When you open your Gmail compose window, you'll see that the second option in the top ribbon (beneath the subject field) is called Template. Click the dropdown and click manage templates.

At this point, you can start adding your own templates to Right Inbox.

When you’ve added your templates, you simply need to pick the template from your pre-saved templates, and Right Inbox pulls it into your email. All you need to do then is personalize it (personalized emails always work better), and you’ve saved loads of time.

What would I use email templates for?

Email templates have many uses. Here are a few:

  • If you send monthly reports to several clients, you can create a template that pulls in the sections that are repeated every month – saving yourself and your clients precious time.
  • If you work in sales or outreach, you likely have some emails that work better than others. Save them as templates and insert those into emails quickly and easily.

How do I install email templates?

Installing email templates for Gmail is easy and fast with Right Inbox. Simply head over to the Chrome store and click the install button.


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