The 4 Best Mixmax Alternatives to Try Out in 2021

Are you searching for the best Mixmax alternatives? You have come to the right place.

Though Mixmax has proven to be a robust productivity and sales communication software used by thousands of businesses, it still has many flaws that tarnish its overall performance.

In this article, we’ll have a quick overview of Mixmax, its main drawbacks, and the four best alternatives that perform way much better.

What is MixMax?

Mixmax is an email automation software that integrates with your Gmail account via a Chrome extension. You can use it to send email sequences, schedule meetings, and track your recipients’ engagement with your emails.

Plus, it allows you to integrate different tools with communications apps to give you freedom by eliminating numerous mind-numbing tasks.

The goal of Mixmax is to power growing companies that care more about customer experience. For this reason, it’s only useful to teams on the frontlines of a company like sales professionals, recruiters, customer success managers, and revenue leaders.

Mixmax’s five main features.

  • Tracking and Analytics.
  • Email Personalization
  • Email engagement features like code snippets, multiple signatures, giphy integration, and custom branding.
  • Reusable message templates.
  • Ability to schedule meetings.

Mixmax Main Drawbacks

While Mixmax is undeniably a useful tool, it has a few flows that may not make it a dependable option for your business.

1. Mixmax is Costly

Mixmax’s starter plan costs $12 and extends to $65/month on the top-tier plan. This is insanely expensive when you compare it to other products on the market.

Furthermore, you only get key features like personalization and workflow automation on the top-tier plans. This means that you have to dig into your pockets a little bit deeper to get the most of Mixmax.

2. Limited Third-Party Integrations

Mixmax has a few integrations to make you more productive. You can use Google calendar to share your availability with your team or use the Twitter integration to embed tweets on your emails.

But as a tool centered around mass emails, we expected Mixmax to have integrations that ease sending bulk emails. Unfortunately, Mixmax hasn’t given much attention to this.

For instance, you can only integrate it with apps like salesforce and get CRM tools on the top-tier plans. You are limited if you choose the standard plan.

So with that said, let’s have a look at the best four Mixmax alternatives.

1. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a powerful email outreach tool used by over 250,000 professionals. It adds superpowers to your email outreach campaigns by giving you the right features. These include:

  • Email tracking that allows you to see who opened your emails, when and how many times
  • Recurring emails that can be set to send at specific times and to increase your productivity
  • Email reminders that will give you a nudge to reply to the most important emails.
  • Set up email templates in Gmail to save you time when writing mass emails. And it’s much easier than copying and pasting.
  • Email scheduling where you can schedule emails by adding your preferred date and time.
  • CRM tracking. This allows you to record your emails in your favorite CRM without leaving your inbox.
  • An email signature feature that allows you to create many signatures to brand your emails.
  • Email scheduling where you can schedule emails by adding your preferred date and time. Right inbox then automatically sends the emails when the time is due.

While Right Inbox gives you premium features, it won’t charge you top dollar for them. Mixmax’s starter plan is even more expensive than Right Inbox’s premium plan. This means that you get more features for far less money.

2. Gmelius

Gmelius is popularly known for its email tracking feature. And it’s one of the best Mixmax alternatives you’ll consider when you’re in dire need of excellent collaboration capabilities.

It offers the best collaboration tools that can transform your email into a central workforce. With your team, you can work on different tasks and manage clients seamlessly from the same platform.

With 74% of marketers preferring targeted personalized emails, Gmelius has strengthened its personalization features to be at par with market trends. It allows you to customize each email by targeting every recipient’s needs.

Gmelius is undoubtedly better than Mixmax in features, but not in price. This can be a downside if you work in a small team or is self-employed and need a less expensive tool.

3. Saleshandy

Saleshandy might be a confusing tool. Someone new to it might not know whether it’s a CRM platform, an email marketing solution, or a sales optimization suite.

You only get an answer on their website where they boldly say they’re a sales communication and analytics solution.

Despite the confusion, the sales automation software comes with pretty cool advantages to strengthen your email outreach campaigns. These include:

  • Smart mail merge
  • Individual email sequencing
  • 24/7 support
  • Powerful integrations
  • Templates
  • Individual email tracking

Saleshandy has tried to keep its pricing affordable. The free plan has some cool features like Gmail/ G suite integration and five email templates. The paid plans start from $9 to $49 per month with more features as you climb up the ladder.

4. Gmass

Gmass has centered on one thing – making your Gmail experience better for anyone. You can use the tool to run merge mail campaigns, send mass emails, enhance deliverability, email tracking, and automated sequences.

This simplicity is its strength, and that’s why employees from social media giants like Facebook and Linkedin use it.

While it comes with many features, one feature worth mentioning is the email verification tool. This improves your deliverability rate by preventing your emails from going to your recipient’s spam folder.

You will also love that the installation process is easy and super-fast. All you need is to download the Gmass chrome extension and sign up.

Gmass pricing is incredibly affordable too. The standard plan goes for $12.95/ month and gives you unlimited use with all features. The features the standard plan lacks, like sequence and follow-up features, are available on the premium plan costing $19.95/month.

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Final Verdict

Mixmax is far from perfect in many ways. Furthermore, its price does not justify the features it offers. Basic features are a bit expensive and might only be a compatible tool if you have a big budget.

All four Mixmax alternatives are reliable. But if you need a ready-to-go tool at an affordable price, I’d recommend Right Inbox. Add it to Chrome now and start your free trial in ten seconds.


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