Leon Sheed: Right Inbox Case Study

The psychology of sales [the why behind the buy] is something that’s not generally talked about in the traditional business sense. Smart & successful businesses want their own strategic edge to maximize lead generation flow, convert more qualified prospects into customers and grow their revenue margins consistently. One of the leading experts in this field […]

Leon Sheed: Right Inbox Case Study

The psychology of sales [the why behind the buy] is something that’s not generally talked about in the traditional business sense. Smart & successful businesses want their own strategic edge to maximize lead generation flow, convert more qualified prospects into customers and grow their revenue margins consistently.

One of the leading experts in this field for debunking human behavioral sales methods & how the buyer’s mind works is an interesting Australian guy that goes by the name of Leon Sheed.

Leon Sheed is a B2B sales psychology trainer, whose aim is to help businesses increase their conversion rates by 20% in 60 days or less with his strategic sales  psychology  methods.

Well, as you might expect, he uses his psychological sales methods & tactics alongside smart digital communication technology and Leon claims Right Inbox plays a big part in his sales success! Let’s go deeper into how he does this…

Staking His Reputation on Right Inbox

Leon’s business is built on helping his clients to become more efficient at sales and boost conversion rates. Leon’s helps his clients become more conscious of behavioral buying patterns and how to articulate the right dialogue. Small optimizations can make a big difference, and like with any business, the proof is in the results.

Leon states that on average, around 37% of his sales come from following-up in his pipeline. Leon explains that in the past, managing his pipeline has always been the hardest task for him and his client’s businesses. That was until he stumbled upon Right Inbox

So, what’s the reason for Leon staking his reputation on Right Inbox?

As Leon says, “the reason is simple…simplicity and speed.” It’s easy to get caught up in using lots of different software and making use of never-ending functionality, but most businesses need something simple and effective.

Right Inbox does this by turning your Gmail into a powerful way to track your leads and manage your sales pipeline. With email tracking, templates, sequences, private notes, and send later, He believes Right Inbox is his “right-hand salesman’ to keep track of hundreds of leads in his pipeline. He’s more than happy to put his reputation on the line when he recommends Right Inbox to all his client’s sales forces.

If he’s staking his reputation on Right Inbox, then you know it must be an important part of his business success.

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CRM… “I Got Rid of It – Don’t Need It”

Initially, Leon signed up to Right Inbox to complement his CRM system, but he soon decided it could do a lot more than that. Having “used every CRM under the sun,” he decided that Right Inbox offered everything he needed to manage his sales pipeline much more efficiently. It also came with the added benefit of cancelling his expensive & clunky CRM system

As someone who spends his time helping others optimize their pipeline management, Leon recognized the value of Right Inbox’s clean interface and simple, yet powerful tools.

“I’ve got all my reminders there, I know where they are, I can take one quick look. Without leaving my inbox, know where they are (prospects in the pipeline), what’s going on, next steps, everything’s already sent, and you’re off to the race.”

Right Inbox hasn’t only won this veteran sales pro over, but Leon has now added it as a mandatory tool for his Fortune Follow-up Formula program. Leon says that Right Inbox is now the engine behind helping his sales training clients close more consistent sales with follow-up and he guarantees success from it.

While not everyone will feel comfortable canceling their CRM subscription, Right Inbox can still help bring your CRM and email together to boost performance and make processes more efficient.

Case Study Findings: 70% More Efficient | 19% Increase In Sales Conversions

We spoke with Leon after 60 days of using Right Inbox in conjunction with his CRM. Leon Sheed confirmed that Right Inbox was a competent tool to completely manage his pipeline workflow and acted as a powerful workhorse to power his email communications.

Also in his findings, Leon confirmed he no longer used his CRM software and found himself saving around 70% more time within his pipeline process.

One of the biggest benefits is being able to handle everything directly from Gmail. You still have the interface you’re accustomed to, but it adds powerful features that help you organize contacts, create detailed notes, and plan your communications.

Of course, being efficient is one thing, but it needs to show results, and it did.

As well as enjoying the simplified experience, Leon managed to boost his revenue for that month by 19%, exceeding his KPIs. You’ve got to feel comfortable using software, otherwise, it’s going to make your life difficult, but ultimately, for Leon, the proof was in the pudding.

Check out the full list of Right Inbox features here

Split-Testing Shows Significantly Improved Deliverability

A/B testing is a key part of any sales process and before Leon committed to using Right Inbox to run his entire pipeline, he performed a series of split tests.

One of the key findings was that his deliverability significantly improved. More emails were reaching their targets, resulting in more engagement and more sales, which partly explains his increase in revenue.

Deliverability can be a complex issue, but by encouraging you to keep things simple, and helping you to plan your emails strategically, Right Inbox can mean more of your emails reach people’s inboxes. Leon was super surprised about the amazing email deliverability results he was seeing. Leon stated “I think it’s because you guys keep things simple and clean with your software”.

Simplicity vs Feature Overload

As Leon says, “there’s nothing out there that’s solely focused on the sales pipeline aside from CRMs”. The thing with CRMs is that there’s so much competition; they’re each trying to add more and more tools until eventually, it becomes bewildering.

“Most CRMs are over complicated, pricey & force you to use their software a certain way that kills so much of my time.” On the other hand, Right Inbox is “something so clean, so simple, it’s just fast, giving you back your time without the clutter and overwhelm.”

We all want to discover the processes that work best for us. Every business is different and they work in slightly different ways. Sometimes CRMs force you to approach things in a different way, and it’s not beneficial.

Leon lives and breathes fast sales growth and spends his time helping businesses, consultants, coaches and salespeople alike change the way they sell based on Sales psychology. Right Inbox fits Leon’s needs because of its simplicity & speed. It takes care of all the important parts of the sales pipeline management without bogging him down in his inbox so he can have more time on the phone making sales.


Leon and his clients aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the simplicity and speed of Right Inbox. It couldn’t be easier to get started with the basic free option and get a taste of how you can make your emails more efficient.

The monthly unlimited package starts at just $5.95. Right Inbox has the power to transform your lead management at a fraction of the price of your CRM.

There’s no need to change the way you do everything. Keep using your Gmail, but add innovative tools to compliment your inbox. In just a few minutes, you can start saving time and optimizing your sales processes.

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