Top Email Management Software Solutions for 2024

Email management software can help you declutter your inbox so that you can work more efficiently. It’s extremely important for professionals and businesses to have control over the email inbox. Having a robust email management tool is an important part of this. But with so many tools on offer how can you tell which is […]

Top Email Management Software Solutions for 2024

Email management software can help you declutter your inbox so that you can work more efficiently. It’s extremely important for professionals and businesses to have control over the email inbox. Having a robust email management tool is an important part of this.

But with so many tools on offer how can you tell which is the best one for your business need?

Top Tips for Email Management

1. 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule, a well-known principle, states that 20% of inputs are responsible to the majority (80%), output in any given situation. This principle can be applied to your inbox to reduce time spent and achieve the same results. Email management tips tend to focus on one thing: filtering out irrelevant emails from the more important.

2. Make a schedule and follow it

Although managing email may not be your favorite task, it is necessary. You might feel that it is one of the most frustrating tasks in a busy day. These tasks are important, but they should wait until you have managed all the emails.

Once you establish a routine for checking your email every day, it won’t feel like work. The habit will become part of you. It’s easy to achieve Inbox Zero once you do that.

3. Using email management softwares

These highly-rated and highly-rated email management programs will make it easier to manage multiple inboxes and unread emails.

There are many options for managing your email. However, we wanted to ensure that all of them were safe and secure. These services allow you to quickly organize thousands of email messages.

The 21 Best Email Management Softwares on the Market in 2024

There are many options when it comes to email management software. It is important to identify the features you need and ensure that your software delivers. Pricing is also another key factor to consider when choosing any type of software:

1. Help Scout

Help Scout is an email management software that allows customer service teams to deliver great customer service experiences. It offers collaboration tools such as private notes and collision detection to eliminate duplicates.

Workflows and saved replies make it easy to answer customer questions. You can set criteria to automatically assign conversations to the right agents or place them in folders. This information helps to streamline the process and creates a sense between customer/agent familiarity.

Help Scout is all about customer support. It understands that email management software is just one tool you need to keep your customers happy and onboard. So it offers Docs, which allows you to build a knowledge base for your team members.

Pricing: $20 per user.

2. SaneBox

There are many email management programs on the market. But which one is best for personal use and your needs?

SaneBox is a great way to manage your email. Their AI technology automatically sorts emails based on how you use different apps.

The most important messages should be at the top of your inbox. All other messages should be placed in a separate folder.

It also has a few features that will help you stay focused. For example, SaneNoReplies shows all messages that have not received a response and Do Not Disturb is for those moments when you need to be away from your inbox.

Pricing: Starts at $7 per month.

3. Sendinblue

What are the best email management software for managing mass emails?

Sometimes, you need to speak to many people at once. This is often the case when you announce new features or company updates. If your Gmail account is limited to sending 500 BCCs per mail, it’s time to look into specialized tools.

Sendinblue is a great email provider for businesses, with an easy-to use editor and automated sending times. To see which emails are more successful, you can also AB-test them.

Pricing: $25 per month.

4. Front

This email management software allows you to manage all the emails of your team as well as your personal ones.

It is important to choose the right tool for managing group email addresses. The front is just one of many options that are both good for personal and shared use.

Front is a collaboration tool with basic features like commenting on the work of others. You can also access more advanced tools for analytics and automation with the higher-end plans.

Pricing: $19 per month per user.

5. Hiver

Hiver is not an email management software. It’s essentially a Gmail extension that allows for the assignment of emails and the addition of notes.

They also offer premium features like task automation and analysis, in addition to the standard plan. This is a great deal at this price point. These features are not available on lower-cost plans.

Pricing: $7 per user per month

6. Moosend

You may not be able to find the email that you need answered or deleted if you have too many emails. Moosend is a tool that allows mass communication. It offers features such as an easy-to use editor with no code. You can also segment audiences or track metrics.

Google Drive’s best feature is its freeness and the ability to access a lot of functionality with no limitations. They also offer paid plans starting from $8 per month for those who want more.

Pricing: Free, Paid Plans starting at $8 per user per month

7. Emailigistics

Outlook isn’t just for email anymore. Emailigistics allows you to add Gmail-like features such as sharing and collaborative notes to your Outlook client.

You can also access an analytics suite to monitor the performance of your team, but this will add a lot to your bill.

Pricing: $10 per user

8. Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone was created by two people who were tired of receiving emails from companies without an unsubscribe link. Instead of letting the problem fester, they created an app that allows you to unsubscribe from any company email with just one click.

Leave Me Alone is an innovative email app that is different from all the rest. The design follows modern user experience principles and best practices in managing your inbox. You can unsubscribe with just one click.

To save time, you can scan multiple emails at once. Gmail is available for IMAP-based email services. This includes G Suite, Outlook 365 and Live Hotmail.

The Leave Me Alone paid email management tool allows you to unsubscribe people who have signed up for your mailing list. You can purchase credits and use them as you need, or buy in bulk if there are many subscribers to your list. Pricing strategy depends on the size of your inbox and the number of subscribers you have. Other features include:

  • It is simple to use
  • Do not sell user data.
  • Its developers are constantly adding new features.
  • Do not unsubscribe automatically

Pricing: Starting price of $2.50

9. Loop

The pricing for the Loop Tool is the same across all platforms. They charge per user, but offer three packages: business, studio, and enterprise.

What are you getting for your money? If PS7 per month isn’t enough to convince you, then it doesn’t have much. This package is only able to accept up 10 users or teams at once, but it still costs the same as our other packages.

Business: This package is for you if your business has a lot of needs. This package costs just $13 per Month and includes unlimited users and 11-50 users.

This package includes unlimited users and teams, as well as 24/7 support. This package also includes CRM integration so that your team can seamlessly sell products on the marketplace.

Loop is a great way for coworkers to keep track and share files. It allows you to work faster and more collaboratively. In 2014, the company was founded to share files among coworkers. It has since grown to be a leader in improving teamwork through faster responses and fewer distractions while working on projects online.

Loop is a great tool for large teams who want to communicate quickly and accurately.

  • Interface for mobile-friendly apps
  • Integration with email is easy
  • Organized messages in a neat way
  • Expensive
  • Support is not available on all packages

10. SendGrid

SendGrid, a cloud-hosted email software, allows developers and marketers to efficiently manage their emails. The service is free and offers powerful tools for non-paying customers, but can also provide dedicated IP addresses to paying customers.

SendGrid offers a variety tools for businesses, including an API-friendly email marketing and inbox. It recently released its beta version, which integrates Facebook, Instagram and Google ads into it.

Pricing: SendGrid pricing depends on how many emails you send each month. It’s free for 40,000 messages, and $14.95month thereafter. For 10,000 contacts, there is an additional $10month fee.

11. Vartika OST-to-PST Converter

Vartika OST-to-PST Converter is one the best email management programs available. It can convert corrupted and damaged files into usable, clean files. It is a great choice for small businesses and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations that place a high value on data security.

Vartika Software has been in business for over a decade. Vartika OST-to-PST Converter is one their most popular products. It can convert emails as well as journals, contacts, tasks, and schedules. This product can also help you recover encrypted files that are stuck on an older server and are not accessible.

Vartika OST-to-PST Converter is the best choice for anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook.

Pricing: It costs $49 and works with all versions of Outlook 2016 and later.

12. XgenPlus

XgenPlus, an enterprise email management platform, helps businesses centralize their communications in one place. All written communications are stored and sent through XgenPlus, making it easy for you to organize your messages without having them on multiple devices or losing track.

XgenPlus is sensitive to the needs of businesses and encrypts your emails to keep them safe. It also ensures consistency across email communications with different audiences or customer segments by ensuring that everything is branded according company specifications, from font style to signatures and logos.

XgenPlus can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. To learn more, get a quote from the vendor.

13. BatchedInbox

Email can be a great way of communicating, but it can also become a distraction. The constant stream of messages you receive every day, and all of their different types (some positive, some not), can distract you from what you are doing.

BatchInbox allows you to tell it when certain events occur at specific times. For example, if a coworker sends you a message asking for something. Instead of being distracted by their requests and losing focus on your important work, BatchInbox only notifies you when they occur.

14. MailChimp

MailChimp is a leader within the email marketing industry, and it’s easy to see why. MailChimp offers pre-built templates that users can customize or completely modify from scratch.

Mailchimp can be used to track your subscribers. It can also be used for email list management, including the import of new subscribers.

15. Campaign Monitor

Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing company. Campaign Monitor has tons of templates and design options that can make your newsletter stand out. These templates are not the only options. You can also customize them so that it feels like you’re designing from scratch.

This platform allows you to measure open rates and click through rates so you can determine which newsletters work best. As a result, you can continuously improve your approach.

16. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the solution to all your email marketing problems. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to create segments and templates that can be personalized for different customers based upon their preferences.

Emails are a great way to stay in touch with customers. This drag-and-drop editor allows you to send personalized messages with no need for any manual work.

You might have been doing AB and analytics without realizing. Companies used to set up test groups for their email campaigns in the past to determine which version was more popular with customers. This meant that they were already using some form of experimentation in their emails, running different versions at the same time.

17. SendPulse

An email marketing platform started as a bulk service. It has since evolved to include SMS, automated emails, and Web Push notifications. SendPulse allows marketers to easily manage these tools and create chatbots.

This platform seems to be the best option for businesses who want to manage their inventory. They offer a simple interface and affordable pricing plans that make them stand out from other platforms. This platform is a hit with professionals because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

18. Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation tool that can be used to send personalized emails. Dynamics makes it easy to make customers feel special without spending a lot of time or resources.

Google Analytics gives you deep insight into your customers’ needs. This allows them to target specific audiences with relevant messages. This is the age where you must know your customers and show them what you have to offer.

19. SendX

SendX is a great platform for email marketing beginners. It offers tools for all levels of expertise and allows marketers to create lists from scratch or use templates.

Automating emails can be done under certain conditions. This will allow you to save time and reduce manual work.

20. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an automated email management tool. ActiveCampaign is more than just an email management tool. It also helps you save time by taking over other tasks.

Email marketing automation can help you save time and give you more control over your campaigns. Automated workflows can be set up with a few conditional prompts.

21. Drip

Drip is an excellent platform that can automate your email campaigns. They offer the best customer service and affordable pricing plans.

Drip is the best email management tool. Drip offers a simple interface and powerful automation features so you can spend less time managing campaigns while still getting the same results.


Using one of the email management software tools listed above will keep your email in check. It’s important to invest in the right email management solution for your business in 2024 and beyond.

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