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If you want to use a third-party email client like Microsoft Outlook and want to send and receive emails from your Gmail address, POP settings are the way to go. But what are POP settings and how do they work?  We’ll tell you everything you need to know about POP settings, and how you can […]

Virtual meetings are becoming a lot more popular due to the pandemic. Whether you’re connecting with friends, colleagues, loved ones, clients, or students, Google Meet is a common video chat option. Google Meet has replaced Google Hangouts and Google Chat. And it’s a secure, free resource to imitate in-person communication. However, there may come times […]

For many of us, our inbox is our virtual “home.” It’s where we receive all of our official communications for a variety of things — job applications, new services, purchase confirmations, newsletters, and more. But when your home is cluttered, your digital life starts to feel chaotic, just like your real home. And you might […]

Email is a vital part of a salesperson or recruiter’s daily workflow. Knowing whether or not someone opened your email helps you improve your engagement, outreach, and ultimately your revenue. Yet, that is much easier said than done. Common email platforms like Gmail don’t come equipped with the right tracking and management features that most […]

With the rise in popularity of real-time communication apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and Skype, you may find it surprising that email is still the primary tool for communication at work – and with 3.9 billion users around the world, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Dominating that space are Gmail and Outlook – two of […]

Ready to increase your company’s sales over the long term without betting on slimy sales techniques? You can with email prospecting. But what’s email prospecting, and how can you conduct it successfully? In this article, we’ll take a quick look at what it is and how to conduct it — the right way. What Is […]

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Looking for the best BananaTag alternative? That’s what we’re discussing today. We’ll look at five more powerful tools in pricing, features, and functionality. But before we do that, we must all agree that BananaTag is undoubtedly an  sales engagement tool. Over the years, it has developed from a simple email tracking software into a sophisticated […]

Starting out an email with the right email greeting is crucial. It gives recipients their first impression of you, and it sets the tone for the rest of the message. It can mean the difference between your recipient closing the email right away (and condemning it to the trash folder), or reading on. In short, […]

Success in business is all about connections. But how are you supposed to make those connections if you don’t know how to reach someone in the first place? That’s the problem that email finding tools solve. These helpful tools are used by sales, marketing, and all sorts of other professionals every day to find email […]

In the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and search engine algorithms, email has remained a core marketing strategy for companies of all sizes and industries. Email marketing is popular and powerful because it can be used for various purposes, has a high ROI, and converts. According to Statista, approximately 306 billion emails were sent and received […]


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