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Key takeaway: To calculate the email conversion rate of a marketing campaign, divide the number of executed actions you targeted by the number of emails you sent. Then multiply that number by 100. The answer is a percentage representing the conversion rate of the campaign. Like any marketing campaign, an email campaign costs a company money […]

why are my emails going to spam.

Nearly one in five emails end up getting caught in spam filters — are you part of that statistic? Whether you are conducting email marketing or sending mail to colleagues or friends, constantly wondering “Why are my emails going to spam?” can be frustrating. Today’s spam filters are complicated, and any number of seemingly-innocuous attachments, […]

cold email statistics.

Despite rumors of dwindling effectiveness, email marketing is still king. As an estimated $10 billion market by the end of the year — and an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent — this method is recommended for businesses of every size. But what about cold email specifically? While still falling under the email […]

The average person spends about five hours every day on email. So if that’s not a sign that it’s an important part of our daily lives, nothing is. While email is incredibly valuable, it’s not the safest communication form. Especially when you consider how many emails are sent every single day. Whether you’re using email […]


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