Cold emailing is just as hard as cold calling, minus the commute. Plus, you have a way to organize and systemize your cold email routine for better efficiency and more productivity. Here’s how you can do it:

Save emails as templates

Since you’d send out many emails in the course of a day, it becomes imperative that you have a template that you can customize for every prospect you plan to reach out to. Save a couple of emails as templates and work from there.

Build a system

Using multiple tools, including Right Inbox, you can build the right workflow for making it easier for you to send emails out. Using a combination of tools and features within tools (using send later and reminder features in RightInbox, for instance). Find your way to the best system you can build.

You won’t get it right the first time, so tweak and test until you get it right.

Plug in and manage your data

Use CRM systems, spreadsheets, or whatever else works for you (sometimes in combination or more than one way of doing things) to keep all your data in one place. Google Apps offers a particular great way to organize your work with an entire set of apps apart from the usual Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts features.

How organized are you?


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