The Top 12 Email Encryption Services

The average person spends about five hours every day on email. So if that’s not a sign that it’s an important part of our daily lives, nothing is. While email is incredibly valuable, it’s not the safest communication form. Especially when you consider how many emails are sent every single day. Whether you’re using email […]

The Top 12 Email Encryption Services

The average person spends about five hours every day on email. So if that’s not a sign that it’s an important part of our daily lives, nothing is. While email is incredibly valuable, it’s not the safest communication form.

Especially when you consider how many emails are sent every single day. Whether you’re using email for personal reasons, work, or other needs, you deserve to know your information is safe.

However, this is easier said than done if you’re using Gmail or Outlook. These apps are designed for convenience, not security.

So in this article, let’s talk about some of the best email encryption services that you can use. That way, you can have peace of mind that your data is protected while you go about your business.

The 12 best Email Encryption Services for 2024

Use these 12 state-of-the-art email applications if you want to protect your data:

1. Right Inbox (Coming Soon 2024)

G2 reviews: (4.8/5)

Capterra reviews: (4.3 / 5)

Google Chrome Store [12,320+ Reviews]: (4.8/5)

[coming soon] The Right Inbox Dev team are working hard on building out a new email encryption feature to go along with the 12 other features available with Right Inbox.

Right Inbox is a powerful and secure email tool that helps you keep your information safe while adding to your email productivity. Used by more than 250,000 people around the world, this application has been around for several years.

It only takes a few seconds to install, yet Right Inbox offers a number of features to keep your emails out of harm’s way. It adheres to all security and privacy protocols that are necessary for protecting information in today’s day and age.

For instance, Right Inbox does not access your Gmail password. It uses OpenID / OAuth2 authorization via Google’s security protocol. And access can be revoked at any time.

As an approved Chrome store extension, with over 12,000 reviews, it would have been removed long ago if it didn’t adhere to the proper safety measures.

Data privacy is one of Right Inbox’s main priorities, allowing information to be transferred only through Google’s secure APIs and API services user data policy. This includes limited use regulations.

In addition, Right Inbox doesn’t just secure your data — it also allows you to use multiple features that make emailing more secure and more productive. That way you don’t have to risk installing unsafe third-party applications.

With Right Inbox, some of the features include:

Reminders – Get reminded about important emails.

Send Later – Send an email whenever you want.

Sequences – Schedule emails beforehand without sending them instantly.

Private Notes – Stay organized about what each email means to you

CRM Sync – Know what’s happening in your CRM tool right from your Gmail inbox.

Email Tracking – Know who opens your email and when.

Due to its focus on security and several other features, Right Inbox tops the list.

Pricing for Right Inbox is fairly straightforward. There’s a free plan that allows you to get started without any investment.

The personal plan begins at $7.95 per month and the professional plan is billed at $14.95 a month, offering unlimited support features and other major benefits.


G2 reviews: (4 / 5) is a secure email provider that offers encrypted cloud storage. It’s meant to be an alternative to Microsoft Tools or Google. It offers additional features like a calendar, task planner, and address book.

It even has video conferencing for meetings. Using PGP encryption, which is a public key encryption program, it offers excellent security for any emails that are sent or received. doesn’t have a free plan. However, the pricing is not outlandish.

Pricing for standard is $3 a month for 10 gigabytes of mail storage. Premium is $9 a month for 25 gigabytes of mail storage, and Lite is $1 a month for 2 gigabytes of mail storage.

3. Trustifi

G2 reviews: (4.7 / 5)

Capterra reviews: (4.8 / 5)

Trustifi is an email encryption platform that offers protection for your emails in an innovative way. It has secure end-to-end email encryptions for any email platform.

You can stay protected from threats and be fully compliant with any data regulations. It offers seamless encryption and you can do it in just one click. Your recipients will also receive encrypted emails.

The fully cloud-based solution for MSPs can be deployed to Outlook via Gmail or Gmail via APIs. The emails are delivered instantly and two-factor authentication is used.

You can change the configurations to be more or less sensitive when encrypting data. Essentially, the main advantage of this app is that it lets you have a large amount of control. You’ll need to reach for a quote and pricing however.

4. Protonmail

G2 reviews: (4.4 / 5)

Capterra reviews: (4.6 / 5)

ProtonMail was founded in 2013 as an end-to-end encryption email service in Switzerland.

Switzerland is known for having strong privacy laws. It protects your user data and content via their ProtonMail servers.

Using a combination of symmetric encryption, public key cryptography, and protocols like OpenPGP, it keeps your messages safe from criminals. There’s also a built-in VPN service along with the ProtonMail app.

Using a secure passphrase or link, you can send emails without worrying about someone else seeing them.

You have to log in with two passwords in order to authenticate your email and mailbox. Using a client-side decryption, it makes sure that you have access to your device before decrypting the email for reading.

Despite having so many features, ProtonMail comes at a reasonable pricing plan. ProtonMail Free, like its name suggests, comes without any cost.

ProtonMail Plus comes at $5 a month for one user, Professional plan at $8 a month, and the Visionary plan is $30 a month for up to 20 gigs of storage and unlimited messages.

5. Preveil

Capterra reviews: (4.7 / 5)

Preveil is a powerful service. It’s actually certified by the Department of Defense. Preveil lets you keep your existing email address, however, it also lets you integrate Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail as a default service.

You don’t need a master password to use Preveil as you use your device to authenticate yourself. There’s a recovery system in place if you do happen to lose track of your device.

With four permission levels, Preveil keeps your information secure and encrypted. A free plan lets you get 5 gigabytes of encrypted storage, however, with the more advanced plan and $25 a month, you can get 5 terabytes of storage.

6. Skiff

Capterra reviews: (4.7 / 5)

Skiff protects your privacy in a decentralized way using Web3. Skiff is an easy-to-use email encryption service that’s also open source. That means you can rest assured that there’s no malicious code going on.

With end-to-end encryption as one of its core features, you can also collaborate on shared resources just like you would at Google Docs.

The secure file storage is one of the main features that sets it apart from the competition. However, keep in mind that other people need to use Skiff as well in order for the documents to be encrypted.

Most of its services are offered completely free of charge. If you want to upgrade your Skiff account, you can. Skiff is truly free, but you can always upgrade your account with cryptocurrency.

7. StartMail

PCMag reviews:  (4 / 5)

Capterra reviews: (4.3 / 5)

StartMail is something that lets you use email aliases. These are disposable email addresses that help you communicate with recipients that you may not trust giving your real email to yet.

It uses the PGP protocol for one of its encryption features. This automates key exchange with other StartMail users.

So take for example supplying an email address to sign up to a newsletter. You can use an email alias within StartMail.

All the messages will come to the same inbox, but they won’t be able to track your actual address.

With features like password-based encryption, managing disposable email addresses, and a slick interface, StartMail is quickly becoming a popular encryption tool for email users. Pricing for StartMail starts at $59.95 per year.

8. Tutanota

G2 reviews:  (4.5 / 5)

Capterra reviews: (4.2 / 5)

This open source encryption service encrypts the body text, message headers, and subjects of your messages.

It even encrypts people who are your contacts. You’ll have a secure encrypted index on your device to search messages without worrying about prying eyes staying.

Tutanota is free for its lowest tier.

9. Virtru

G2 reviews:  (4.4 / 5)

Capterra reviews: (4.6 / 5)

Virtru is a business grade encryption app. You can log into your Gmail account and use the service from there, making it incredibly convenient for two-factor authentication.

Virtru provides encryption but also makes your messages expire after a certain time period. You can even set the expiration dates to be customized.

Additionally, you can watermark your attachments to prove that you were the one that sent them. Virtru is free to use.

10. Private-Mail

PCMag reviews: (3.5 / 5)

Private mail is made from the same company that created TorGuard VPN. You can encrypt your messages using PGP.

As another feature, you can put your messages into encrypted storage just like you would drop it into a regular folder. Then you can share these with other people.

The storing and sharing are some of the primary features to note for this app. Pricing starts at $8.95 per month.

11. SecureMyEmail

G2 reviews: (N/A)

Capterra reviews: (5 / 5)

With SecureMyEmail, your emails are encrypted, but they require a new email address.

You can always use the feature that uses IMAP to send messages back and forth between your existing Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, or Mail account.

Like other apps in this category, it uses a PGP passphrase to encrypt your messages, so you’ll need to remember a password.

To get this end-to-end encryption service, you won’t need to pay anything to start. If you want advanced features, you’ll need to start paying $29.99 per year.

12. Proofpoint

G2 reviews: (4.6 / 5)

Capterra reviews: (4.2 / 5)

Proofpoint email protection is available in the cloud or even on-premises. It keeps impostors or unwanted emails from landing in your inbox.

Its anti-phishing features, encryption, and data loss prevention features make it a handy tool to have on your home or work device.

Particularly, its ability to detect BEC and almost unlimited email routing make it a formidable encryption ally.

Pricing for Proofpoint is based on your active user count every month. You’ll need to speak with a salesperson to find out specific costs for your needs.

Wrapping Up

If you want to protect your data, use one of the secure encryption apps above. And if you’re looking to really streamline your workflow while using an app that protects your information, consider Right Inbox.

You can ultimately get more done in your inbox without wasting time on busy work. So make sure to encrypt your emails and start using better tools today.

That way, you can spend time on the things that really move the needle in your business or personal life.

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