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If you've been shopping for a tool with similar functionalities as Bananatag, look no further. Right Inbox is a browser plugin that works seamlessly with the Gmail UI to upgrade it with the email productivity features it has been missing.

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More than 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox to boost email productivity every day.

“Simple. Doesn't clutter and still keeps the original feel of Gmail. Highly recommended!”

Kong Jin Jie Singapore

“I love this app! I've been using it for a few years now, on multiple emails and it just works great. Easy to use and super effective to customize communications.”

Bonnie Edson United States

“This add-on has been a tremendous help to keeping me organized and providing me with more control over my Google email account.”

Theresa Schaefer United States

“A huge time saver. Easy to use and it just works! When I upgraded I felt that it had paid for itself within 2 weeks of increased, streamlined email productivity.”

Muhammad Azam Ramay Pakistan

“This is awesome for me as I work online as a freelancer. I can do my task at night and send it later in the morning. Or set a reminder for emails I need to do later on. I don't have to create reminders on other apps anymore. Great extension.”

Mary-ann Gallardo Zamora Mexico

Right Inbox adds email superpowers to your email inbox

One-click install, easy to use, fully customizable

Mail Merge in Gmail

Contact a large number of people with a customized personal message. Scale your cold email outreach within Gmail.

Reminder Email

Take messages that don’t require attention right now out of your inbox and have them return when they do.

Private Email Note

It can be useful to add some context to single conversations when you’re dealing with multiple at the same time. Record relevant thoughts and ideas without cluttering the email exchange itself.

Recurring Emails

If you’re sending out the same emails at set times, you’ll love the recurring emails feature. Schedule once and they’ll go out automatically every time without you having to lift a finger.

Gmail Schedule Email

Precise control for when your message hits your recipient’s inbox. Write your email at 10pm in the evening, then schedule it to arrive promptly at 9am the next morning.

Follow Up If No Response

When reaching out to a contact or lead, set up Right Inbox to nudge you if the recipient hasn’t replied after a certain amount of days.

Email Templates

Turn your most effective emails into templates you can insert and optimize with one click.

Email Tracking

Receive notifications about who opens your emails, every time they do it.

CRM Tracking

Sync important email conversations with the CRM tool of your choice straight from Gmail.

Get started for free. Upgrade when you need more.

Right Inbox works in Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Send Later 10 emails / mo
  • Email Reminders 10 emails / mo
  • Private Emails 10 emails / mo
  • Recurring Emails Not Available
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$ 5.95 per mo.
  • Send Later Unlimited
  • Email Reminders Unlimited
  • Private Emails Unlimited
  • Recurring Emails Unlimited


$ 7.95 per mo.
  • Send Later Unlimited
  • Email Reminders Unlimited
  • Private Emails Unlimited
  • Recurring Emails Unlimited

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