What is it?

Not all emails are created equal. Sometimes we want to reach people as quick as possible, but other times, we’d prefer to have an email reach someone on a specific date. With Right Inbox, you can schedule emails to send themselves at the perfect moment. You can write emails when you have time, but send them when they’ll actually be read.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler. Write an email like you normally would, but instead of hitting send, schedule a specific time. Right Inbox will work in the background, making sure your email is delivered. Here’s what to do:

  1. Step one, write a great email.
  2. Instead of clicking Send Now, choose the Send Later
  3. You can choose one of the options, or define your own using the At a specific time option as follows:
    – After selecting At a specific time, a dialog will appear. Choose a date and time you’d like your message to be delivered. Optionally, use the timezone option to have Right Inbox automatically calculate the time difference between you and your recipient.
    – Alternatively, you can use the box labeled “Type date & time or duration” to schedule a future date in plain English. For example, you might type “in 2 hours”, or “Mon @2PM.”
  4. Select the blue, Schedule button and your message will put itself into the queue.

Why is it awesome?

Got a client in a different timezone? An email that shows up at three in the morning can quickly get lost in the crowd. If you have something important to say, schedule your email so it arrives at the beginning of your client’s work day— wherever they live. What’s more, with Right Inbox’s timezone support, we do all the math for you. Just pick a time, a spot on the globe, and schedule away.

Of course, your work life is just one part of your world. Email Scheduling also works great for keeping you on top of important dates. Got an anniversary coming up? You mother’s birthday? Schedule a heart-warming message that will arrive at just the right moment.

You can take this a step further and use scheduling to keep yourself in line too! Headed to the gym after work? Schedule an email reminder and don’t leave your gym clothes under the desk.

How to get the best out of it

Inspirations to start using email scheduling right away


Two problems with vacation: you can’t contact people who take them, and you don’t want to be contacted when you take one. With email scheduling, you can schedule emails to arrive the moment a colleague returns. This puts your important messages at the top of their full inbox and gets you their full attention. What’s more, when you take a much-needed break, you can schedule important emails to send while you’re away. Order more toner, follow up with a lead, or continue a conversation all while sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail.


Your customers hear from you on their birthdays. Your Mom gets a touching note on Mother’s Day. Your boss a warm “thank you” on Boss’s Day (it’s a real thing, ask him). “Awww,” they’ll say, “how thoughtful.” You don’t have to tell any of them you’ve scheduled each of these emails. Let them think you’re just the most organized person on the planet.


Email isn’t IM, and it’s can be frustrating when some one treats it as such. Beat the system by writing a response to an ultra-responsive colleague, and scheduling it to send after a respectable amount of time. This keeps you from sinking too much time in your inbox, and more time making big sales.


Productivity is all about little hacks. A minute here, an hour there, saving time is important. So when you have time to kill why not write a few emails that you know you’ll have to send later anyway? Just write up a quick note, schedule it with Right Inbox, and you’re done! Your emails will send by themselves, at the right moment, while you do work that really matters.


Just because you only had time to write a pitch email at three in the morning doesn’t mean that’s the ideal time to send it. Instead, schedule your emails so they’ll be received when your recipient is most likely to read them. This means your message gets read and received, loud and clear, every time.


Think about the last time you gave a great sales demo. You were engaging, your audience loved you, they even had some great questions for you. Instead of trying to remember every detail of the interaction a week later when you write the follow up email… schedule it on the spot! As soon as you complete the demo, write a follow up email while details are fresh in your mind. Then, it’s a simple matter of scheduling it and letting Right Inbox do the rest.

Ready to get started?

Right Inbox syncs up with your email client quickly, with no hassle. Click here to sign up today— for free! That’s right, $0.00 and you can get started today. The Free Plan gives you more than just Email Scheduling though. You’ll also be able to turn your Inbox into a productivity machine with Email Reminders (read more).