Add context to email conversations by attaching notes for your eyes only

01 Jot down thoughts and ideas on emails so you always have the full picture.
02 Only you see your notes. They’re not shared with others and don’t clutter email content.
03 Use together with Reminders to specify why you had to be reminded in the first place.

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Add important details you don’t want to include in emails

Context is king. No email you or anyone else writes, contains all details you need to take proper action. Notes enable you to store thoughts and ideas exactly where you need them so you always get the full picture.

Add important details
Outsource your brain

Outsource your brain so you can focus on human relations

Paper gets lost and brains are limited. By storing important information where it’s relevant, you’ll free up mental space to focus on building human relations while making sure you won’t drop the ball.

Notes are like post-its for email only you can see

Notes work wonderfully well with other Right Inbox features like Reminders. You won’t just be reminded about conversations that require your attention, you’ll also know why you had to be reminded in the first place and have everything you need to act at your fingertips.
Like a Post-it

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the email notes feature do?

Not every email you send or receive has all the information you might need to remember further down the line. The Email Notes feature within Right Inbox allows you to add granular context to your email – private notes that you set to remind yourself of any specific actions you need to take, or relevant details that you thought were important when an email came in.

Can other people see my notes?

No – they are only accessible to you.

How do I use email notes?

  1. When you receive an email, click the little Notes Icon. You can find this in the top ribbon of the email and is to the right of the Reminder button.
  2. Add in whatever notes you need to give the email more context.
  3. You can also choose to add a Note Gmail Label automatically and also to see the note automatically when you open the email.

What would I use email notes for?

Notes are one of the most powerful features of Right Inbox, as they can be used for virtually anything. Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Details about the contact - where you met them, anything interesting they have had to say, or maybe what timezone they're in.
  • You can add a link to websites and documents that might be relevant
  • You can use Notes to add a list of actions to a follow-up email from a meeting

How do I install email notes?

To instal email notes, simply head over to the Chrome store and click the install button. It’s as easy as that.

How to make a private note in Gmail?

Once you install Right Inbox, making a private note in Gmail is simple. Just click the Add Note button at the bottom of the email you're composing and now you have a note for your eyes only.

Can I add a private note in my email?

Yes, you'll just need to install the free Right Inbox Chrome extension. After that, adding a note is quick and easy—you'll see a button to create a private note at the bottom of each email you're composing or replying to.


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