What is it?

Maximizing productivity and streamlining processes, this allows you to add and attach private notes directly to your emails. Think openly and without censorship as your notes are not revealed to any other recipients. So you’re free to formulate your ideas and comments before deciding whether to share with others. Pretty cool, right?

How does it work?

There’s little point in great functionality that’s too complex to use. That’s why we keep things simple. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of each step:

  1. First, compose an email as you normally would. Add recipients and a subject line, as always.
  2. Once you’ve finished your email, before sending, hit the “Add Note” button. A new, smaller window will appear with a text box.
  3. In the text box, make any notes or comments that you’d like to assign to that email – these notes won’t be shared with the recipient(s).
  4. Once you’ve finished making your notes, click the “Save Note” button. Then hit “Send” as you would normally.
  5. You’ll receive confirmation that your note has been saved. Done!

You can use the same process for making notes when you’re replying to emails too. What’s more, you can label your notes for quick and easy reference later.

Why is it awesome?

We’ve all been there; you’re Cc’d into a group email and you have thoughts and comments that, well, you’d rather not share with the whole group… You scribble notes on the closest piece of paper to hand, only to have no idea what they relate to in a few days’ time. It’s a real pain, right?

The “Adding Notes to Email” feature totally eradicates this issue, allowing you to think freely and openly whilst still completely privately. What’s more, since your notes are automatically assigned to the relevant email thread, never again do you have to worry about forgetting that killer idea you had or wondering whatever happened to that teeny piece of paper with scores of ideas scribbled down.

As well as maximizing productivity, this unique feature also maximizes your time since all of your thoughts and comments regarding a particular subject or email are right there when you open your inbox. Forget jumping from one piece of software to another, rummaging around for paper at the bottom of your briefcase or staring into oblivion trying to remember one shred of information that you jotted down. That’s all a thing of the past.

How to get the best out of it

Inspirations to start using email notes right away


Picture this; you’re composing an email regarding an upcoming meeting. You know you have tons to do before that meeting – but you’d rather not let everybody else know that. Use this clever feature to take notes about your task list, keeping ahead of the game and your mindset clean and structured.


You’re all set; you have three to-do apps open and ready for action, various notebooks to hand and dozens of files close by. But productivity can quickly turn into procrastination when you’re overloaded with the very things that are supposed to make your life simpler. Make your routine clean and effective with just one feature that does it all. Read an email, assign a note, move on. Quick, slick and envy-inducing…


It’s the little things that add up to make a big difference; a minute here, a minute there. Save time jumping from to-do lists and reminder apps and notepads and, instead, capture everything you need in one place. Simple, time-saving and a lot less hassle.


You jot down a bunch of random words that, at the time, make total sense. “File for Friday. Speak Sales.” Yes, perfect, got it. You review it two days later and have no idea what it means. This feature allows you to make notes and reminders that are relevant to the email you’re assigning them to. No more puzzles or riddles!


You hit “Reply” on an email only to realize that you’ve forgotten a key point. So you send another one. A few minutes later, another thought comes to mind – so you ping yet another email. Before you know it, you’re in a back-and-forth email conversation, made up of single sentences, just like IM. “Adding Notes to Email” allows you to gather all of your thoughts in one place first before hitting “Send”, so you get across everything you need, first time.


You’ve had email after email about the big meeting this week. Use “Adding Notes to Email” to keep track of any thoughts or comments that you’d like to raise during the meeting. All in one place, ready for you to whizz through in a structured and well-considered way.

Ready to get started?

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