7 Email Samples You Can Use For Connecting With Bloggers

Getting an A-list blogger to guest blog for your website is something that will push your page rank to the sky. Accomplishing this task is not as easy as it seems, though. It is how you connect with them that will make the difference.

You are probably going to start your conversation via an email but then the universal problem arises. They receive millions of emails making such requests and how do you write a great email to interest bloggers and make them contribute for your website. Here are seven ways to connect with A-list bloggers and we also show you an email sample of each.

1. Look For Common Elements

Suppose you and that blogger have something in common like for example a couple of similar interests in your LinkedIn profiles or a common university, then use that common element to your advantage. For example check the following email:

Dear Sam,

I happened to notice from our LinkedIn profile that we both share the same interest for gadget reviews. I am from Houston as well. So do you mind doing coming down for a chat this weekend and perhaps we can chalk out a plan to mutually benefit via your contribution to my blog.

Hoping to hear from you soon




2. Look For Mutual Friends And Acquaintances

If you find that you both have some common friends in Facebook or in real life, then use it to your advantage like the email shown in this example below:

Dear John

I am your buddy Sarah’s friend who lives downtown LA. I happened to have a blog about pets and Sarah was telling me that you are an expert with pet write-ups. So hope you do not mind writing a few pitches for me as well. Let me know which is the right time and what is the right way to call you up for a chat.



3. Bank On Their Previous Work

Suppose you happened to see a blogger who blogs splendidly on another blog which covers the same business domain as yours, then a word of appreciation for his work is the best way to pitch for a writing deal with him. Here is a sample email for the same:

Hello Barney

I am a great fan of your work and I regularly read your posts on Entrepreneur.com and needless to say, you make my daily dose of inspiration. I would like to inform you that I have a similar website MyEnt.com which you can check out here. I was hoping to have a few of your work published in my blog as well so as to mutually benefit the two of us.

Hope you will be interested. If so please do let me know the right time to contact you.

Thanks and Regards


4. Ask Directly

Though not recommended much, sometimes a direct email pitch asking a potential blogger to write for you can indeed work out. Here is an email sample for that:

Dear Ronald

From your LinkedIn profile I see that you are a regular blogger with IBTimes and Forbes. I would like to offer you with a guest blogging opportunity with my blog ABC.com for similar kind of blog niches. Payment will not be a constraint for quality work. Let me know if you are interested so that we can take this deal forward

Hope to read back from you soon regarding this.

With Warm Regards


5. Use FOMO

Sometimes, the best approach is to make the blogger feel like they’re missing out. Try to add some urgency with a limited availability approach.

Hi [name],

For a limited time, we are allowing external bloggers access to our audience. We will only be accepting guest posts for the next 14 days. If you would like more information, please contact me directly.



6. Speak to the Numbers

Hey [name],

I represent [blog]. We are one of the fastest growing websites in [industry] with over X monthly page views and a X% engagement rate.

As a [industry] blogger yourself, I thought you may be interested in leveraging our platform. Would you be willing to craft a guest post for our website sometime this month?

Let me know.



7. Leverage a Personal Insight

Hi [name],

It’s so crazy that you went to Coachella last year! Our VP of marketing went there too — he has a huge love of music!

Anyway, you two might be able to catch up about life, music, and [industry topic]…I think it would be quite the fruitful conversation!

Just let me know a good time to set up the meeting, and I’ll get you booked in.



We’ve all read several blogging tips that recommends you ways to stand out from the crowd in order to gain real traffic to a site.

The most important thing to note while trying to connect with great bloggers is that you need to make sure your email does not make them think that you are indeed overpowering them with your blog owner attitude, but rather making a suave request to them and making them think that it is only via their help can your website see hits. The subtler you are, the sweeter it is.

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