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The ability to attach a note to an email message can help increase your efficiency when using Gmail. Although there are workarounds within the Gmail platform to let you add notes using a filter, Right Inbox offers a useful shortcut so you can quickly add memos to your messages as you send them with gmail […]

We’ve all had that feeling – you’ve sent a super-important message and are waiting eagerly for a response. You don’t know if the email has landed safely; you can’t tell if it’s been seen or read, so you sit in limbo while you second-guess your next move. But thankfully, Gmail lets you set up Read Receipts […]

Many of us live in our Gmail inboxes and send and receive numerous emails every day. In fact, there will be about 320 billion emails sent daily by the end of 2021. Sending all these emails can take up a ton of time, so it’s important to be as efficient as possible. Here are some […]

Why Would You Want to Delay Sending Emails? Every day we receive hundreds of emails and send nearly as many. Sometimes you may want an email to go out at a specific time or a particular day – and there are many reasons you may want to do this. To make sure it hits the […]

While Gmail offers a fair amount of functionality, it doesn’t yet allow you to send recurring emails. But when you use a tool like Right Inbox, it’s all taken care of. Here’s what you need to know. Reasons to Send Recurring Emails A recurring email tool is something that most email users wouldn’t ever think […]

Most of us have had the experience of sending an email and waiting anxiously for a response, but having absolutely no idea of whether or not the recipient has opened and read it. There’s only one good way to eliminate all that uncertainty – email tracking. This article will outline how easy it is to […]

In April of last year, Google turned 15 – and marked it by allowing users to schedule emails to send later. While this functionality is available in Gmail on desktop, iOS and Android, our email scheduler provides added functionality. Users can instantly align with schedules of remote contacts within Gmail. Right Inbox has time zone […]

GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) are animated visuals that loop continuously, and are used to depict emotions or concepts in addition to (or instead of) words. While they were once seen as low-rate and potentially spammy, they’ve now become an acceptable part of email (and social media) parlance. In fact, they’re a great way to make […]


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