Boomerang vs Gmelius: Which One Is Better?

Gmelius and Boomerang are two of the most popular email productivity tools out there. But which one is better? Which tool will make you and your team more productive at work? To answer that question, we’ll discuss how Gmelius and Boomerang differ in terms of their features, reviews, and pricing. But first, let us introduce […]

Boomerang vs Gmelius: Which One Is Better?

Gmelius and Boomerang are two of the most popular email productivity tools out there. But which one is better? Which tool will make you and your team more productive at work? To answer that question, we’ll discuss how Gmelius and Boomerang differ in terms of their features, reviews, and pricing.

But first, let us introduce Right Inbox, which is a better alternative to both Gmelius and Boomerang for Gmail.

Right Inbox — A Better Alternative

Right Inbox offers everything that Gmelius and Boomerang do but at a lower price, which makes it a very affordable option. This is especially great for small companies, who want to stay as productive as possible while having enough money to grow their business.

Here’s how Right Inbox compares with Gmelius and Boomerang in terms of pricing:

  • For $7.95 you get access to the majority of Right Inbox features (email tracking, email reminders, email notes, email templates & more). The professional level starts at $14.95 per month, but this is generally for more advanced Gmail users. You get unlimited mail merge, email sequences, priority support & more.
  • Unlike Right Inbox, both Gmelius and Boomerang have a tier-based pricing system where you unlock more features as you upgrade your plan.
  • For example, Gmelius starts at $7/month but restricts you to 1 workspace. The starter plan also doesn’t offer Google Workspace sync, which is an important feature from a productivity point of view.
  • Similarly, Boomerang starts at $4.98 per month. You might think this is cheaper than Right Inbox but it doesn’t offer important features like Inbox Pause, insights, CRM integration, and recurring messages. All of these are crucial for staying productive at work.

Another great feature that you only get with Right Inbox is the ability to embed GIFs in your email, which are useful when you’re trying to teach something to a team member but don’t have the time to write a detailed explanation.

You can use a tool like Screen-To-GIF to create educational GIFs and embed them in your emails to save a considerable amount of time.

Finally, Boomerang doesn’t offer the ability to add notes to emails, which are an effective way to wrap up email-related tasks and stay on top of an overflowing inbox. Both Right Inbox and Gmelius offer email notes, but the latter costs more.

If you still want to go with Gmelius or Boomerang, let’s compare the two to help you make a better choice.

Boomerang vs Gmelius: Which One Has Better Features?

Email Tracking and Support

Unlike Boomerang, Gmelius does not support Outlook, which is a major turn-off for companies who rely on Outlook as their major email platform.

Still, both tools work pretty well with Gmail. They allow you to view tracking information right from your inbox’s Sent folder, so you don’t have to keep checking their web applications.

Both the tools also let your recipient know that they’re being tracked. However, Boomerang goes a step further and allows them to opt out if they don’t want their activity to be tracked.

So if you’re writing to a high-level business executive and are worried about how they might react to email trackers, Boomerang might be a better option because it allows them to say no.

Mass Emails

If your work is focused on outreach and email campaigns, then you’ll have to stick to Gmelius. That’s because although Boomerang offers scheduled emails and recurring messages, it does not offer mass email campaigns.

On the other hand, Gmelius has a well-designed outreach feature. With its Mail Merge for Gmail feature, you can send personalized emails to a list of recipients by importing a CSV. You can personalize your emails based on a range of variables, including name, company name, and date of birth.

Just like for individual emails, the tool tracks mass outreach and allows you to view how each recipient interacted with your email.

Gmelius’ mass outreach feature is a great way to communicate important information to teammates without having to type the same email again and again. Of course, you could use Gmail templates instead of mass emails, but they don’t leave room for personalization.

Speaking of templates, it’s important to mention that Boomerang doesn’t support them. Templates are a crucial productivity feature and if you find yourself writing the same email again and again, Gmelius might be a better option.

Project Management Support

Unlike Boomerang, Gmelius adds an excellent project management tool to your inbox. It’s a Kanban board that allows you to create and keep track of To-Do, In-Progress, and Pending tasks. If you’ve used Trello, you’ll find Gmelius’ Kanban board very easy to use.

Many emails are about a project or task, which is why a Kanban board inside your inbox is a good way to boost your productivity.

For example, if your co-worker emails you about hiring a writer, you can create a task called “Hire a writer” in your Kanban board and follow it to completion.

Boomerang vs Gmelius: Which One Has Better Reviews?

Third-party review sites like Capterra are an excellent way to judge a tool. So let’s discuss how each tool fares on these websites.

Gmelius Reviews

Gmelius is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (516 reviews), 4.7/5 on Capterra (39 reviews), and 8.5/10 on TrustRadius (6 reviews). Users are particularly impressed about the following:

  • The tool integrates cleanly with Gmail’s native interface, making it easy to use
  • It works well with Trello, which makes it easy to deal with emails as a team
  • Gmelius offers email tracking in its free version

Areas that users think Gmass can be improved include:

  • The mobile app, which is confusing to use.
  • You can’t move multiple cards at once in the Kanban board.
  • The pricing is a bit steep (even for non-profit organizations).

Boomerang Reviews

Boomerang is rated 4.4/5 on G2 (227 reviews) and 4.7/5 on Capterra (141 reviews). Boomerang features that users really like include:

  • The Pause Inbox option, which lets you receive emails in batches.
  • The free version packs a good amount of features.

Things that users have complained about include:

  • A broad privacy policy. Some users believe the tool asks for access to more information than it needs.
  • The user interface, which is a bit confusing and could be streamlined for a better experience.

Overall, the two tools have been reviewed favorably by their users and there isn’t a lot of difference between customer satisfaction. So we think features and pricing should play a greater role in your decision between Gmelius and Boomerang. Let’s discuss pricing now.

Boomerang vs Gmelius: Which Tool Is More Affordable?

Boomerang Pricing

Boomerang offers four pricing plans — free, personal, pro, and premium.

  • Free. You get 10 message credits per month, reminders, send later, read receipts, inbox pause, and more.
  • Personal. At $4.98/month, you get unlimited message credits. You also get iPhone and Android apps in addition to all Free features.
  • Pro. At $14.98/month, you get unlimited credits, Inbox Pause with advanced features, recurring messages, and insights.
  • Premium. At $49.98/month, you get the ability to track emails by default, premium support, and Salesforce/CRM integration in addition to all basic features.

Boomerang also offers a 30-day free trial of the Professional version and you don’t need to give your credit card details to avail it.

Gmelius Pricing

Unlike Boomerang, Gmelius doesn’t offer a free version. It offers four plans — starter, plus, growth, and pro.

  • Starter. At $7/user/month, you get 1 workspace, automatic responders, shared email drafts, unlimited email templates, and more.
  • Plus. At $12/user/month, you get 3 workspaces, a 7-day reporting window, Slack and Trello integration, and everything in the starter pack.
  • Growth. At $24/user/month, you get 10 workspaces, a 3-month reporting window, Zapier integration, and more.
  • Pro. At $49/user/month, you get unlimited workspaces, a 6-month reporting window, Google Workspace sync, and more.

So, Who Wins?

From an affordability point of view, it seems Boomerang might be a better option. But you must keep in mind that Boomerang doesn’t offer important productivity features like templates, mass emails, and a Trello-styled project management tool.

This is why Right Inbox is a better choice than both Boomerang and Gmelius. Not only is it more economical, but you also don’t have to navigate through a confusing tier-based pricing system to find a good deal. And you get unlimited features for a flat fee of $19.95 per month!

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