Top 25 Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2024

Google Chrome browser was released way back in 2008, I know crazy right? Since then web browsers have been improving year on year and now there are thousands to choose from. The first release of the Chrome Browser introduced what is now known as Google extensions. In this article, we will look at some of […]

Top 25 Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2024

Google Chrome browser was released way back in 2008, I know crazy right? Since then web browsers have been improving year on year and now there are thousands to choose from. The first release of the Chrome Browser introduced what is now known as Google extensions.

In this article, we will look at some of the top Chrome extensions for marketers in 2024. With so many Chrome extensions now on offer it’s important not to get lost in the noise and know which ones you need and don’t need.

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are helpful tools that can be added to increase the capabilities of the Google Chrome web browser. They can provide added functionality, security features, and more.

Adblock for example blocks annoying ads on web pages and help improve efficiency and productivity while also providing a better user experience. Extensions like Adblock allow us to get more from the Chrome browsing experience.

Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2024

1. Right Inbox

The first extension on the list is Right Inbox. Right Inbox claims to be the #1 email productivity tool for Gmail, with more than 250,000+ professionals that have added Right Inbox to Gmail.

Right Inbox is a Gmail extension that would free up a lot of a digital marketers time in email. This extensions has 11 features in total and these include:

  • Email Tracking: Know who is and who isn’t opening your marketing emails
  • Email Templates: One-click email templates so you’re not writing the same emails over and over again.
  • Notes in Gmail: Add notes to an email thread. Very useful for a busy marketers inbox to add context to different emails.
  • Recurring Emails: Save time on repetitive email tasks and work on the more important marketing tasks.

2. Grammarly

The most popular extension by far, Grammarly has 10 million users and helps writers with writing tasks. The software will make sure your messages are clear and mistake-free.

As a marketer, you will spend most of your day writing content. This extension helps fix any embarrassing errors before they happen by catching spelling and grammar mistakes as you write.

3. Wappalyzer

There are many reasons to use Wappalyzer. It tells you what technologies your website is using, but it also tells you the technology used on other websites for research purposes.

This can be helpful if a competitor’s site has an interesting new feature or design that would make sense to implement on yours.

4. MozBar

While Moz is not the most advanced SEO tool, it offers a free subscription to its “MozBar” that can run without monthly bills. It also provides marketers with basic research information for quick analysis of any page or SERP.

5. SEO Quake

There are a lot of SEO extensions out there, but a highly useful one is SEO Quake. This tool will help you analyze any web page for link structure and keyword density. In addition, it also gives you other data sources like Google or SEMRush so that your research can go beyond just what’s on the page.

6. BuzzSumo

If you’re a digital marketer, chances are that you often take note of the movements of your competitors by looking at what they are doing online. BuzzSumo is an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers that shows how much traffic and shares your content has gotten on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It also shows you the backlinks that have been generated from specific content to help create similar content going forward.

7. Voila Norbert

This extension is a lifesaver for those who have to find contact information on the fly. It works by allowing you to search an organization’s website and will give you email addresses, names, job titles, social networks–you name it.

You can use Norbert to find anyone’s email address, but it also has a ton of other data about people that you might not know. For example, if you’re looking for someone and don’t have their contact information yet, just type in the person’s name or company into the search bar.

8. Hubspot Chrome Extension

When it comes to sending outbound messages, you can’t go wrong with HubSpot Email & Sales. With this extension, users have the ability to import contact information from their email directly into a CRM and track emails as they are delivered or opened by recipients.

One downside is that for full functionality of the tool, one must be subscribed to both Marketing Hub and Sales Hub (in addition to an existing subscription).

9. Tailwind AI marketing content assistant

The Tailwind AI Chrome extension leverages advanced AI technology to produce natural-sounding copy for blogs, social posts, email campaigns, videos, and much more. You’ll be amazed at how good the copy is. 80% of Tailwind customers use the AI-generated copy without modifying it at all.

It’s simple to use. After installing the extension, you’ll see a Ghostwriter icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Click it to open specialized tools that help you craft the perfect copy.

10. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is the best screen-capture tool on Chrome Web Store. It’s not only useful for grabbing an area of your desktop or web page, but it also blurs sensitive information that you don’t want to share with others. And if you are looking to record a browsing session and show it off, this extension will come in handy.

11. Eye Dropper

If you are a marketer that has to do some design work occasionally then Eye Dropper is for you. It takes the guesswork out of trying to find an exact color from any website by matching it with your own palette.

12. WhatFont

If you’re curious about the font on any given website, just download WhatFont and identify it with a single click. It’s super easy to use.

13. Similar Sites

The Similar Sites extension helps you find websites that are similar to the one you’re currently on. If your site is about new technology, for example, it shows you who else has a website like yours.

Or, if there’s another company or organization with similar interests as yourself and looking for someone in common with whom they can collaborate, this tool will help.

14. Toggl Button

Toggl can be used to track the time we spend on projects. The extension is especially useful because it integrates with many other project management tools and provides automatic reminders if set up correctly.

15. Asana

To make sure you are on top of your work, Asana helps to give you a clear picture. You can organize tasks by assigning dates and deadlines that will be tracked with reminders when they’re coming up. With the Chrome extension, it’s easy to add or search for new projects from any web page.

If you use Asana for your project management, it is powerful enough to run an entire business’ workflow.

16. HTTPS Everywhere

EFF and the Tor Project have created an extension called HTTPS Everywhere that automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS. It will protect you against many forms of surveillance, account hijacking, and censorship on your computer.

17. OneTab

There are many extensions that help you to organize your browser, but OneTab Extensions Manager stores all of the ones you can use in one place.

When you want to save them for later or need more room on your screen, it’s just a click away.

18. Bitly

Bitly is a platform that allows you to shorten your links, customize them, and share them with the world. It can be a valuable tool for marketers because it offers insights into short-term campaigns and the ability to measure your company’s marketing efforts without having all of that data connected.

19. Google Dictionary

 Google Dictionary is an indispensable extension for any marketer or anyone in charge of writing content. With this extension, you can double-click any word to see its definition.

It’s a great way of making sure that your understanding is up to par and it will definitely come in handy.

20. One Click Extensions Manager

One Click Extensions Manager  takes all your different browser extensions and moves them into one tidy folder.

With One Click, you won’t get clogged up with icons in your web browsers.

21. Office Editing For Docs, Sheets, and Slides

This is a great app for saving time as a marketer. When someone sends you an office document, instead of firing up Word or Excel you can view and edit it right within Google Docs.

Just drag the file into Chrome and open Google Drive to start working on the file instantly. It’s as easy as that.

22. ColorZilla

Luckily, Chrome users can now enjoy this app that was originally made just for Firefox. The extension will let you point to any color in your browser. Then, you can paste it into whatever design program you have.

This is perfect for making brand assets that align with your colors. Or, you might want to “borrow” one from a competitor ;)

23. Discussions

Marketing 101 is understanding what your customer wants. And that begins with understanding how they speak, what language they use, and what they really say when they think no one (like a marketer) is listening.

That’s the power of the Discussions plugin. Google used to let you search forums. Now, you can regain that function again and “spy” on your market to give them the best outcome possible.

24. uBlock Origin

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time online. And frankly, even though you are responsible for driving traffic and conversions, you also need to avoid advertisements ironically.

Watching 5 minutes of YouTube ads might be helpful, but most of the time you need to research quickly without getting slowed down by popups and ads. uBlock Origin is free and open source, and blocks pretty much any annoying ads you might come across.

25. LastPass

How many apps and services do you use as a marketer? How about website memberships? When you think about it, it’s probably much more than you can count on two hands.

And that’s why LastPass is so useful. This free extension helps you manage your passwords across your entire web experience. By simply creating one “master” password, you can never worry about remembering your login info again.

What Should Marketers Look For In A Chrome Extension?

Marketers should look for web extensions in Chrome that have the following aspects:

  • Time Saving: If an extension saves you time on a workflow, it’s well worth it. Time is money, and the ability to deliver quality results in less time will make clients happier and your bank account grow.
  • Reputable: You want to see that others are already using the extension. Nothing wrong with experimenting, but you don’t want to be a guinea pig when it comes to generating marketing results.
  • Daily Usage: Sure, you could install every Chrome extension under the sun if you wanted to. But when thinking about which ones to use, aim to install only those that you see yourself using daily.
  • Leverage: When you look at repetitive tasks in your daily life, what comes up? Anything that takes a mundane task and automates it will free up your focus to brainstorm bigger ideas.

In conclusion

You don’t need to use every single one of these extensions in our list. However, picking a few that are relevant to your job and figuring out how they work for you will save you time in the long run. Good luck!

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