Email Marketing: The Debrief 2021

Nearly 54% of marketers consider email marketing to be the most effective aspect of digital marketing. Plus, executing it is one of the easiest tasks.

Even though it is the oldest form of digital marketing, a majority of companies still confide in email marketing for lead generation and consistent conversions.

But, what is email marketing? Why should a business go for email marketing? What is the future of email marketing? Several questions like these need to be answered if you want to go with this form of digital marketing.

This article is all about resolving those questions. And we will begin by understanding…

What Is Email Marketing?

Marketing through emails is called email marketing. It is as simple as that; no rocket science; no research.

Although, additional knowledge about the subject won’t harm anyone.

Email marketing is a form of marketing that never gets old. Brands started using it in the 1990s, and they still confide in it. In email marketing, a brand sends emails to its clients and customers with an aim to build a better relationship.

The process also includes sending emails to leads and compelling them to become customers, and communicating with the existing customers with the aim to retain them.

Why Should You Do Email Marketing?

Surprising Return On Investment

ROI is essential for every marketer.

If your ROI is less than what you have invested in a particular strategy, it implies that your plan either needs improvement or should be scrapped completely. When you start including emails in your marketing strategies, your chances of generating high ROI increases gradually.

Unlike other forms of marketing, emails can have a surprising ROI. A study proves that the return on investment for email marketing is 44$ for every 1$ spent.

To enjoy such a profit margin, you need to formulate a full proof email marketing strategy that is bound to deliver a profitable outcome.

Customer Retention

When it comes to acquiring new leads to pursue, a business’ focus on existing customers dwindles, this sparks the possibility of them to start relying on your competitors.

You need to start retaining them so that your sales don’t hit a bump.

Many businesses use social media to retain customers, but there are some who believe in using email marketing as well. And those businesses enjoy a 20% increase in their success rate.


Emails are favored over other forms of marketing that can be used for retaining customers. However, relying solely on it will only limit your success.

You should go with social media, referral marketing, content marketing, and several other forms of marketing alongside email marketing to produce the best results. Your success rate will increase tremendously.

Increase In Sales

When it comes to increasing sales, email marketing again triumphs over all.

There’s a 69% chance that when the eCommerce sites send out emails concerning abandoned carts to customers, they respond by placing an order.


But that does not imply that you should reach out to them instantly, you should wait for a few days before you finally remind them about the abandoned cart.

Email Marketing Is Cost Efficient

Email marketing is the most affordable form of marketing. Sending out emails would only utilize a tiny part of your marketing budget, even though it produces the most profitable results.

How To Do Email Marketing?

Step 1: Set Your Goals

Every strategy begins with the setting up of goals.

Once you are perfectly aware of what you are trying to achieve, preparing for strategies that produce effective results only becomes easier.

You know what you are trying to achieve, so you formulate the strategies to doing that accordingly.

Step 2: Determine Your Audience

Another important aspect of email marketing: Target Audience. After deciding the audience you want to target, achieving your goals becomes more convenient than before.

Your research will inform you about how your audience will possibly react to a certain email. Therefore, you will be able to prepare an email marketing strategy that is more personalized to your target audience; hence increasing your chances of succeeding.

Step 3: Use An Email Finder

Now, you need to create a database filled with email IDs of your target audience.

If you try creating data manually, you will be wasting a lot of your time that could have been utilized elsewhere productively.

But you still need that database. So, for the extraction of emails, you can use tools like Voila Norbert and broaden your email list for better targeting. 

Step 4: Formulate A Schedule

Scheduling is yet another important aspect of email marketing –  you don’t want to get spammed by emailing too often.

You need to prepare a schedule so the people you are emailing to don’t unsubscribe to it. Emails are to be sent out at these times and days:


You can test by sending out emails at a different time or day and monitor the engagement. Depending on the engagement rate, you can determine the best days for sending emails. 

Step 5: Analyze The Success

In the end, it is always a good idea to analyze if your efforts proved to be effective.

You can use Google Analytics to analyze the success rate of your efforts and strategies.

If the results come out negative, then analyze the low points or start preparing a better strategy.

How Can Email Marketing Improve SEO?

Affordable SEO is hard to come by even if you use the right SEO tools but thankfully email marketing can do wonders for your site’s SEO as well, even though their fusion is not a popular one. SEO is not going away anytime soon.

Emails can boost link building 

Through emails, you can send out newsletters that link to your blog posts or email your subscribers about the recently published blogs. By doing this you are creating inbound links.

Emails can improve the traffic rate driven to your site

When a user clicks on the link in the email, they are driven to your site which results in increasing the traffic as well.

Emails tend to increase the engagement rate and decrease the bounce rate

When you send out a newsletter or an email about the latest blog posts, the receiver is bound to click on the post that they find interesting. They will only click on it if they want to read it.

So, when the inbound link has driven them to the appropriate post, they will read it. And eventually, your session rate (engagement rate) will increase, and your bounce rate will decrease.

The Future Of Email Marketing 2021

Emails change year by year as more and more businesses start targeting millennials and start experimenting with the latest technologies. So, focussing on that, there are various email marketing trends will shape 2021:

More Customer-focussed Emails

‘Hello’ has become too old fashioned and it’s mainly ignored (in emails).

But ‘Hey Sahil’, addressed on the first name basis changes the receiver’s mentality. So, they react differently to the personalized email.


The same goes for the subject line as well. If you are using a personalized subject line, the chances for your email to be opened increases by 50%.

Brands are trying to connect with their customers and audience by addressing in a more personal way with their audience. Hence, there has been a spike in personalized emails.

The Predictive Emails

You must have noticed that while you are emailing someone and start writing in the body, Gmail starts predicting the next apt words.

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For instance, if you are typing ‘Let me know what…’ Gmail will automatically suggest you the follow up words, which in this case are ‘…you think’.

It’s your choice whether you want to go with the predicted text or not because when you start typing further the suggestion will either be gone or different variations of it will appear.

The predictive emails have started saving time and efforts that people invest in writing and formulating a suitable reply.

Increased Need For Email Marketing 

Marketers have realized the importance of email marketing over other forms of digital marketing. They are aware of the success rate, the profit and several other benefits of email marketing.

So, in the near future, or even now, the need to email marketing has increased amongst marketers.


Old is gold.

This phrase is most suitable for email marketing. It does not matter if it is older than other forms of marketing, email marketing still have a higher rate of succeeding.

Although, I would still suggest you not to rely on email marketing solely. Keep mixing it with other forms of marketing.

Keep experimenting. Who knows what might work wonders for you.


***This is a guest post from Sahil Kakkar the CEO and Founder of Rankwatch– a platform, which helps companies and brands stay ahead with their SEO efforts in the ever growing internet landscape. Sahil likes making creative products that can help in automation of mundane tasks and he can spend endless nights implementing new technologies and ideas. You can connect with him and the Rankwatch team on Facebook or Twitter.***



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