Top 10 Alternatives to Lemlist for 2024

When Lemlist first came onto the market, it rapidly grew a wide user base. While its initial hype rocketed into sass and success, users quickly decided that it wasn’t quite living up to the hype. So if you’re one of the many people who are looking for alternatives, keep reading, and we’ll just explore the […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Lemlist for 2024

When Lemlist first came onto the market, it rapidly grew a wide user base. While its initial hype rocketed into sass and success, users quickly decided that it wasn’t quite living up to the hype.

So if you’re one of the many people who are looking for alternatives, keep reading, and we’ll just explore the other options that you have.

5 Drawbacks of Lemlist

  1. When you’re paying $29, $59, or $99 per month (Lemlist plans), the last thing you have in mind is getting a clunky and non-intuitive interface. Why? Most email outreach tools in that range do better. But that’s not what you’ll expect with Lemlist. The UI and design aren’t desirable.
  2. The Lemlists support team is not responsive. They can take a couple of hours to respond to an issue, and when they do reply, you won’t get much help.
  3. Lemlist lacks native integrations, which is a downside if you want direct integration with a powerful CRM. Still, they give you some favorite integration options like Hubspot and Pipedrive.
  4. Sometimes Lemlist goes into a “freeze mode” where it won’t send emails according to your set daily limits. So you can’t be sure if you’re getting a 100% deliverability rate.
  5. Some of the features are a little gimmicky. For example, emojis and stuff are a bit “juvenile,” and you might not see any benefit in using them in your messaging sequences.

So if you’ve tested Lemlist and feel that the above cons are creating a setback in your operations, here are six Lemlist alternatives you can try today.

1. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is not only the most affordable email outreach tool but also the most practical tool when it comes to email outreach.

This means that Right Inbox doesn’t offer complex features that don’t rhyme with email outreach. It only gives you just enough to help accomplish your most important goal: Gmail productivity.

And while it does that, it doesn’t cost the top dollar. You can start using it today for as low as $7.95/month for the personal plan. Thus, it’s a simple, cheap, and helpful tool to ramp up your email campaigns.

That said, here are some of our popular features.

  • Email Tracking: The feature lets you know who has opened your email and how many times they opened it. It also tells you if the recipient clicked on any link you attached to the email.
  • Send later – You can write emails in advance and schedule them to be sent later. This allows you to maximize the time when your brain is active, and you’ve let your creative juices flow.
  • Sequences – Writing follow-up emails is both a waste of time and exhausting. Right Inbox lets you create follow-up emails beforehand. It will then automatically send them to your recipients if they don’t reply after a set period.
  • Mail Merge – If you have a massive list of prospects, you don’t have to send them emails one after the other. Mail merge lets you contact everyone all at once while still checking personalization for maximum results.

2.  Mailshake

Mailshake has been one of the best cold email outreach tools for years.

There are many reasons why it has stayed on top for a long. But the most outstanding is the ability to perform two functions from the same platform.

On one side, it’s a sales engagement tool designed for your sales team. Below are some of the features regarding sales engagement.

  • Power phone dialer
  • Social selling
  • Create custom tasks
  • Phone scripts
  • Lead Temperature

And on the other side, it’s an email outreach tool. That’s the main reason it made it to this Lemlist alternatives list.

Mailshake has some pretty astonishing features, an obvious win against Lemlist. For example, it uses an intelligent scheduling system to send up to 10k emails while assuring you of deliverability.

And if you aren’t sure of what to write, you can take advantage of the hundreds of templates to start you off.

The best part? Mailshake doesn’t stop at templates. It has an AI to help you write email copy when stranded.

Once you’ve launched your campaign, the tool gives you analytics as a bird’s view of your campaigns and how it’s performing.

Here’s a screenshot of the pricing plans.

3. SalesHandy

There are quite a few similarities between Saleshandy and Lemlist.

First of all, they came into the market when cold prospecting was getting more challenging for users, but only three years apart.

They have almost the same number of customers. Their pricing is similar, with only a difference in the pricing model. More on that later.

Therefore, Saleshandy is a valid Lemlist alternative because it offers basic but robust features like RightInbox. These include:

  • Email Tracking
  • Auto Follow-up
  • Email Scheduling
  • Email Templates
  • Email Marketing Campaign

Furthermore, it has a LinkedIn email finder that helps you find prospects’ emails as you surf through LinkedIn. This comes in handy for users who want to start their outbound outreach from scratch.

And if you already have a list of emails but aren’t sure if they’re valid, the tool offers an add-on solution to verify the emails. It prevents your emails from having a bad deliverability score – you don’t want a war with Google.

The add-on service is priced differently at $59/30,000 recipients.

And talking about pricing, Saleshandy has two services, each with their pricing.

  • Cold emailing – $25/month
  • Email Tracking – Has a free option, then jumps to $9/month, then $22/month.

4. WoodPecker

Woodpecker is a cold email tool focused on helping you get the most conversions from your email campaigns.

Like Mailshake, Woodpecker runs on automation. As a result, you can send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get actual responses with less input from you.

Here’s a short glimpse of how it works.

You start by creating a spreadsheet of your prospects’ first names, last names, and email addresses. Woodpecker will use the data to address your prospects by their first name once you launch your campaign.

Next, go to Woodpecker and create your campaign. Ideally, this involves creating your initial email with a series of follow-ups. Woodpecker allows you to create up to seven follow-ups.

Publish your campaign once done. The tool will start sending your emails one after the other. There’s a lot of sophistication and features in the process above, so we won’t go into details.

But if you want to try Woodpecker out, below is a screenshot of its pricing.

5. Mailtrack

Mailtrack is a simple tool and probably not the most complex Lemlist alternative you’ll encounter.

It doesn’t have many features: hence not the best option if you’re looking for a full-suite email outreach tool. However, the tool is excellent in one thing – email tracking.

The good thing about tools that focus on one feature is that they go above and beyond to give users the best experience. And that’s what you’ll notice when using Mailtrack.

Firstly, the onboarding process is swift and won’t take more than 30 seconds. You don’t have to worry about your data getting breached by third parties.

You get real-time notifications if your cold emails are opened, which helps you take constructive actions.

The best part? The free version still gives you almost the same experience as the paid versions, which are incredibly affordable.

6. Mailmeteor

Lemlist and Mailemeteor have a lot in common. That’s why it made it to our list of Mailmeteor alternatives.

However, Mailmeteor has one thing that Lemlist can’t match: mail merge. This feature is a big deal in the email outreach industry since more people want to send mass emails at once. Nobody has the time to send emails one by one.

Like Mailtrack, which has focused on email tracking, Mailmeteror has focused its strength on creating the best mail merge tool unmatched by other competitors.

And is it that effective?

A resounding yes. Perhaps, the most important thing to note on Mailmeteoer is the extent they’re willing to go when it comes to personalization.

For example, you can add personalized attachments to your mail merge in a simple process. The feature is helpful when you want to send individual files to many people, like customer invoices.

Besides that, you’ll appreciate that they have more features you’d want in a mail merge tool – talk of email tracking, email scheduler, and integrations with some of the coolest CRMs.

7. Mixmax

Another great option in the Lemlist alternative collection here is Mixmax. With reasonable prices ranging from $0 to $69, not including enterprise custom prices, you can enjoy a lot of great pipeline and engagement features.

Mixmax helps you integrate with Salesforce, save time when selling, and integrate communication between departments. A lot of businesses find they’re able to scale their renewal process with the help of Mixmax and automate tasks that were otherwise repetitive.


When it comes to email outreach software, is another great alternative to Lemlist. This GDPR-compliant software helps you convert leads in a fraction of the time it took you before. One of its main features is the ability to have hundreds of thousands of contacts.

Features like sales engagement, meeting booking,’s AI Assistant, and Plays (which are end-to-end automation) are all incredibly helpful in staying up-to-date with your email management. You’ll be able to get started for free while additional functionality is unlocked with paid plans.

9. Overloop

Overloop helps companies increase the revenue of outbound email outreach. Additional features include LinkedIn automation, cold emails, phone calls, and even an entire sales engagement platform.

With just one click, you can build prospect lists for LinkedIn. Plus you can send customized outbound campaigns in a scalable fashion. Built-in analytics help you improve your campaigns over time, leading to greater productivity.

10. Yesware

Meaningful email outreach is one of the core tenets of Yesware. It focuses on being an addition to your email outreach instead of making you change your entire process.

Since it installs on top of Outlook or Gmail, you don’t need to use an entirely different app. And yet, your outreach activities are logged within your CRM. This is useful for individual employees, contractors, or managers to review activities when it comes to sales and email engagement.

With features like reporting, meeting scheduling, attachment tracking, email tracking, and email templates, you will have a suite of productivity options at your disposal.


As a marketer, you’re always looking for a dependable, reliable, and feature-rich tool to run your email outreach campaigns. While most tools try to get there, you’ll likely run into an issue or two that makes you change your mind.

Note that most of these tools offer the same features. So your decision to pick one should go beyond a feature-rich tool or functionality.

If you have used Lemlist, you’ll agree that it’s a great tool. It has some epic features (which all other tools have) but has the worst customer support.

Spare yourself the headache and get a tool that has put real humans behind the curtain to help you. Install Right Inbox now and see if it checks all your boxes.

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