How to Mass Delete Emails on Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user, then you have surely run into the problem of having more backed up emails than you know what to do with. Sure, Inbox Zero is a great concept. But when it comes down to manually filing, archiving, or deleting those emails, it’s a different story.

When Gmail came out with Promotion, Social, and Primary tabs, it made it a bit easier to avoid inbox overwhelm. But it’s still easy to accrue thousands of emails before you know it — especially if you have those tabs turned off.

So, in this post we’ll cover how to mass delete emails on Gmail quickly and easily. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Mass Deleting Emails on Gmail: Step by Step

Here’s how you can delete those pesky emails quickly:

Step 1. Log into your Gmail account with the excessive emails.

Step 2. Click the blank square at the top of your inbox, as seen below. This will select all of your emails on the screen. (It should be noted that by default, Gmail will display 50 emails at one time. If you have changed your settings, there may be more than 50 emails on one page).

Step 3. However, this doesn’t solve our problem just yet. We’ve only selected the first page of messages, and we’re looking to delete a lot more than that. Luckily, there’s an option for us. Click on the blue text that says “Select all XXX conversations in Primary” at the top.

Step 4. After you click on that, you’re almost there. Now you just need to click the delete icon.

Alternatively, you can click Archive button to hide the emails out of sight, but prevent deleting them in case you want to access them later.

And that’s it! You’ve now mass deleted your Gmail emails.

Important Considerations

There are a few extra things to keep in mind when it comes to deleting your Gmail emails:

Deleted Emails Aren’t Truly Deleted – When you delete emails, they don’t disappear from your Gmail completely — at least not right away. They will sit in your trash folder for up to 30 days until Gmail automatically deletes them. If you’re fine with that, there’s nothing more to do. But if you have sensitive information in your emails, you wish to go to Trash and manually delete them for good before that point.

Scan Your Emails First – You’ll want to browse through your old emails, at least briefly, before deleting them. You might accidentally delete some important messages if not.

Wrapping Up

Email is an important part of our daily lives. From bank statements, to client communications, to marketing promotions, our inboxes are filling up faster than before.

If you’re like most people, it’s more time efficient to simply bulk delete your emails at one time instead of worrying about them every day. So, if you follow the step-by-step instructions above, you can soon enjoy a clear and organized Gmail inbox once again — letting you get more done with less stress.


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