The 14 Best AI Sales Assistant Tools for 2024

In this article, we’ll discuss the 13 best AI sales assistant tools currently on the market. That way, you can automate your sales processes and generate more revenue per lead in less time. But first: What is an AI sales assistant tool? AI sales assistant tools — also known as virtual sales assistants — help […]

The 14 Best AI Sales Assistant Tools for 2024

In this article, we’ll discuss the 13 best AI sales assistant tools currently on the market. That way, you can automate your sales processes and generate more revenue per lead in less time. But first:

What is an AI sales assistant tool?

AI sales assistant tools — also known as virtual sales assistants — help sales reps by automating certain tasks using artificial intelligence.

There are two essential categories of AI sales assistant tools:

  1. Internal Sales Focused: These tools focus on conversational sales interfaces that assist sales reps in finding answers about analytics or sales leads — simply by asking questions in natural language.
  2. Sales Bots: These tend to be chatbots that automate the prospect outreach process or qualify sales leads.

These AI sales tools are used by sales and marketing departments to save time on routine tasks, in order to have more time and energy for higher level activities. This includes sorting through leads, automating conversations, and more. As Covid-19 has encouraged many teams to move to virtual sales, these AI sales assistant tools have proved to be a vital resource.

AI sales assistants have some overlap with other sales analytics tools, chatbots, and AI tools in general. However, they are more specialized in creating less work for common sales processes while offering predictive insights. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of this AI technology:

The Importance of AI Sales Assistant Tools

#1 Saves Time and Energy

A great AI sales assistant can help your sales team save time and energy. By automating certain tasks that would normally take up crucial hours of the workday, your team is free to use their creativity in higher leverage ways.

#2 Eliminates Repetitive Outreach

There are a lot of outreach conversations and follow up messages that are essentially “plug-and-play.” By using AI tools, you can erase these time sinks and put more resources into customizing pitches when you’re actually speaking live with a prospect.

#3 Close More Deals

AI can identify certain stats that make a deal more “hot” or more likely to close. This means your sales team can move conversations from “in the pipeline” to closed faster than in the past.

What to Look for in AI Sales Assistant Tools

While there are a handful of AI sales assistant tools on the market, they are all unique. Some are better suited to helping your team improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Here are some factors that make a great AI-enabled sales tool:

  • Automate Sales Conversations – AI sales assistants are similar to popular chatbots in that they help lead conversations with customers or prospects.
  • Analytics and AI – Great AI assistants will look at previous information available within the company, such as pricing, customer engagement, and successful messages to recommend the right things to say and include in your conversations.
  • Pipeline Evaluation – Get greater insights into your funnel and move prospects through your sales process faster by talking with the right people at the right time.

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The 14 Best Sales Assistant Tools

Now let’s take a look at the top AI sales tools, their features, and their pricing. That way, you can choose the best platform for your team:


Warmer homepage screenshot

Cold outreach is crucial to connecting with prospects for your company, or potential recruits. However, finding the right information for these prospects and crafting a strong initial email is often a challenge. That’s where excels. helps personalize emails using AI features that fill in recommended touchpoints such as: awards, interests, job title, and other information about the prospect. It helps sales teams get more people to respond, book more meetings, and ultimately save time so they can focus on higher level sales activities.

Pricing ranges from $97 to $795 monthly, depending on how many emails need to be sent.

2. Drift

Drift homepage screenshot

Drift is a platform that helps companies qualify leads faster to speed up their sales cycle. It focuses on engaging visitors right away instead of having them fill out forms or wait for a response.

The sales assistant tool accomplishes with the use of chatbots, where the customer can get answers to questions and even schedule demos with the sales team. Key features include integration with other marketing tools, as well as personalization based on the visitor’s traits.

Drift’s standard plan starts at $40 per month, with premium plans costing $1,500 per month and more depending on your team’s needs.

3. Hubspot AI

HubSpot AI helps companies speed up their workflows across numerous departments, including sales, marketing, content management, and customer service. As for sales, HubSpot AI can generate personalized outreach emails using details from your contacts list. It also creates email thread summaries to track key details across multiple conversations.

Another core feature is the platform’s reporting assistant. It uses generative AI to create reports using data from your CRM based on your question. For instance, you could ask who closed the most deals during a specified period. HubSpot will then generate a detailed report, which you can further customize to your needs.

You can use HubSpot AI along with your HubSpot CRM and other Sales Hub tools for free. Paid Sales Hub plans start at $15 per month per user.

4. Troops

Troops homepage

Troops helps you automate notifications and workflows within Microsoft Teams and Slack. It connects with other sales tools like Salsforce using AI. That way, your team can minimize their time switching between platforms.

Important features include Signals, which are real time notifications having to do with tasks that impact revenue. Deal Rooms bring all the important information about clients into one thread on Slack to improve communication. And Command allows every integrated tool to be edited in one line.

All pricing options start at $19 a month, with annual fees added for larger scale operations.

5. Veloxy homepage

This sales assistant software helps improve sales team efficiency. It integrates with Salesforce and analytics platforms to provide smart insights in an automated way. It provides geographic prospect discovery, inbox alerts from salesforce, and an AI assistant that handles prospecting so sales reps can focus on higher level activities.

Core features include email tracking, which also ensures emails are compliant with regulations. It also offers AI analytics to help organizations identify prospects who are likely to convert, or to fall off the sales cycle — enabling them to win more deals.

The pricing tiers are $25 per month per user, or $49 per month per user for the premium plan.

6. TopOpps

Topopps homepage

TopOpps leverages artificial intelligence for a number of sales operations; sales coaching, activity capture, pipeline management, and forecasting. This removes a lot of manual and repetitive actions that sales teams would otherwise be forced to contend with throughout the day.

For instance, the sales forecasting uses hard data, that way management is not guessing on important sales metrics. And the automated data capture feature uploads data into your CRM in real time, including scheduled appointments and other deal metrics.

There is no set pricing for TopOpps. Instead, it is customized to each organization based on the service level and features required.


Exceed homepage screenshot helps you qualify your leads with AI conversations. It also books the meetings automatically. This means your account executives can prepare themselves for qualified appointments instead of spending time hunting downloads.

It’s AI bot feature engages with each lead at some point during the journey. It can reach out via SMS, email, or your website depending on the settings you want. It will then book the meeting, resulting in leads who are ready for the sales presentation instead of wasting time.

Pricing begins at $2,000 a month for 10,000 leads, and increases based on additional services added.

8. homepage is a scheduling tool, using the latest AI technology to serve up meeting links to your prospects. With you can send a personal link. This is a one-time link that expires after the meeting. That way neither you or your clients need to worry about someone else being on the call.

One of the premier features is the time option. Guests can select the time that works best for them, according to your open slots. It also has a verification feature that ensures all the needed information is provided prior to the meeting, to avoid any confusion or wasted time.

There is a limited free plan, and the premium plan costs $12 per month including personalized branding and other extra features.

9. homepage allows you to engage your customers from any platform, using a friendly experience similar to texting on WhatsApp. It aims to change CRMs from simple systems of record to systems of engagement by allowing consumers to pull information and content at their request.

Tact assistant is one of their features which engages with customers on the front end instead of your reps having to do it. The Tact Portal is a branded location online that allows people to communicate with your company in a way that is customized to the kind of experience you want to provide.

There is no set pricing — it depends on your leads, users, and other choices.

10. SalesDirector homepage

There is a lot of activity that sales teams need to capture on a regular basis. SalesDirector is an ai sales assistant tool that captures this data automatically. It then provides analytics and insights on this data so that your managers can make smart decisions.

Key features include: integration with MongoDB, Power BI, Tableau, Einstein, and Google Data Studio. It also provides a historical trends feature that helps you plan your strategy using predictive analytics.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for the basic plan, and customized pricing options are available for large teams.

11. Saleswhale

Saleswhale homepage

Every organization has leads that have been on the back burner. That’s where SalesWhale helps. They loop leads back into your sales funnel if they have been neglected for a period of time. It uses AI to determine the timeline for making contact again, so your sales team doesn’t have to keep track of their CRM.

One of the core features of SalesWhale is the collection of conversation starters made custom for you, and ready to plug in. It also uses machine learning to read responses from prospects and recommend the correct responses, so your leads can feel engaged with and listened to.

The pricing has a wide range, from a free plan all the way to a $2500 / month enterprise plan.

12. Zoovu

Zoovu homepage screenshot

Zoovu is an AI-based sales tool that helps customers find what they’re looking for. It turns your raw data into a structured, conversationally-friendly interface. That way, your visitors are just a few clicks away from finding more about your company and product.

Its features also have virtual assistants which are bots that guide the consumer experience. The idea is to provide your company with a way to hold your customer’s hand at the beginning, until they are qualified enough to speak with a salesperson.

There is no set pricing for Zoovu — it depends on your usage, team size, and features utilized.

13. homepage is designed with Salesforce in mind. Particularly, it helps new reps get ramped up faster and increase their revenue so your sales team can bring more profit to your organization. On the marketing side, has a feature that fills your contact list up with qualified leads, saving time on the front end.

Sales forecasting is another core feature of this sales assistant app, letting your sales manager see what to expect. If additional activity is needed to hit quarterly goals, you’ll know well ahead of time instead of being surprised. plans start at $50 / month for each user, and additional pricing tiers are available for enterprise clients.

14. Dooly

Dooly homepage screenshot helps companies with one of the more popular CRM — Salesforce. Instead of wasting time waiting around for the app to load, or clicking through various tabs, Dooly automates this process. It allows teams to update multiple deals at one time with just one click.

Key features include meeting notes, note templates, pipeline updates, and a task manager to stay on top of all your deals and their progress.

Dooly pricing starts at $25 per month per user for smaller teams. Enterprise pricing is customized based on team size, integrations needed, and number of users.


Running a sales team has its challenges. However, every time or budget investment in your sales operations can have an ROI that makes it more than worth it. AI has taken huge leaps over the last few years. And if your company is not taking advantage of it, then your competition certainly is.

A great AI sales assistant tool should help you automate, simplify, and improve your sales process. With the tools mentioned above, you can gain better efficiency and productivity in your daily sales activities to win more deals in less time — ultimately boosting revenue and growth.

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