Sales Tips for Beginners in 2024

One of the most common myths about sales is that certain people have the “it factor” that makes them great sales reps. Some people are more appealing to the world because of their personalities, but they cannot sell as well without genetics or magic tricks. Sales are more than numbers. Selling is hard and  these […]

Sales Tips for Beginners in 2024

One of the most common myths about sales is that certain people have the “it factor” that makes them great sales reps.

Some people are more appealing to the world because of their personalities, but they cannot sell as well without genetics or magic tricks. Sales are more than numbers.

Selling is hard and  these statistics prove it:

  • It takes almost 8 cold calls to reach a prospect.
  • Sales reps need five follow-up calls after a meeting. However, 82% of them require five more calls. 92% give up after the fourth call.
  • Only 24% of sales emails are opened.
  • Only 20% of salespeople account for 80% of all sales.

10+ Sales Tips Every Sales Rep Should Know

It is important to remember that all of the magic in the world won’t help someone close a deal if they don’t have any tips or tricks that have been refined over the years.

Sales Tip #1. Do your homework first

Research shows that 50% of customers seek expert advice when making buying decisions.

73% of respondents believe product knowledge is the most important thing they need from a sales representative.

This high-level customer expectation means only one thing: you must be a sales rep and know every detail of the product.

Because prospects are looking for answers and expect you will provide them.

It is not enough to know the name of your product, its features, and the taglines that were given by the marketing department.

You must have a clear plan when reaching out to new contacts. Be consistent with it.

Before you leave the house, learn about your competitors and the details that will make you stand out.

You are the representative of the product/service. Who would buy it if you didn’t know everything?

Sales Tip #2. Sell the solution, not the product

Sorry to burst your bubble, but prospects don’t like salespeople who brag about the greatness and features of their product.

They want to know how the product will improve their lives right away.

You might have the best product for the job, but if your customers don’t see the benefits, you won’t make any sales.

This means that your customer will only pay for your product if they feel it solves their problem.

Here’s an example.

Instead of telling people that a camera shoots video at 25,600 ISO, and then selling it to them, tell them that the camera also shoots videos at night.

It is not a good idea to also mention that your car has excellent gas mileage. You should instead sell it because it will save you money, save you time, and make you spend less at the gas stations.

Let’s put it this way: Find the problem, then give the benefit, then explain how your product will solve the problem.

Sales Tip #3. Act quickly

The higher the likelihood that someone will abandon your product, the longer they wait to decide if they want to purchase it.

People will be more likely to act quickly if they feel that they are about to lose a great deal.

Your prospect should be able to explain why your product is the best.

This sales tactic is not a way to rush your prospect!

If someone isn’t interested, no discounts or offers will persuade them to buy your product.

Sales Tip #4. #4. Sell to the right people

Let’s take a look in detail at this scenario.

If you’re trying to sell a tool for content marketers, it would be a waste to speak to an entry-level writer.

A Head or Director in Content Marketing would be the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to purchasing new tools like yours.

Do your research before you set out on the road.

Your chances of selling your product are significantly higher if you start your conversation with the person most likely to buy your product.

Sales Tip #5. Be respectful

It is a tradition in sports to cheer on your team and make fun of the competitors.

It is a good rule to not publicly criticize your competitors in sales. This can backfire.

Talking about your competitors can draw attention to them and increase their credibility. It can also get prospects thinking about them.

Keep your goal in sight: Build a relationship with the prospect, and close the deal. If your prospect doesn’t ask a direct question about your competitor, don’t bring it up.

This equation is very simple.

Higher Reputation = More Sales = Higher Revenue

It’s a win/win situation!

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Sales Tip #6. Keep your pitch concise, sweet, and succinct

We all know that attention spans in humans are decreasing.

To sell your product, you don’t need an hour-long presentation.

You are asking your prospect to give you their time. This is not something you can keep for very long. They won’t accept your pitch until they do.

Your sales pitch should be as succinct, persuasive, and convincing as possible.

Here’s a reminder: There’s no perfect pitch.

This means that the “right pitch” for one situation might not be the right pitch in another.

Sales Tip #7. Confidence is key

If you want to master this art, you must be confident in your sales pitch.

If you don’t believe your product is worth it, your sales will suffer.

Sales reps who project confidence will be more likely to close sales than those who are anxious.

Here’s a way to increase sales confidence.

Instead of memorizing every detail of a pitch, learn about the product’s benefits from both the inside and outside.

This will make it easy to avoid confusion if a prospect asks you for something other than the “script.”

Sales Tip #8. Use Social Media

We are certain that social networking is not the first thing that comes up when it comes to lead generation.

It should. Social media platforms can provide leads.

The facts are in: 91% of B2B buyers use Social Media.

Instead of spending time searching for leads in other places, you should instead start looking at the place you already know them from – social media – and leverage e.g. Instagram automation to bring more, and better, connections

Here’s how it works: Once you have received engagement on your posts online use the data to contact leads. You may be able to get a product manager from the company that you want to sign a contract with to share one of your blog posts.

It would be great to have a conversation, pitch your idea, or set up a meeting.

Sales Tip #9. Listen to your Buyer

Despite sounding simple, the pinnacle of all sales tips is to listen.

Don’t get lost in the excitement of winning a sale.

Listening to your prospect about their needs, problems, or any other comments is what matters.

While we only have one mouth and two ears, we have both ears. Listen more than you speak. This is something we cannot stress enough.

Listening is more than politeness, building relationships, or persuading.

Listen like your livelihood depends on the words of your customer.

Sales Tip #10. Refer to Others

Harvard Business Review reports that 9/10 buying decisions are based upon peer recommendations.

Refer customers to someone in the same industry. Your prospect will likely be in the same industry that you are, so your product/service will likely work well.

Even if they’re in a completely different field, a referral will be accompanied by a lot of trust. This is a valuable asset.


There is no magic bullet that will win you every deal. But if you follow these sales tips, there are many things you can do to increase your sales success.

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