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When it comes to sales, there is a lot of conversation around closing. It’s the hot-button topic because it’s a clear event that has a specific resolution: making a sale. However, there is much more to the process of selling than closing. In fact, without the right process from start to finish, you won’t set […]

In this article, we’ll discuss the 13 best AI sales assistant tools currently on the market. That way, you can automate your sales processes and generate more revenue per lead in less time. But first: What is an AI sales assistant tool? AI sales assistant tools — also known as virtual sales assistants — help […]

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Salespeople have a range of important tasks on their plate in a given day. They need to research potential prospects, create outreach messages, schedule meetings, sell effectively in the presentation, and follow up like crazy. All of this must be tracked in their CRM as well. And AI writing tools for salespeople can work. It’s […]

Are you searching for the best Mixmax alternatives? You have come to the right place. Though Mixmax has proven to be a robust productivity and sales communication software used by thousands of businesses, it still has many flaws that tarnish its overall performance. In this article, we’ll have a quick overview of Mixmax, its main […]

Sales engagement platforms are becoming a huge priority for companies. 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in sales automation to engage more efficiently with customers and prospects. And in today’s digital world, email outreach tools are the most popular sales engagement platforms. Whether you are using Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, there are hundreds of […]

If you work in sales, you’ve probably heard the phrase “email tracking” over the last few years. It’s become incredibly popular, and many sales professionals are now using it. But what is it? Let’s take a quick look at sales email tracking. What Is Email Tracking? If you’re sending out a lot of emails, it […]

Outbound sales have been a popular way to generate leads for many years. Although inbound sales methods are now extremely common as well, when you consider that 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation, it’s clear that outbound sales, and cold emailing specifically, are far from dead. But what […]

Streamlining your sales process can improve the quality of leads, increase productivity and efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Essentially, sales automation eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual sales tasks with the use of software, AI, and digital tools. However, automated sales processes aren’t a luxury reserved for multi-million dollar, enterprise companies. Sales automation can be […]

Whether you run an established business or you’re planning to launch a new venture, investing time and resources in LinkedIn prospecting is something you should consider. Did you know that there are about 740 million LinkedIn members? From recruiting top talent to connecting with valuable prospects, LinkedIn is an important tool to expand your network. […]

If you’re among the majority of companies who say their top sales priority is closing more deals, then a clear sales process is just what you need. Even if you’re a natural at sales, turning leads into customers is a difficult task that requires specific skills and knowledge to achieve success. With the average close rate […]


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