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Email Summarizer tool
01 Quickly get the gist of an email to determine whether it’s worth your time.
02 Simplify emails with complex terminologies to improve understanding
03 Wade through an overflowing inbox efficiently and improve your day-to-day email productivity

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Your time is precious, you don’t need to waste time reading long emails. That’s where Right Inbox’s AI Email Summarizer comes in. It intelligently distills an email into the main topic, the people involved, and any actions that need to be taken.

The result? You can wade through your inbox within minutes instead of hours. Focus on the important messages and take the right actions at the right times. Say goodbye to long, unclear emails forever.

Email Summarizer
Email Summarizer

Understand jargon like the professionals

The AI Email Summarizer is not only a summarizer — it’s a simplifier. Find yourself communicating with industry experts and feeling overwhelmed with the jargon too often? Use the Summarizer to improve your understanding, get the most out of expert messages, and use those insights faster than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the email summary feature do?

[coming soon] The email summary feature creates short but comprehensive summaries of Gmail messages. It distills messages into three main components: the main topic, the people involved, and the actions that need to be taken. It also acts as an email simplifier, meaning it can simplify complex language in emails for better understanding.

How do I use this AI email summary tool?

[coming soon] To use this AI email summary tool, install the Right Inbox browser extension first. Next, open the email you want to summarize and locate the summarize icon next to where it shows the time and date and the star icon. Click on the summarize icon to generate a quick summary for the email.

What would I use email summaries for?

You can use email summaries to:

  1. Quickly go through email newsletters and extract valuable information from them
  2. Make sense of complex threads
  3. Understand the gist of the problem and prioritize customer service emails
  4. Easily understand emails written in a foreign language

How do I install Right Inbox?

To install Right Inbox, go to our home page and click on “Install for Free” on the top right. You’ll be redirected to a Chrome Web Store page. Click on “Add to Chrome” on the top right and then follow the instructions to install Right Inbox successfully.

What is the best AI tool to summarise emails?

Right Inbox’s AI Summarizer [coming soon] is the best AI tool to summarize emails. It’s reliable, fast, and built right within Gmail’s interface. This means you don’t have to leave Gmail to summarize your emails. What’s more, it comes with a plethora of other useful features, such as email, tracking, mail merge, and inbox pause.


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