The 25 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters in 2024

The average length of a recruiting process is 36 days. This kind of shows you how a recruiter’s day is packed with multiple tasks to source the best talent. But thanks to technology, recruiters can now juggle between different activities without losing their minds. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best Chrome extensions […]

The 25 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters in 2024

The average length of a recruiting process is 36 days.

This kind of shows you how a recruiter’s day is packed with multiple tasks to source the best talent.

But thanks to technology, recruiters can now juggle between different activities without losing their minds.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best Chrome extensions for recruiters that will make your work a whole lot easier.

So instead of testing each option on your own, you’ll get an idea of the tool’s functionality, features, and pricing just by reading this article.

How Chrome Extensions Could Be Useful For Recruiters in Their Day to Day Job

1. Achieve More In Less Time 

As hinted earlier, recruiters are busy professionals.

When not searching for candidates, you’re either conducting interviews or meeting with hiring managers.

The right chrome extensions help maximize your productivity by saving time on specific tasks.

2. They Keep You Organized

The tools help you divide tasks into different portions.

This means you’ll know what to do for the day and the deadline for each task. As a result, you’ll avoid task cluttering, a recipe for confusion.

3. Makes Work Mobile

Most recruiters have their email IDs synced to all their devices.

However, Chrome extensions can give you access to all the data you saved while in your office in a few seconds.

So you won’t be chained to your office desktop as you can access all your data from any place.

4. Perfect Your Work

You’re liable to make mistakes.

But that’s the last thing you want to do when sending emails or handling candidates’ sensitive documents.

The right chrome extensions prevent you from making mistakes and keep your professionalism badge intact.

5 Things To Look For in a Chrome Extension For a Recruiter

  • Your Goals and Mission: Not all chrome extensions are perfect for recruiters. Before you choose any tool, ask yourself why you need it. Plus, the extensions should resonate with the results you want to achieve.
  • Functionality: All chrome extensions differ when it comes to functionality. Some will help you in managing tasks. Others are for time management, while others help increase your efficiency and accuracy.
  • Cost: Most Chrome extensions are free, but lack premium features. On the other hand, paid chrome extensions don’t cost the top dollar. So, consider if a paid tool will give you the results you want. If it won’t, a free option would still be viable.
  • Accuracy: This factor comes into play when you need chrome extensions that extract and store sensitive candidate data. For example, an email finder tool should be accurate in extracting valid emails. This reduces any chance of bounce rates and guarantees a better success score.
  • Ease of Use: You have a lot in your hand. You don’t want to spend more hours learning how to use a chrome extension. Your chosen option should be easy to install and operate.

1. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is the first choice for 250,000 professionals looking for a full-suite extension to upgrade their emails.

The tool is designed to help recruiters achieve more in less time right from inside their Gmail inbox.

Here’s a brief breakdown of Right Inbox’s key features.

– Email Tracking: This feature helps you to know who has opened and clicked your email links. As a recruiter, you’ll know the prospects engaging with your emails and who doesn’t. It’s, therefore, easy to target your recruitment efforts on leads that care.

– Email reminders: It acts as your personal assistant. It sends you a nudge so that you don’t forget essential emails and deadlines. Consequently, you’ll stay on top of your schedule.

– Gmail email sequences: You’ll occasionally come across prospects that won’t reply to your emails. But you want people to get their dream jobs and thrive in their careers. Email sequence automatically sends follow-up emails to recipients that take too long to respond.

– Mail Merge: Mass mailing is becoming a key strategy in recruitment. You can constantly reach out to a bunch of hiring managers and candidates in one go. It’s what the mail merge feature does. It allows you to contact a large number of candidates with a customized message.

The best part? Right Inbox has flexible and affordable pricing.

The first plan is free. You can track five emails, set 10 reminders and ten private notes every month.

Premium features aren’t included in the free plan. Instead, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plans that start from $7.95/month.

2. Grammarly

Recruiting involves sending many emails.

Whether you’re looking for hiring companies, communicating to fellow recruiters or candidates, email is the professional way to converse.

And you’re likely to make mistakes when writing your emails. This is expected because most recruiters multi-task in a rush.

Still, bad grammar can be a red flag to candidates and hiring managers.

The Grammarly extension will be your third eye. It catches typos, basic grammatical errors, and fluency flaws.

The chrome extension is available for free. If you need more, you can jump to the paid plan that costs $25 monthly.

3. Voila Norbert

Norbert is an email prospecting tool specializing in finding and verifying emails.

It’s the go-to tool if you want to expand your recruiting firm by targeting hiring managers and hunting down for talent.

It has three main features that every recruiter would love.

  • Prospecting: The tool has access to a vast database of B2B contacts and companies. Using your prospect’s two names and company domain, it scrutinizes these sources to extract valid emails.
  • Data Enrichment: This reveals more information like company name, social media profiles, phone numbers, and locations.
  • Email Verifier:31% of people change their email addresses every year. As a result, email deliverability becomes a hit and miss. Norbert’s advanced verification mechanism helps you to confirm your emails’ accuracy.

You can start using Norbert today for $49/month to get 1000 emails.

4. Calendly

Your day is filled with phone calls, meetings, and interviews.

You barely get the time to meet with everyone. And you risk double-booking yourself if you make appointments via email.

Calendly chrome extension solves this problem.

It takes complete control of your schedule right from your device. For example, you can schedule meetings using a calendar and embed it into your email.

When someone wants to meet you, you’ll simply send them a calendly link. Then, they’ll choose a suitable time that resonates with your schedule.

Calendly has a free plan, but its features aren’t suitable for a busy recruiter. Instead, upgrade to a paid program that starts at $8 per month to experience its full potential.

5. Clockify Extension

Clockify is a time tracker extension.

It comes in handy when you want to boost your productivity or business intelligence.

Since you have a lot on your hands, the tool divides your time into different portions. This means that you won’t spend much time on a task.

It also provides robust analytics of your project breakdowns. With the insights, you can see how you’re managing time and adjust accordingly.

The best part?

Clockify is free. Download it and join the millions of people already using it to boost their productivity.


The recruitment industry rides on networking and connection.

And social media is the platform fueling this growth. But, while LinkedIn is the most popular platform to network with other professionals, it’s not groomed fully to tell you more about your connections.

What if you get a chrome extension that brings all social channels under one roof? Look no further; Discoverly is here.

The plugin which attaches your email will scan your social profiles and pull the people who have sent you an email.

For instance, lets’ say someone named Mark john replied to a job ad you put on Indeed. Right next to his email, you’ll see his social media profiles, mutual friends, recent place of work, and website.

This makes your work easy as a recruiter. You’re able to confirm a candidate’s true identity and more connections on the fly.

7. Rapportive (Now LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

Rapportive works the same as Discoverly.

They’ve been tough competitors since rapportive came to the market in 2010.

Similarly, rapportive plugs into your Gmail. And whenever you receive an email from a job applicant or hiring manager, it pulls their LinkedIn profile.

Though it only works with LinkedIn social profiles, you still get viable information you need to verify the sender’s identity.


Hunter is an email finder and prospecting tool.

It uses prospects’ two names and company domain to extract emails from its vast database of contacts.

While there are many email finders in the market, hunter comes in handy when you want a prospect list from one company.

Let’s say you want to poach employees of a well-performing company. First, you’ll search the company’s website to get professionals that you can contact.

Of course, this is only possible if their emails are set to public.

The chrome extension makes it easy to extract emails in real-time from the websites you’re visiting. You won’t need to ever visit the web app. has tiered pricing. It starts at $49/month for 500 emails and increases as you get more emails.

9. Full Contact

Full contact avoids the confusion that might arise if you have many blending applicants.

It helps maintain clear information about your candidates by creating a profile for each one.

What makes Full Contact interesting is that it automatically pulls the sender’s social media profiles. Moreover, It enriches your database with emails, IDs, phone numbers, and street names.

This means you get at-a-glance information that reveals a candidate’s true identity without searching on the web.

Full contact has a free plan. The paid plans start at $99/month.

10. Yesware

Sure, Yesware is built for salespeople. But recruiters can leverage it too.

It’s a sales productivity tool that attaches to your Gmail login and helps you achieve more in less time.

Here are some of the features you can leverage for your recruitment efforts:

  • Email tracking
  • Attachment tracking
  • Email templates

The above feature helps you to keep track of your emails. Yesware is expensive, though. It starts from $15, $35 and $65.

Additional Reading: 5 Yesware Alternatives

11. Contact Out

Contact Out is a search engine that extracts prospect emails and phone numbers.

It’s completely built for recruiters who want a quick and organized platform to find candidates.

To use it, first, download the extension and pin it on your browser. Next, go to LinkedIn. When you hover above someone’s profile, you’ll see additional information like phone numbers, emails, and links to other social media profiles.

Once you’ve identified your candidates, save them directly from LinkedIn into different folders. Sure, Contact Out does an incredible job of supercharging your recruiting efforts, but it comes at a hefty price.

The basic plan will cost you $39/month. If not satisfied, upgrade to the top-tier plan that goes for $159/month.

12. Last Pass

This is a cheap tool yet important software that prevents you from losing valuable data.

As a password management system, the tool protects your digital life. It comes in handy for recruiters who have countless passwords for multiple accounts.

You won’t need a notepad to scribble down every password for multiple platforms. Once you save a password on LastPass, you can access it anywhere.

And you don’t have to worry about security breaches. It uses a robust security feature that protects your password from any third parties.

You can use the tool for free from one device. The subsequent pricing plans go for $3 and $4 and give you more features.

13. Limitless

Interruptions are inevitable.

You go to a computer for three hours. But when you look at what you’ve done, there’s nothing to show of it.

This is a dilemma Limitless tries to stop.

It tracks and categorizes your browsing habits. For example, it shows you the exact amount of time you spent on each website.

If you spend time on the “time-wasting” site, a red number appears on the icon to warn you.

It also shows you your browsing history data analytics with an overall percentage of time spent on each site.

Limitless is so serious that you have to tell it your goals when creating an account. It will remind you of the goals every time you open a tab.

14. Interseller

Interseller is a prospecting tool like Norbet and Hunter.

It helps you find the email addresses for suitable candidates. The difference is that it goes a little bit deeper than other email finders.

Apart from extracting prospect’s contact information, the tool also addresses your outbound needs.

For example, it can manage email sequences, organize, track, and notify you of the emails that your prospect has opened.

Furthermore, you can integrate it with ATS and CRM to keep all your email communications and contacts up to date.

Currently, they don’t have a static pricing plan. Instead, reach to its team to get customized pricing depending on purchase add-ons and number of users.

15. HyperContext

HyperContext is a tool built to make meetings more productive.

While recruiters can’t use it directly to hunt candidates, it still comes in handy when hiring managers want to have productive meetings.

You can use it to streamline meetings, goals, and morale to achieve results quicker.

HyperContext comes with many features, but one that’s worth mentioning is the meeting agenda. The feature allows you to share agendas with the meeting attendants.

Hence, you don’t waste time and everyone is accountable for what you have discussed.

While HyperContext boasts impressive features, it has a meager price. After taking it for a free spin, you can upgrade to the basic plan costing $5.60/month.

16. Productivity Owl

Productivity owl has the same function as limitless. The difference is that it is sterner.

It closely monitors all your online activities and reacts accordingly.

For instance, if you’re searching for candidates, the tool will be calm when browsing sites like Glassdoor, Linkedin, recruiter, ZIPrecruiter, and Mogul.

But when you jump to Netflix or fox news, it swoops in and closes the tabs without warning. Productivity Owl is free. Nevertheless, you can donate $5 if you love what they do.

17. Rocket Reach

Rocket reach is a contact finder tool.

You’ll use it to extract prospect data like emails, phone numbers, and links to social media profiles. What makes it unique is that it’s tailored for recruiters.


It has an advanced search system that can quickly search for the strongest prospects to find the best talent.

Once you’ve found suitable candidates, you can create reusable email templates which integrate with Gmail.

Moreover, Rocket Reach lets you sturdy your hiree behavior by seeing who clicked, opened, or replied to your emails within the tool’s dashboard.

You can get started with RocketReach for $40.

18. ClearBit Connect

ClearBit connect powers the world’s biggest companies like LinkedIn and Google.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it. And the features it comes with just make it the go-to tool for recruiters thirsty for accurate data.

Clearbit Connect searches emails of candidates. But the approach it takes is unique. It functions in a three-step process as follows:

  • First, search for companies on the search magic tab.
  • Then on your target company, search your prospect by name, role, or job title.
  • Once you’ve found your prospect, study their profile and extract their details.

See? Easy-peasy.

You can get started today with Clearbit connect for free.

19. Ad Remover

Adremover is handy for anyone who’s using chrome.

Whether you’re a salesman, recruiter, accountant, you sure use Chrome, and ads are inevitable. This can slow your work rate significantly,

It blocks all types of internet ads, including video ads, banners, texts, pop-ups, and tracking cookies.

The tool has a 7-day free trial. Once done, you can upgrade to the paid option that costs a meager $39.99 a year.

20. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool.

The tool’s chrome extension allows you to schedule content by integrating with other websites. While the tool mainly targets marketers, recruiters can leverage it too.

For example, you can use it to post about positions to your followers on social media. You’ll then source candidates directly into CRMs and ATS seamlessly.

Try out Buffer for free or pay $5/month to access all the features.

21. Headreach

Headreach helps recruiters find potential candidates by making it easy to get contact information – social profiles, emails, and other data points are combined for you.

That way, you can focus on reaching out and not finding the person to reach out to in the first place. And that equates to more hires and commission.

22. Hiver

Hiver is another powerful addition to any recruiter’s arsenal. You can keep your organization streamlined by sharing tasks, inboxes, project management, and more.

There are even automated reminders. The last thing you want is to miss an important followup with a potential candidate or client. Therefore, Hiver can put your mind at ease while you prospect, connect, and foster new hires.

23. Resume Grabber

Need to scroll through hundreds of resumes manually?

That’s the old way of doing things. Instead, use something like resume grabber and find your resumes from Indeed and Monster and elsewhere.

This is a huge time saver. Just install the extension and you’re off to the races!

24. Resumonk

As a recruiter, one of your most important jobs is to help your candidates with resumes. They need to represent themselves in the right way to employers.

However, the process of creating and sharing resumes can be time consuming. Instead of wasting time, use Resumonk to design custom resumes in just minutes. Then, you can share it with your candidates quickly and easily.

25. Recruiterbot

This chrome extension for recruiters leverages the power of AI. It lets you engage with more candidates using a system that looks for skills and experience.

But it doesn’t stop there, it also helps you with outreach.

Using Recruiterbot, you can send a personalized message based on language that is most likely to get a positive response.


Sourcing the best talent that share the dream of a company is an uphill battle.

But you can reduce the stress if you get the right chrome extension. The tools we’ve shared with you are tailored to make your work easy.

Before you pick any option, make sure they resonate with your schedule, are easy to use, and actually make you more productive.

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