Top 10 Chrome Extensions for College Students in 2023

We can all agree that the internet has changed how students learn. It’s even hard to imagine how schoolwork looked before the internet.

In this digital era, so many applications and software can make learning seamless – and hopefully, grades better too.

Moreover, the rise of chrome extensions has allowed students to automate studies. As a result, you avoid making mistakes and become more productive.

These 10 chrome extensions are useful for students in:

  • Cross-referencing
  • Academic researching
  • Grammar
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Generating automatic citations

This means that not all chrome extensions fit every person. So we’ve rounded up the ten best chrome extensions for students currently in the market.

But before we delve in, let’s start with something crucial.

Five Things To Look For In Chrome Extension For Student

  1. It needs to be both easy to install and use – You have many things to handle. Talk of assignments, group discussions, and revision. Therefore, you don’t want a tool that will make studying more complicated.
  2. It needs to be secure- Chrome extensions can act as a gateway for adware and malware threats. So you’d consider going for well-recognized and established developers to guarantee your security.
  3. Mobility and flexibility- The perfect tool shouldn’t limit you to the classroom, dormitory, laptop, or personal computer. Look for flexible extensions which can access on different devices, anywhere, and at any time.
  4. Budget – You’re not working, so you don’t need a tool that costs the top dollar. The good thing is that most valuable extensions are free. But if you have to pay, let it be a cost you can afford.
  5. Goals and Targets: Ask yourself why you need a chrome extension. Do you want to avoid distractions to achieve more in less time? Or do you want software that brushes through your assignments to catch grammatical mistakes?

1. Right Inbox

Right Inbox prepares you for your career by boosting your productivity in college.

That’s why over 250,000 professionals worldwide use it. The extension upgrades Gmail accounts by allowing you to get the most out of Gmail.

If you occasionally communicate to teachers or fellow students through Gmail, Right Inbox can help you to:

  • Track emails to know who has opened your emails and who hasn’t.
  • Write emails in the evening and schedule them to be sent the next day.
  • Use the email templates feature to save time on writing the same emails over and over again.
  • Use the mail merge feature to contact fellow students at once with a customized personal message.
  • Create sequences that will send follow-up emails depending on whether your recipient read the last email or not.
  • Add a little fun to your emails using the GIF feature. You can browse trending GIFs, search by keyword, and save your favorites for future use.

The best part? RightInbox is incredibly affordable; in fact, you’re good to get started with the free plan.

You can track five emails, set 10 reminders, and get five templates every month with the plan. The paid plans give more features but will cost you a meager $7.95/ month.

And get this, you save one dollar per month if you round up a few college friends and use it as a team.


Every intelligent student wants a dual-monitor setup.

But you might not have the money to buy an extra monitor? What if two clicks were all you needed to separate your browser window into two?

That’s not a wish again, thanks to the free extension, Dualless.

Dualless helps you to avoid manually switching between different tabs. As a result, you can take advantage of your display screen.

It’s easy to use and incredibly straightforward. Once installed, a drop-down menu feature will show how you can split the display screen. You can either stack the splits on top of each other or have them stand side by side.

Dualless can come in handy when attending an online class or seminar. You’ll use one tab to watch the video and the other to take down notes.


The question most people have is whether background noise helps you study better or not. The answer is that it depends on personal preferences.

For students who prefer some noise in the background, Noisli might be a perfect tool to try out. It gives you access to different soothing background sounds that’ll help you concentrate on your studies.

You can experiment with ambient sounds like rainfall, café environments, and forest settings to see what’ll help you study best. You can even add several different sounds to one track.

There’s also a timer feature that allows you to stop and start music depending on the study schedule you’ve set.


Good college students have systems that remind them of what they need to do. These can be group project meetings, lab reports, and assignments.

Todoist chrome extension helps centralize all your projects, activities, and assignments into a single application.

The tool makes it easy to track your study progress and access lists faster, like bookmarked lecture notes from StuDocu or screen caps and snippets from Evernote quicker.

You can also link it to your Google Calendar if you want to know the timeframes you’re working with. Furthermore, the extension has this ‘Karma’ feature that awards you points whenever you accomplish a weekly or daily goal.

Todoist comes in three pricing options. The first plan is free and gives you basic features. The subsequent plans go for $3 and $4. You get more features as you climb up the ladder.

5.Kami Extension

Do you like making notes inside your page margins or doodling on handouts? Kami extension makes the feeling even better.

It’s the world’s first digital classroom with a complete assignment workflow. As a free tool, it lets you annotate and edit PDF files on a browser. The goal is to assist you in absorbing all your reading materials seamlessly.

It also allows you to add both drawings and texts to your saved documents. What’s even better is that you can use it offline.

This means that you can continue uninterrupted reading even if you’ve got a bad internet connection.

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6.My Memorizer Tool

This free Chrome extension helps you memorize valuable information you find when browsing the internet.

All you need to do is highlight the statement you’d like to memorize, right-click and then select the extension.

The tool will display the statement every time you open a new tab. Moreover, you can view all the information you’ve memorized on the ‘Options’ page.

So what makes My Memorizer Tool so awesome?

In a way, it allows you to simultaneously study and procrastinate. Because you get random study questions pop up while you browse non-academic stuff.


Grammarly is famous for writers and editors. But students can use it too when they want to get rid of grammar mistakes and present their thoughts effectively.

The advanced writing tool detects mistakes in your content and tells you how to rectify them. You can also use it to scan your assignments and essays for, tone, clarity, and style.

The essential features of the free version are enough. You can correct basic grammatical rules like spelling mistakes.

But if you want to experience Grammarly in its entirety, you’d better go for the premium plan going for $25/month. In return, you get the premium features like.

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Advanced suggestions
  • Word choice checker
  • Readability score checker
  • Formality level

8.Mercury Reader

You’ve likely been bombarded with widgets, banners, and adverts when doing your academic research online.

If you’ve had enough, try out mercury reader, a distracting content remover. It clears the unnecessary distraction so that you concentrate on what you’re reading.

After downloading the extension, you’ll tap on the Rocket icon feature on your screen’s upper-right corner. This action gives the software a command to clear any site you’ll visit,

You can even send articles to your Kindle account for offline reading. Finally, you can adjust typeface and text size and toggle between light or dark themes with the tap of a button.

9.Google Dictionary

Google dictionary helps expand your vocabulary.

And as expected, its primary function is to show you the meaning of words

The exciting thing is that it does this on the web page you’re browsing in real-time. All you need to do is double-click that particular word.

It’s like going to the Google search bar and typing in the word to get the meaning. It can also help expand your mother tongue vocabulary by hovering over the foreign word.

10. StayFocusd

You might find yourself on social media during school time. Or get hooked on Tinder when you should be brushing up on your history.

StayFocusd can help you avoid all of this. The trial plan allows you to temporarily or entirely block some sites so you can focus on studying.

You get more features when you upgrade to ‘“Nuclear Option” for $2.5/month. For example, you have an option to choose what you want to block.

The tool comes in three pricing options. The first plan is free and gives you essential features. The subsequent plans go for $3 and $4. You get more features as you climb up the ladder.

Bonus Tool: Slintel Chrome Extension

The extension helps anyone find emails and contact numbers of decision-makers from their company websites and LinkedIn profile. Also, one can filter emails based on the departments and decision-making power and find emails faster.

For example, if I’m a college student and I want to reach out to the hiring manager or HR, I can choose the function from filters and can find their emails and contact numbers.

One gets 100 free credits to unlock 100 emails.


The ten chrome extensions highlighted above should help boost your productivity when doing class assignments or lab projects.

There’s quite a lot chrome has to offer as far as extensions are concerned. Hopefully, this article has shown you where you can start. Go and upgrade the quality of your study time.


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