4 Productivity Tools That Work With Your Gmail Inbox

5 Productivity Tools That Work With Your Gmail Inbox


Gmail is ubiquitous today. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if people were to use “Gmail” as a word to mean “email” just as “Fedex” is used for courier or “Xerox” is used for photocopying.

Gmail is quick, simple to use, and is gargantuan in size (and it keeps growing). It’s also one of those few email solutions that’s highly effective in keeping spam out of your inbox. Popular products generally breed parallel industries, so to speak. Gmail is no different.

It has spawned the growth of many applications and web-based tools – including our very own RightInbox — which you can use along with Gmail for various tasks.

Here are at least four productivity tools that sit right within your inbox to change the way you work and to enhance your productivity.


GQueues or Google Queues is a full-featured task manager and it syncs with both your Gmail and Google Apps accounts. It has a pretty – while still being practical – design and is extremely easy to use. It features drag and drop task addition and deletion, full Google Calendar integration, sharing & collaboration, reminders, recurring tasks, tagging, sub-tasks, assignments, and smart queues.

We find that it’s natural Google Apps integration valuable for small businesses while sub-tasks and recurring tasks along with Google Calendar integration make it a fully featured, must-have tool for Gmail or Google App users.

GQueues has recently switched from HTML 5 to Native Mobile App and is also available for Android Devices on Google Play

Google Tasks

Google Tasks isn’t like Google Queues. Think of this way: Google tasks is a pared down, simplistic version of Google Queues (although there’s nothing much in common between them).

If Gmail is the “default” email product you use, Google Tasks is a no-brainer for the fastest and the most efficient way to maintain your daily, weekly, and monthly task lists, schedules, and recurring tasks. The app doesn’t boast of anything overtly fancy. Instead it’s an application that has simplicity at its core. It opens up right next to your inbox and allows you to move emails as tasks. You can add anything to your task list such as prospecting emails, follow-up reminders for tasks; create to-do lists on the fly, and much more.


Any.do is one of the coolest, simplest, and the most efficient productivity tools ever. It might not be heavyset with features and bloated up beyond its purpose, but it’s a tool that just works. Any.do isn’t available as a web-based version yet (coming soon) but it’s available as a Chrome App and as mobile apps for both Android and for the iPhone. It’s also available for the tablets.

Featuring simple task lists with elegant features and a functional design, it makes your job easier. It’s not the kind of app that you’d have to spend too much time on.

Speak to your iPhone (using Siri) and the app will let you note your things to do for the day (or for other days during the week). Strike off tasks completed and later shake them off your list just by shaking your phone. When on landscape view, the task list partitions off to allow for a calendar to show up to give you a better idea of how your week looks like.

Did we mention that anything you enter on your chrome app (straight off Gmail) and mobile or tablet syncs with either device?


Astrid is yet another robust and much-loved productivity tool available as an app for mobile, for the tablets, and on the web. It’s a sharable task manager and you can share lists with your friends, colleagues, family, and friends.

The Astrid Chrome App embeds the little Astrid into your Gmail to let you add, delete, and edit tasks as you go. It also integrates with Google Tasks, if you want it to work that way.

Wise Stamp

Since the average American is sending about 30 emails a day, most of us could use an upgrade to our Gmail signature. The problem is we don’t how to bring it to life without a designer and some HTML. Enter WiseStamp: The company turns your email signature into a one-stop asset that presents all the of most relevant contact information for you or your business, unlocking the full potential of this marketing channel. This makes it very easy and convenient for clients, customers, partners and leads to reach you through the channel they prefer most, be it by phone, email or social media.

WiseStamp is used by more than 850,000 active users. In addition, more than 2,000 companies use their Company Email Signature Management Software with their customer-facing teams to dynamically promote content, events and social media channels.

In another post next week, we’ll introduce more apps that boost your productivity and introduces new ways to help you run your business better by using email, which we bet you use everyday and for most of the time you are online. If you’d like to try out our own RightInbox, however, please feel free to sign up and use it for free.


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  1. Marco

    Just FYI, Astrid is no longer in service. However, I’m sending this to inquire about if it is possible to schedule recurring emails with rightinbox. So not just schedule one email to be sent on one predetermined date and time, but rather scheduling an email to be sent ever x day of the week/month/year at a certain time…etc.

    Look forward to your response.


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