15 Cold Recruiting Email Templates to Acquire The Best Talent

Finding a perfect candidate is never easy, especially when you’re competing for the attention of talent in a niche with many competitors. Even if you get quality applications through your channels, sometimes the only way to fill an open role is to go out there and reach out to potential matches. This is a challenge […]

15 Cold Recruiting Email Templates to Acquire The Best Talent

Finding a perfect candidate is never easy, especially when you’re competing for the attention of talent in a niche with many competitors. Even if you get quality applications through your channels, sometimes the only way to fill an open role is to go out there and reach out to potential matches.

This is a challenge on its own – when you’re cold-emailing the candidates you need to think about the ways to stand out and grab their attention for long enough to even go through the job description.

That’s why crafting a perfect email and wording your initial engagement in the right way is essential in your sourcing process. No matter the context, you need to be direct and specific, but also look for ways to stand out.

Let’s talk about some of the different approaches and go over email templates that you can implement in your outreach strategy to help you acquire the best talent.

Leveraging Recommendations

Getting a referral makes it much easier to build a relationship. Even though you didn’t have an opportunity to engage with the candidate directly, chances are they’ll be more open for interaction. There’s always more trust when you can reference a mutual connection.

Depending on the type of role and the company you’re sourcing for, you can go with a more conversational tone or with a more formal approach.

Here are some effective templates that you can use to build on the initial base and leverage the information that you have.

Recruiting Email Template 1

Subject Line: Referred to you by [Name of the connection]

Hi [prospect’s name],

I just talked to [connection] about talented creatives and your name came up. She suggested that you could be a perfect choice for the role of [position] that’s open at [Company name] and gave me your contact.Our team is growing fast and we’re looking for experienced candidates to join us, so I think you could be a great fit.

Would you be open to having a short call to go over some details tomorrow afternoon?


Recruiting Email Template 2

Subject Line: [Connection] told me that you’re awesome
Hey [Name],

We got an empty spot for [position] at the [Company] and I’ve been asking around about the top talent in the area. Your ex colleague [connection] said that we should look no further since you’re one of the best creatives he’s ever had the pleasure of working with.

So, what do you say? How about we jump on Tauria or Zoom tomorrow at 11am so we can discuss the role?


Recruiting Email Template 3

Subject Line: Just talked to [Connection] about you

Hi [Name],

I’m [Name] from [Company]. We’ve been on the lookout for someone of your profile for a while now and I just had a chat with [Connection] who told me that you could be our next [role]!

Our latest project involves the tech that should make you feel right at home and we just started expanding the team.

If you’d be open to hearing more, I’m looking forward to having a call with you later this week.


Showing appreciation

It’s safe to assume that experienced candidates get a lot of attention from recruiters. If you approach them with a generic message that you sent to 100 other people, chances are they’re going to see that and leave you on read.

That’s why you need to get specific and show that you took the time to actually learn something about them. When you talk about the reasons that you’re reaching out to them instead of somebody else you’re far more likely to get a response and hold their interest.

Let’s go over some of the templates that can help with this approach.

Recruiting Email Template 4

Subject Line: Loved your recent blog

Hey [Name],

Just read your last post and I ended up sharing it with the whole team. It’s really refreshing to see a new perspective on [area of work].

I’m currently looking for a talented [position] and I believe that someone as passionate as you would fit perfectly with the rest of [role] at [Company].

Let me know if you have some time tomorrow between 3-4pm so we can discuss the details.


Recruiting Email Template 5

Subject Line: Congratulations on the award!

Hi [Name],

I heard that you and your team got to the podium last week, it was well deserved!

We at [Company] find your work inspiring and feel that your skills would complement our team perfectly.

I’d love to share more about the open position of [role] with you and talk about the benefits we can offer. Let me know what would be the best time to schedule a call this week.


Recruiting Email Template 6

Subject Line: That campaign you launched is amazing!

Hey [Name],

I saw the latest work that you put out for [topic] and I have to say I was impressed.

[Company] is looking for a [role] and someone like you could be a great addition to the team that’s working on the latest product that might be of interest to you.

If you’re curious about our new project let’s have a call tomorrow afternoon and discuss the details of the position.


“Just because your approach worked with a prospect or an employee before doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result with others. You need to personalize your communication and constantly adjust based on the occasion.”— Jesse David Thé is the Founder & CEO at Tauria

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Going in-depth for more specific roles

Every position deserves attention, but when you’re tackling those that are the most challenging, you need to go even further to capture the interest of the best prospects.

This doesn’t mean you need to go on forever, but getting more specific about both the position and the prospect can be a difference between a scheduled interview and them leaving you on read.

Try pointing out some of the key aspects of the job description and go into why some of the specifics in their work make them the right person for it. For example, you could even link to an onboarding video to show them what to expect.

You can use some of these templates to help you land a call.

Recruiting Email Template 7

Subject Line: Want to work on the latest NFT technology?

Hi [Name],

I’m [name] from [Company] and I’m looking for experienced developers in [role] to join our growing team.

Based on your recent LinkedIn posts I can tell that you’re invested in the topic of blockchain and the position we have open would give you an opportunity to get hands-on experience with NFTs.

The projects you worked on so far match the type of skills that we need in our team so I’d love to share the details with you.

You can see some of the most interesting projects here [Link] so if you’re available to connect later this week we can schedule a call or you can reach me at [number].


Recruiting Email Template 8

Subject Line: Looking for an engineer specialized in [area]

Hey [Name],

I’ve been looking at your resume and the projects within [area] that you worked on look really impressive. At [Company] we’re looking for engineers of your profile and I’d love to have an opportunity to tell you about the new tech we’re working with.

In the role of [position] you’d be in charge of a team of 4 and lead the latest project that we’re excited about.

I believe this would be a great match for your skillset, as it builds upon the type of projects you’ve been involved with for the last two years.

If you’re free to have a chat, I’d like to arrange a call with you and our head of department to talk more in depth about the offer.


Recruiting Email Template 9

Subject Line: Your experience with [Coding language] is just what we need

Hey [Name],

Our startup [Company] has been working on a product based on [specific technology] and I’ve recently been looking for experts in this area to help us grow.

Based on your experience, it seems that you’re somebody who likes challenging projects that provide you with an opportunity to get creative and leave your mark.

You can see some of our previous projects here [link] and I believe that they go perfectly with your high level of knowledge in [skill].

Let me know if you’re available tomorrow after 11am to chat about the specifics of the project.


Building relationships for future opportunities

While your first goal should always be to schedule a meeting, you can also approach the prospects differently. If you find a candidate that fits the role you’re sourcing for but they’ve just recently joined their current employer, you can ask them for referrals, while staying in touch for future openings.

This also goes for good prospects that you don’t have a position for at the moment, but they fit the profile you’re usually looking for. You can nurture the relationship with them by establishing a connection and keeping them in the loop so you stay top of mind when an opportunity comes.

Recruiting Email Template 10

Subject Line: Searching for experts such as you, [Name]


My name is [Name] and I’m looking for experienced sales professionals to join our team at [Company]. I noticed your impressive track record in the field so I decided to reach out.

I also saw that you recently changed your position – congratulations! It may be too soon to ask you if you’d consider joining us, but I was hoping that you could recommend somebody that you’ve worked with in your previous roles that could fit the description.

Of course, you’re free to apply as well, it would be great if you’d be open to discussing the role more in depth.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Recruiting Email Template 11

Subject Line: Looking for [role] well versed in [prospect’s background]Hi [Name],

I came across your profile while searching for marketers with an extensive background in growth hacking to join the marketing team at [Company].

Someone with your level of experience could be a valuable addition for us, so I’d like to share the details with you.

If that doesn’t fit your plans at the moment, I would really appreciate it if you could connect me to some of your peers with a similar background as you.

Looking forward to hearing from you either way.


Recruiting Email Template 12

Subject Line: Connecting with talented [role]

Hey [Name],

My name is [name] and I’ve been browsing your work for a while now. You’ve done some amazing stuff recently and I wanted to reach out and connect with you.

At [Company], we often have opportunities for talented designers such as yourself, and even though we don’t have an opening at the moment, I’d love to stay in touch and follow your work first hand.

Let me know if you’d be open to sharing some insights about your latest project.


Using Benefits

When sending a recruiting email, always keep in mind that a prospect is interested in themselves first and foremost. By using emails laden with benefits, you answer the question of “what’s in it for me?”

Depending on the type of role and the candidate you’re speaking to, you can either go soft on the benefits or full throttle. Here are some examples of great templates to use that make the advantages of your position clear.

Benefits Email Template 1

Subject Line: Where else can first-year [role] make $X?

Hi [name],

Is there anywhere else on the planet that a new [role] can earn $X consistently, starting in year one?

I’ve been a recruiter for 5 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I thought you should know about an opening at [company] for junior [role].

However, if making $X and more is not on your priority list, that’s okay too. Let me know.


Benefits Email Template 2

Subject Line: Are you tired of not having [benefit?]

Hey [name],

When you constantly see other [job positions] getting benefit packages with [enticing benefits], I know it must wear on you. Luckily, you don’t have to put up with anything less.

I have this role that would be perfect for your experience and aptitude. When can we set up a time to discuss?


Benefits Email Template 3

Subject Line: Hi [name], we need to talk…

Look [name],

I’m not sure how long this [opening] at [company] is going to last. But I wanted you to be the first to know about it. Not only has the company had a record year with [impressive stats], but this position in particular is very attractive.

It offers [salary] plus [benefits]…and you can even create your own schedule. I don’t want this chance to pass you by.

Let me know when you’re ready to set up an interview, and I’ll help you asap.


Wrapping up

No matter the area you’re working in, acquiring the best talent demands patience. You need to keep going and test various approaches to see what fits the best for your niche.

Whether you got a recommendation or you found a prospect on LinkedIn, you need to stick to the essentials – be specific, get to the point and wrap everything up with a call-to-action.

The nuances hide in the time needed to learn about the candidates, as it’s often better to keep the outreach frequency lower but go in with more intent. Reach out to potential matches regularly to ensure success with the above templates.

Some of your prospects may leave you on read, while you’ll find yourself sending recurring emails through your Gmail client to others that provide valuable referrals, but when you figure out the templates that work for your target audience it’ll be much easier to fill the most important roles either for you or your clients.

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