Email was once a productive tool – a communication mode that changed the way we do business. It’s quick, paperless, effective, and simple. Yet, it has lost its sheen as a dependable communication mode because of spam, unsolicited emails, and largely mechanized emails.

Lack of customizing emails when communicating with prospects, customers, vendors, or other stakeholders is a blunder most businesses can avoid. It’s been more than 10 years that the Internet has been around but marketers still send generic emails, according to Paul Soltoff of

Further, according to Paul, custom emails do a lot for businesses such as to get customers to convert more easily, increase the sale value, and to increase a customer’s purchase frequency.

Here’s how you can send out customized emails and connect better with your customers:

Due diligence is “due”

Increasingly, more customers are online with bits and pieces of their information placed all over the Internet. For instance, you can tell a lot about a person from their social media accounts alone.

Doing your due diligence before sending out the first email is an incredibly quick fix to getting to know your customers better. From their social media profiles, you’d probably know what drives your customers, what makes them happy, their likes and dislikes, and much more. When was the last time you did a profile check on a prospect or customer before sending an email out?

Divide and conquer your email lists

Not all customers are built equal. Some customers are enthusiastic and excited about being on your list while most others are reluctant. A few customers would have just purchased something off your website (or physical store) and some others might be regular readers of your emails and the content on your blog.

It so happens that the best of email marketing can only happen when you divide your lists and customize these group emails accordingly.  You might want to thank your customers while you try and give more reasons to your prospects to buy from you.

Create as many lists as you can. It’s segmentation and it works like magic.

Make the best of Custom fields or Gmail Mail Merge

If your primary email is an email marketing solutions provider such as MailChimp or Aweber, you have “Custom Fields” feature that you can milk for all it’s worth. Custom emails – even if they are sent out in batches – can still sound personal thanks to custom fields such as [First Name]. Instead of using it just once for the salutation, use it repeatedly within the email. It takes creativity and skill, but it’s not impossible. Here’s a sample email for a subscription website with a forum that’s geared for teaching people how to travel and work at the same time:


Getting out into the wild isn’t a new dream – for ages, man has always had wanderlust. Times, however, have changed drastically and most people don’t get to do what they want to do. If it’s about travel, it’s even more challenging what with the jobs, family, and other responsibilities.

[FIRST_NAME], we aren’t asking you to be stupid, dump everything, and take off on a wild travel spree. We are, instead, asking you to give traveling a thought: is that something you can do? Is there a possibility to travel and work at the same time? Is anyone else doing it?

We know you have questions and that you need answers, [FIRST_NAME]. That’s why we created an online forum where you can ask away anything you need to. You can, of course, chip in your ideas and help others out too.

So, tell us [FIRST_NAME], Would you like to meet us on the other side?

If you use Gmail or Google Apps (Business Mail), you can still send out mass emails by using Mail Merge. has a helpful post on how to merge emails if you use a Gmail account.

How hard you are making your emails work, really? What do you do to make your emails sweat harder?


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