10 Sales Email Templates to Generate High Quality Leads

Getting people to open your cold emails is tough. With open rates between 15% and 28% – depending on your industry – you need to make sure the emails you send have the best chance of being opened. And to do that, you need templates that are going to work. Here are 10 examples to […]

10 Sales Email Templates to Generate High Quality Leads

Getting people to open your cold emails is tough.

With open rates between 15% and 28% – depending on your industry – you need to make sure the emails you send have the best chance of being opened.

And to do that, you need templates that are going to work. Here are 10 examples to help you get started.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Cold Sales Emails

Here are the best things to do (and avoid) when creating cold sales emails:


  • Say their name – People love the sound of their own name. It also makes it much more personal.
  • Remind them of the context – Why are you messaging this person? What’s in it for them? Set the stage so your email doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Send early and often – You never know when someone is ready to buy. By being one of the first vendors to reach out, you stand a greater chance of converting them.
  • Tell them what’s next – Lay out some action steps. Don’t leave it to chance. You never want a prospect to be confused, because they’ll simply avoid interacting with you.


  • Rush – Trust that you will get to the point where you can connect with a prospect about moving forward. If you rush it, it could come off as needy.
  • Insult them – Nobody is available all day, every day. People might miss emails or phone calls. That’s okay – be patient and don’t overreact.
  • Leave your plan vague – Don’t let the prospect try to figure out what should happen. You are the industry expert — that’s what your company is there for.
  • Sell yourself short – No need to act like you are intruding on people. With the style of communication, people choose when and how they consume emails.

Cold Email Templates Using AIDA

AIDA is a copywriting technique that can be applied to your cold email outreach and templates.

A = Attention – grab the recipients’ attention and make them want to click through.

I = Interest – once you have their attention, you only have a few seconds to garner their interest.

D = Desire – you need to make your recipient want your product, service, or offer.

A = Action – this is where you need a strong call to action to make the prospect take the desired action.

1.   AIDA Example 1


2.   AIDA Example 2


3.   AIDA Example 3

Subject: Looks for sales reps in NYC?

Hi <first_name>,

I saw on your careers page that are currently looking for a world class inside sales executive for <company name>.

We at <your recruiting agency name> specialise in working with leading software companies and help them find the top 1% sales talent. We have a long history of working with software companies on the east coast and have built an extensive network of sales talent.

We have placed top sales talent at companies like <customer 1>, <customer 2> and the talent we place has an average quota attainment of 112%.

We can help you find a rock star inside sales rep and close the open position in just about two weeks. Do you have 15 minutes to talk about this tomorrow/Wednesday?

Thanks, <yourname>


Why These Templates Work

AIDA is a proven copywriting technique and slots quickly into cold email templates. Look at the second example above, and you can see it in action.

  • The subject line pulls you in and uses personalization as well as a question.
  • The opening paragraph identifies a pain point for your recipient – who wants their sales reps to waste time?
  • The third paragraph demonstrates that peers believe this to work well and shows how your lower-performing reps can reach the level of their higher-performing colleagues.
  • The final paragraph shows a clear call to action – there is no doubt in the recipients’ mind as to what action it is that you would like them to take.

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Cold Email Templates Using FOMO

FOMO (fear of missing out) is an incredibly powerful sales technique that has been around in advertising for many years. At its simplest, it persuades you to make snap decisions based on an offer that won’t be around for a very long time.

4.   FOMO Example 1


5.   FOMO Example 2


Why These Templates Work

FOMO doesn’t have to be sophisticated, and the two examples above show this.

In example 1, you can see how the template mentions what a great response they have had with people wanting to sign up – they have had so many responses in such a short time that they are going to have to “close the doors.”

Example 1 finishes with “The clock’s ticking. Get in while you still can.” This isn’t particularly sophisticated at all, but you can feel the clock ticking down – you’ll need to act now if you’re going to get the benefits from this hugely popular course.

Example 2 shows the classic FOMO cold sales email technique:

  • It’s limited to 100 free trials
  • It’s only available until a certain date
  • Executives from 3 rival companies are already on board

The FOMO technique is used quickly three times in a very short email – and that’s an email that’s likely to very effective.

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Cold Email Template Using “What’s In It For Them?”

The “What’s in it for them” technique focuses on what benefits the recipient will gain from the offer. Take a look:

6.   Example of “What’s In It For Them?”


Why These Templates Work

Too many emails are about the business or sender and less about the recipient.

Look at this great example of what not to do:

Everything contained in the email is about the company sending the email and how great it is.

If you look at the first example above, you’ll notice a marked difference.

  • It’s succinct
  • It identifies the pain point
  • It then explicitly uses the “What’s in it for them” technique – it talks about the results that you may be able to get.

“What’s in it for them” is missed by so many senders of cold emails. Iff you don’t let the recipient know, then that email is going into the trash pretty quickly.

Cold Email Templates Using Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion

Back in 1984, Rober Cialdini wrote an influential book that looked at the psychology of persuasion in which he identified 6 main principles.

  • Reciprocity
  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Consistency
  • Liking
  • Consensus

7.   Example 1 of Principles of Persuasion


8.   Example 2 of Principles of Persuasion


Why These Templates Work

These types of emails work because they’re not sales pitches – they tap into very human emotions. Each and every one of Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion are based on and around human behavior.

They’re aligned with the prospect normal habits and what they actually need, which makes them feel more personal and enticing to the recipient. Save time while bringing consistency to your email communication with Right Inbox’s email templates for Gmail feature.

Cold Email Template Using “Limited Time”

The “limited time” approach leverages time to get people to act fast. When there is a finite amount of time to take advantage of an opportunity, people will feel the scarcity and avoid putting off their decision.

9. Example 1 of “Limited Time” Template

Hey {name},

We want to thank you for being such a loyal customer. Therefore, from now until {date} we are holding a special sale!

You can get {products and services} for X% off!

Just head here: {link}

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

In your service,


10. Example 2 of “Limited Time” Template

Dear {name},

We can’t do this forever. But for the next 2 weeks, any of our consulting packages are now available for $200 off.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to make it as easy as possible for people just like you to take action and change their businesses.

Remember, fortune favors the bold. So claim your consulting sessions here now: {link}

To a bright future,

ABC Consulting Company

Why These Templates Work

If simply running discounts was a solid strategy, then every company would do it. However, when it comes to sales emails, you need to make it easier for them to feel the value.

The reason these email templates work is because of two things — the time limit, and the justification.

From a time limit perspective, having a shorter period tends to work best. And in terms of justification, you need to have a solid reason as to why yo

These templates should give you some ideas for your own cold emails, but the key to successful cold email campaigns is testing.  Start with cold emails that others have seen good results with and then conduct your own tests from there, always tweaking and testing until you see what works and what doesn’t.

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