Sales Meeting Ideas for 2024

The best sales reps and managers understand that a well-organized meeting can make the difference between consistently hitting quotas or falling behind. But creating engaging, useful meetings is easier said than done. In fact, 91% of employees daydream during meetings. The Importance of Sales Meetings Only 33% of a salesperson’s time is spent selling on […]

Sales Meeting Ideas for 2024

The best sales reps and managers understand that a well-organized meeting can make the difference between consistently hitting quotas or falling behind.

But creating engaging, useful meetings is easier said than done. In fact, 91% of employees daydream during meetings.

The Importance of Sales Meetings

Only 33% of a salesperson’s time is spent selling on the phone or in the field. This means you need to maximize productivity and organizational planning in other areas.

Sales meetings are essential for a number of other reasons, including:

  • Motivation
  • Course Correction
  • Organization
  • Market Strategy

And more.

So let’s explore why sales meetings matter so much, as well as 20 great sales meeting ideas for 2022:

20 Sales Meeting Ideas

1. Celebrate Wins

Everyone wants to know they’re being appreciated. And that seems to be even more the case for salespeople since they deal with a lot of emotional challenges on a daily basis.

Therefore, it’s important to have sales meetings where you celebrate new sales made by your team. It keeps things positive and reminds them that the rewards are worth the challenge.

2. Check In On Pipelines

When you’ve got your whole sales team together, it’s a great time to get updates on pipelines. Check-in with your sales reps to make sure they aren’t falling behind.

If someone is not hitting quota, they have the opportunity to get help from sales managers and fellow reps in a no-judgment setting.

3. Bring in an Expert

Hire an expert in your industry to speak to your sales agents. Sometimes, hearing good advice from an outsider is more effective than hearing it from their direct supervisor for the 50th time.

4. Share Most Common Objections

If you want to overcome sales objections, you have to know what they are in the first place. Encourage your team to start documenting the objections they hear on a daily basis.

When you tally up everyone’s objections, you’ll identify the most common ones your sales team faces. That way, you can prepare for them accordingly next time.

5. Rehearse the Script

To break the rules, you have to know what they are first. The same logic applies to a sales script.

While your agents should occasionally improvise in the right situation, their sales process should be consistent and repeatable. That starts with memorizing their script, so ensure your team rehearses it at least once a month or so.

6. Watch A Video

Everyone gets inspired in different ways. For some sales reps, a video might be more effective than a simple speech from their sales manager.

Find some short, motivational videos that speak to your team’s emotions. They don’t have to be sales-related. For instance, a triumphant scene from an action movie can work.

7. Talk About Financial Goals

If sales were easy, everyone would be doing it. But the reality is that sales are a physical and emotional challenge.

What keeps successful salespeople going are their financial goals. In your sales meetings, constantly remind your team of what’s at stake: hard cold cash.

8. Play a Game

Sales meetings don’t have to be purely about motivation, stats, and money. In fact, a little play will go a long way in keeping your reps loose and out of their head.

Whether it’s ping pong, video games, or something else, hold an occasional meeting where “play” is the main focus.

9. Share Prospect Challenges

Ultimately, sales is about helping your customers solve their problems with your product. Therefore, any work you do to learn more about the challenges your prospects face is worth its weight in gold.

So, consider planning a sales meeting focused on one thing: sharing different problems, and challenges you’ve heard from prospects.

10. Uncover Customer Insights

On the flip side of customer challenges are their positive insights. Use your sales meeting as a chance to bring these hidden gems to light.

Ask each rep to share a new benefit of your product that a customer has discovered. These answers can be used in your marketing and sales presentations.

11. Use a Sales Dashboard

Using a sales dashboard is a great meeting idea to bring some hard data into the mix. You can easily share which way your sales numbers are trending.

Aside from overall revenue, you can use this meeting as a chance to drill down into specific stages of the sale, such as prospecting, presenting, or follow-up.

12. Get in the Field

If there is one thing that will increase cohesiveness among your sales team, it’s getting into the field. Particularly, new reps love to see their managers walk the walk by selling actual customers themselves.

Show your team you’re willing to do everything that you ask them to do yourself, and they’ll follow you anywhere.

13. Share Agenda Beforehand

On a more general note, share the agenda of your sales meetings at least a day beforehand. It helps your team prepare themselves with proper data to share or questions to ask.

Setting an agenda also keeps you on track as a sales manager, ensuring you’re not just setting meetings for meetings’ sake.

14. Time It

No one wants to be stuck in a meeting for hours on end, wondering when it will be over. Attempt to keep all meetings to a specified timeframe, such as 30 minutes.

Even if meeting times change over time, it’s best to provide a specific cut-off for each one. This keeps employees from drifting off.

15. Discuss Recent Industry Trends

No industry stands still. Knowing the newest trends about your product category, target market, and even the economy is crucial in staying ahead of the competition.

Use sales meetings as an opportunity to educate your sales reps about evolving trends, technologies, and opportunities within your customer base.

16. Open the Floor

Don’t dominate the conversation during your meetings. Sure the team leader should have the floor for a certain time period, but make sure everyone has a chance to speak their mind.

17. Determine Meeting Frequency

A salesperson’s schedule can be chaotic. Rushing from one sales presentation to another, then prospecting, then answering emails quickly fills up their time.

Don’t spring too many surprise meetings on your team, or they might resent you for it. Instead, plan each meeting ahead of time, with a specific frequency such as once per week.

18. Schedule Meetings During Normal Work Hours

Another time-related tip is this: keep sales meetings within regular work hours. If it’s important enough to have a meeting, then it deserves a time slot during the workday.

If you’re scheduling meetings for weekends, days off, and after hours, beware — your sales agents might be more focused on what they’re ordering for dinner than the topic of the actual meeting.

19. Role Play

Great sales teams role play with each other. It’s much better to practice presenting, closing, and overcoming objections with colleagues than with clients.

When you make an important sales call, you want to be prepared. Roleplay makes your conversations with prospects seem spontaneous while actually following specific sales steps.

20. Brainstorm New Prospecting Strategies

You can have a team that consists of the best closers in the world. However, if these agents don’t have any prospects to talk to, then they can’t make any sales at all.

Dedicate a handful of meetings each year or quarter to new prospecting strategies. You might find that an underutilized sales channel is the key to adding more leads to your pipeline.

Final Thoughts

The ideas above can help you optimize your business productivity with engaging, productive sales meetings. By utilizing the recurring emails feature in Right Inbox, you can alert meeting attendees so they are prepared for the meeting’s agenda every time.

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