3 Apps You Should Never Miss While Working

Doing work shouldn’t have to be a chore; it ought to be pleasure. But it can rarely be if you don’t use technology for your benefit. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and tools available for you to use and make your daily work a breeze.

Here are some of those apps you should be using everyday:


You could be scouring LinkedIn each day to figure out whom you should connect to next. Maybe you are the kind who loves to tap out information from websites directly.

No other tool comes close to Evernote to help you keep all this information in a single place. As you browse, use Evernote’s web clipper to pull in information from websites. Maintain clearly marked notebooks and notes to help you organize your data.

Google Drive

You are probably prospecting using Gmail (we know that since you read this blog) as your primary email and that makes Google Drive indispensable as a part of your workflow.

Store marketing material, invoices, sales data, product information, and pretty much anything else you need for prospecting.


Often, Google Drive will need you to set up permissions for accessing files and documents. While Gmail is almost universal and it can allow you to share or view documents when you need to, it might not always be the case.

Use Dropbox for an almost universal access to files and documents on the move.