Get more email replies and leads with the perfect sign-off for every context

01 Get more replies, leads and social media reach from email communication. 02 Create fitting signatures for every email context you find yourself in. 03 Write your email, then insert the perfect signature with one click.

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OMRI GLASER Freelancer, United States

“Fantastic add-on. Highly recommended. Google should actually buy it and make this a standard Gmail feature.”

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Upgrade Gmail with Email Signatures

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Make the most out of every email you send

Every day, you send dozens of emails to contacts in all kinds of contexts. Including an email signature is great way to market yourself and get the most out of every conversation.

Periodic Tasks

Create unique signatures for every persona

We often wear different hats when dealing with emails. There is no one email signature that fits all.

With Signatures, you can create different sign-offs for different situations and apply the perfect one with one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the email signatures feature do?

Do you find that life would be easier if you could set up and choose between different email signatures at the click of a button? The Email Signatures feature within Right Inbox allows you to do that effortlessly.

How do I use email signatures?

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Right Inbox extension here.
  2. You will first need to set up and Manage Signatures within Right Inbox
  3. Once you’ve set your new signatures, compose your email as you usually would, and then click and choose between your new signatures with the Signatures button, which can be found in the top ribbon of your compose window.
  4. Once you can see your signature in the email, simply click Send or Schedule. It’s that easy.

    What would I use email signatures for?

    Also, multiple email signatures are great if you work in outreach or sales – having multiple signatures with slightly different information can help you close that deal or get your PR pitch featured on a site.

    What other features do Right Inbox offer?

    • Send Later - need an email to reach someone's inbox at a specific time? Use Right Inbox’s send later feature.
    • Mail Merge - scale your cold outreach quickly without losing the personal touch.
    • CRM Sync - easily sync your emails with the most popular CRMs on the market.
    • Private Notes - need to keep track of particular details alongside an email contact? Simply use the private notes feature.
    • Email Tracking - know who is opening your emails and who isn’t.
    • Sequences - send follow-up emails depending on whether the last email has been opened or not.
    • Recurring Emails - fed up with sending the same email over and over again? Use the recurring emails feature to send them at intervals that suit you.
    • Reminders - never lose track of your most important emails.
    • Email Templates - do you often need to write and send almost identical emails? Save yourself time with the email templates feature.
    • GIFs - search for and add a GIF in seconds

    How do I install email signatures?

    To instal email signatures, simply head over to the Chrome store and click the install button. It’s as easy as that.

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