3 Non-salesy Things That Can Still Get You Sales

Sales has a bad rap: persistent, relentless pitches get thrown at us all day along. These pitches might or might not be relevant to you. If they are, the timing isn’t right. If the timing is right, the pitch itself is pathetic.

But who says this is the only way to go at it? Can there be much more passive but still effective ways? Here are some of those:

Connect with everyone who knew you before

Tell us this: how many people would you have met — from school, through college, university, and then at work? Is there a way for you to get back to each of those? Now, the non-salesy way to do this is to “just get in touch”. Do or say nothing except touch base. Have no other agenda except reconnecting.

Just get into the habit of getting to know people. You can thank us later.

Sell value, and nothing else

If someone were to walk up the aisle and ask you, “Hey Pete! What’s your business about?”, how do you answer?

  • “I have a startup that produces hybrid cars and on future automotive technology”
  • “I am in the business of logistics, transportation, and global shipping”
  • “I have a web design business”

Guess what? Those answers don’t say a thing about the value you provide. Instead, you could say:

  • “I have a startup that aims to get rid of cars completely and do something else for transportation”
  • “I am in the business of moving things around globally. Quickly, easily, and safely.”
  • “I build websites that make businesses money”

How do you sell?

Support and parade. Join the rally

Stop sales for a minute and think about joining multiple rallies, at once. Go after all those influencers and potential clients and dig in to see what they support. Go after those causes and lend your support too. Do it for fun. Do it for a reason other than making that sale.

Are you non-salesy or do you resemble Johnny Cash — the miserable, slick, used-car sales man?