How to Propsect Like a SuperHero (Even When You Don’t Want To)

It might all just seem impossible, this work you do as a small business owner.

What you actually thought should bring you loads of happiness and ultimate freedom actually turns out to be a fancy job with a ruthless, punishing regime.

Of all the work you’d do, sales and marketing is going to take up most of your time next only to doing what you should to deliver products or services to your customers.

But then, you can be tactical and smart about it, of course.

Using Right Inbox, here’s what you can achieve:

Prospect today. Send Later

We are not at our hustling best everyday, are we? There are days when we want to go out and conquer the world. There are some of those days when we just want to snug tight and stay on bed. Our “send later” feature is built for those “I don’t want to see anyone days”.

The only requirement is that you must be able to forecast those days. Since you can’t possibly do that, at least work in advance.

Find your prospect, write out the email, and schedule for a later date. If you scheduled only one email per day regularly for a full working month, you’d at least have another month covered.

Repetitive should recur

If there is a particular set of emails such as daily reports, morning huddles, team briefings, or anything else that’s regular and recurring, use the “recurring email feature” and plan out your days in advance.

If it’s repetitive, it should not take much of your time. So, make it recurring.

For everything else, remind yourself

For anything that doesn’t fall into the above two categories, you might to set yourself reminders to follow up, to email back, to maintain the threads of conversation, etc. Now, this will require planning since you’d want to respond only when you can but you can’t too long. Right Inbox allows you to setup reminders.